Schoeman; Le Clos; Ye Among South African/Chinese Participants in Supersport Series

South Africa and China have announced their rosters for the 2013 BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series that will take place in Perth on January 18th and 19th. The Australians had previously announced their team for the three-nation meet that will award hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in prize money.

The Chinese will bring a powerful women’s squad that includes Olympians Zhao JingShao Yiwen, World Record holder Ye Shiwen, and World Record holder Liu Zige. Their men’s squad is not as well-known in general, but some of the best will come to this meet including Hao YunLi Yunqi, and Cheng Feiyi.

The South African men are bringing two of their three best-known swimmers to this meet, Chad le Clos and Roland Schoeman. Le Clos is the swimmer who upset Michael Phelps in the 200 fly at the Olympics in London. Not coming to the meet is 100 breaststroke World Record holder Cameron van der Burgh, which means we won’t get to see a heated rematch between him and Christian Sprenger. Australian media was particularly brutal to van der Burgh after video evidence emerged following the Olympic 100 that he had used more than one dolphin kick on his underwater pullout; Sprenger was the silver-medalist in this race.

The Australians appear to be heavy favorites, on paper, to take the big $100,000 team prize.


MEN: Daniel Arnamnart (NSW), Ashley Delaney (VIC), Thomas Fraser-Holmes (QLD), Jayden Hadler (NSW), Mitchell Larkin (QLD), James Magnussen (NSW), David McKeon (NSW), Kenrick Monk (QLD), Ryan Napoleon (QLD), Brenton Rickard (QLD), James Roberts (QLD), Christian Sprenger (QLD), Matthew Targett (VIC), Daniel Tranter (NSW), Chris Wright (QLD)
WOMEN: Bronte Barratt (QLD), Cate Campbell (QLD), Bronte Campbell (QLD), Alicia Coutts (QLD), Blair Evans (WA), Sally Foster (SA), Samantha Hamill (QLD), Belinda Hocking (VIC), Sarah Katsoulis (VIC), Yolane Kukla (QLD), Meagen Nay (QLD), Kylie Palmer (QLD), Leiston Pickett (QLD), Melanie Schlanger (QLD), Emily Seebohm (QLD)


MEN: Cheng Feiyi, Li Xiayan, Zhou Jiawei, Lv Zhiwu, Xu Jiayu, Huang Yunkun, Chen Yin, Liu Weija, Shi Tengfei, Hao Yun, Li Yunqi, Dai Jun, Shi Yang
WOMEN: Zhao Jing, Zhao Jin, Lu Ying, Tang Yi, Fu Yuanhui, He Yun, Jiao Liuyang, Liu Zige, Xu Danlu, Shao Yiwen, Ye Shiwen, Bai Anqi, Yao Yige, Pang Jiaying, Wang Haibing, Chen Xinyi

South Africa

MEN: Alaric Basson, Devon Brown, Bryon Doyle, Calvyn Justus, Charl Crous, Chad Le Clos, Darren Murray, Roland Schoeman, Leith Shankland, Aryton Sweeney, Garth Tune, Neil Versfeld, Jan Petrus Van Der Merwe, Giulio Zorzi
WOMEN: Jessica Ashley-Cooper, Marne Erasmus, Kelly Gunnel, Lehesta Kemp, Trudi Maree, Vanessa Mohr, Tara-Lynn Nicholas, Jessica Pengelly, Kyna Pereira, Karin Prinsloo, Marlies Ross, Suzaan Van Biljon, Nathania Van Niekerk, Rene Warnes, Michelle Weber

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