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Three-time 2016 Olympic Champion Ryan Murphy says he’s training better than ever, including the lead up to the 2016 Olympic Games.  In season, he rarely drops into the 52 second range in the 100m back unless he’s within 4 weeks of taper-time.  That makes sense. Ryan is pushing a lot of muscle mass, requiring more rest to rip fast swims.  He swam a 52.99 100m back at the FINA Champions Series in Indy and 1:55.7 in the 200m back at the recent Cal-Stanford Long Course Duel.


I predicted Ryan’s Worlds performance earlier this year at:

  • 100m back – 51.6-7
  • 200m back – 1:53.0

I’m adjusting my predictions to 51.78 in 100m back and 1:52.9 in the 200m back.  Both performances net him gold. I think Ryan edges Evgeny Rylov in the 2-back, winning by a fingernail.

What are your predictions? What do you think? 

Ryan 2016-2018 Performances

Ryan – 2016 Olympics:

  • 100m back – 51.85 (PB)
  • 200m back – 1:53.62

Ryan – 2017 World Champs:

  • 100m back – 52.59
  • 200m back -1:54.21

Ryan – 2018 Pan Pacs:

  • 100m back – 51.94
  • 200m back – 1:53.57 (PB)

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This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by SwimOutlet.com. Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of SwimSwam.com, a Swimming News website.

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3 years ago

Behold, the world’s first ever 10-pack

3 years ago

There is no way that he will go sub-1:53

3 years ago

Rylov is obviously the main threat in the 200, but I never see him mentioned in the 100, why is that? I would have thought he doesn’t have speed, but he beat Murphy in the 50 back and outsplit Held in a 50 free relay split at 2018 SC worlds. Yet he didn’t swim the 100 there for some reason

bear drinks beer
Reply to  iLikePsych
3 years ago

He was third at Russian SC Trials in 100 back so he didn’t get selected in this event.

bear drinks beer
Reply to  iLikePsych
3 years ago

He’s also a 48.3 100 freestyler, so it also makes me wonder why he can’t be a sub-52.5 100 backstroker. Maybe It’s because of his way of splitting the 100: go out slow and come home strong. He’s the most even-split swimmer among all 100 back finalists at Rio. And at last year’s Euros he had a terrific back half, but he still lost the race due to very slow first half. Perhaps he should learn to swim the 100 more like a sprinter instead of following his 200 back rhythm.

manoj ghimire
3 years ago

i think Rylov win win 200. Tight between Murphy.xu, Larkin,kolesnikov

3 years ago

What did he say was the issue last summer? I couldn’t make it out…

Reply to  M L
3 years ago

having three days to adjust to a 12 hour time difference was probably the most major thing

3 years ago

I’m thinking at worlds this summer
51.70 gold, Xu 51.95, Larkin 52 very low and Kolesnikov 52 mid.

1:53.2… Rylov is an animal though. 1:52 mid for Rylov

At the olympics maybe Kolesnikov will be right there at 51 for gold- We have to wait and see

Reply to  DEAN IS GOD
3 years ago

Russians are the huge wildcard at WC. They could be dominating…..

3 years ago

Kolesnikov’s a big wildcard here as well. I could see him beating everyone or being not to much better than he was last year. I think Murphy has the 100 but Rylov’s owned the 200 for the past 2 years and is going to be tough to beat…

3 years ago

100 yes. 200 pretty sure not under 1:53. 1:55 in season is not indicative on that. Side tangent: Ryan lochte is probably best 200 backstroker of all time going 1:52.9 textile

Reply to  Sqimgod
3 years ago

he went that time in 2011 , right ?

Reply to  Sqimgod
3 years ago

Rylov might top him soon

Reply to  Sqimgod
3 years ago

Worth noting peirsol was only wearing legs. Rubber legs but still

Reply to  Eagleswim
3 years ago

and rubber legs helps especially in a 200 back, especially that last 50 when your legs are dead

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