Ryan Lochte to Train in Australia This Fall

When Ryan Lochte said he was going to try training outside of Gainesville for the first time in a decade after the World Championships, he brought up the possibility of going to California.

As it turns out, he’s going to go much, much further than that.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports today that Lochte will get right back into his training after Barcelona, including an extended four-month training trip to Australia to train with Denis Cotterell: head coach at the Miami Swimming club and coach of Chinese World Record holder Sun Yang, among others.

Lochte reitterated that Gregg Troy is still his coach, but that he would spend time training with different clubs and coaches in the United States, and then spend two-to-six week intervals training abroad.

He also named SwimMAC Carolina with David Marsh as a future training spot. SwimMAC is the biggest professional training group in the country not affiliated with a college program. He ruled out Southern California, saying it’s “not for me.”

“I’m not going to be the same swimmer where I just went in the water and did millions and millions of yardage all the time and just hurt my body non-stop,” Lochte said to the DBNJ. “No, I’m getting older and my body can’t handle that. So I’m going to start doing different things like more speedwork.”

Troy says that less yardage is never going to be the answer: “I don’t know of any sport where you cut down and get better,” Troy said. “Can we do it differently and find out some other ways? I think we can go out and get some different opinions. He can train with a different coach. I can see something a little different, but he’ll still stay close to the things that made him successful.”

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8 years ago

Sure hope he doesn’t go to Australia for his taper!

8 years ago

What is Troy smoking? Has he never heard of garbage yardage? Yes, if Lochte is going to continue training for events like the 400 IM, he’s going to have to keep a high yardage training plan. But you can train fewer yards, if you train smart, and achieve the same high performance that you can get with lower quality high yardage workouts.

Train the technical side of the sport, train the race pace end of things, and you’d be surprised at how much you can do with lower yardage.

Reply to  Tim
8 years ago

I think Troy has had plenty of success with 400 IMers.

Reply to  coach
8 years ago

I think the point is if Lochte’s moving to sprints away from the 400 IM, more yardage at his age is not the right approach.

8 years ago

Cool that he wants to try new things out and such but he said he wants to work on “speedwork” but SC is not the “place for him”? Does he not know about sprint salos program? One word: Speed!! Or he can be talking about living wise maybe?

Reply to  Ec
8 years ago

Agree, or the postgrad group at Cal with Adrian, Ervin, and Coughlin. Instead, for speedwork he goes to coach of Hackett and Sun Yang. The real disheartening thing is Troy’s comment about yardage. I hope Lochte has fun and enjoys the coaching change.

8 years ago

I would think that he is referring to the life in LA and So.Cal.? Not to say that he doesn’t like LA, but he knows he wouldn’t be as focused there? I would venture a guess it could provide too much of a distraction. Would hate to think its because he feels Salo’s program or even Durden is too much to one side to be effective for him. Especially given Salo’s breadth of events his swimmers have had success in (50 to 5K?! and BRers).

Troy’s comments are very disheartening, wish he wasn’t so close minded about training styles.

I could see him having a lot of success this way, training in these different places, keeping it fresh. Planning his… Read more »

8 years ago

Lochte may be auditioning other programs, and just doesn’t want to offend his coach.

Troy is great at training 400 IMers and 200 strokers, and it sounds like he is determined to keep Lochte in that mold. Problem is, we’ve never seen a world-class 400 IMer in their 30’s before. If Troy/Lochte can do that, it would be a first.

I think Lochte is more likely to exploit his talents in the shorter races from here out, which is not something Gregg Troy is known to be much good at.

8 years ago

I don’t care if he trains on Mars. If it works for him, great!

8 years ago

I think the age groupers have it all set up correctly. It is known in advance that you will never be with the same coach for more than 3-6 years and then you’re moving to another group. You can only be with one coach for so long. Unfortunately, it is a much sticker situation as a post grad. It’s like a nasty break up to leave your coach and move on.

8 years ago

Lochte is making the right move. Troy should read a physiology text book some time.

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