Texas’ Ryan Harty Gets Deferred Adjudication for 2017 Trespassing Incident

University of Texas redshirt junior Ryan Harty has received a deferred adjudication for a trespassing arrest that occurred in 2017, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Harty allegedly entered a woman’s home while shirtless in Austin in 2017, and she ran out the back door and called the police. When the police arrived and confronted him, he tried to run, and they used a taser to subdue him.

Harty was under the influence of a hallucinogenic substance, a friend who had been looking for him at the time of the trespassing told police.

Harty was charged with a Class A misdemeanor, according to the AP report. A Travis Country judge ordered him to perform 50 hours of community service, undergo random drug testing, and pay a $200 fine. As part of the terms, if he maintains good behavior for 14 months, the charge will be dismissed.

A ‘deferred adjudication’ is a form of plea deal in which a defendant pleads “guilty” or “no contest” to criminal charges in exchange for meeting certain requirements (like community service) proposed by the court within a given period of time, and upon completion of the requirements, the defendant avoids a formal conviction on their record or can have their case dismissed (as in Harty’s case).

Texas’ athletic department told SwimSwam it did not know about the arrest until Wednesday: “We just became aware of the situation involving our swimmer Ryan Harty with news of his Wednesday court case. Now that we have been informed, we are gathering facts, reviewing the situation and determining any action that will be taken.”

Harty’s attorney Bruce Fox told the AP it was “a one-time incident,” and that Harty’s criminal record is otherwise clean.

Harty competed for the second-place Longhorns at last week’s 2019 Men’s Division I NCAA Championships. He swam the 200 IM, placing 16th in finals; 100 back, where he was fifth; 200 back, taking ninth; and 200 medley relay, where the team took fourth. Harty is a multi-time Big 12 champion but sat out the 2016-2017 season after fracturing his arm in multiple places, which required surgery.

This story was updated April 4, 2019, to include the school’s statement. 

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Ol' Longhorn

Ranks up there with Dan Wallace, who was tackled with his pants down by Gainesville police after peeing on their car back in his UF days. Strong work. If you’re scoring, that’s Police 2, Swimmers 0.


Not meant for life on land.

Steve Nolan

Yeah but the officers have piss on their car, so. Point Dan.

2 Cents

Wrong. That is just so wrong. Please do not give credit or “kudos” to anyone behaving in this illegal manner. If this is something you want your program to be associated with, then you are surely going to have a short life-span as far as success goes.


Ok bud


2 Cents, i see where you’re coming from, but be careful not to label people and programs by small infractions, as things like this don’t really point to his “criminality”…yes, the woman was probably terrified (i mean can anyone imagine if a shirtless man burst into your house unannounced? seriously)…but when the dust settles, it is sorta laughable, because we all can see no one got hurt, and we can forgive him. In other cases (i won’t mention because i think it’s tacky to bring up) where people do get hurt the swimming community typically reacts with disgust for the perpetrator…i think our judgement of societal retribution and justice is pretty good


4 in a row sounds successful to me. How many you got?

2 Cents


Swim Addict



And still got to swim smh. Still gets a scholarship?? WTF


He redshirted that year. Even then, that isn’t usually something to lose a scholarship or eligibility over


Just going into a random girls home and scaring her yeah ok when he’s drunk


On drugs , but oh well


Alcohol is a drug too, just saying.

2 Cents

It’s not considered a Hallucinogen.

Speed Racer

I would think this incident occurring in the most dynamic year of the #MeToo movement it would most certainly be cause for the “you don’t get a scholarship” category. Redshirt or not he clearly terrorized/terrified a fellow student so much so the police had to subdue him by using a taser.


Ehh… I had teammates in college kicked off the team for lesser offences, like public intox/underage drinking…. then had teammates allowed to stay on the team even though they were caught with narcotics, weapons, sexual assault allegations, etc. Being on scholarship can help you keep your place on the team, but it’s ultimately up to the coach/athletic department.

Ol' Longhorn

Phelps had two DUIs, including a felony DUI to which he copped a plea, and he carried the U.S. flag in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Go figure. He did keep his shirt on, however, and didn’t scare the crap out of a woman or get tased.


lol the tasing and scaring of the girl and being under the influence are very dramatic indeed, but don’t add to his guiltiness. he should be fined for breaking and entering…that’s it. that, also, is not something to lose a scholarship for.


It’s safe to say we don’t have all of the facts. The judge did, and made a decision based on those facts. Ryan is an incredible person. I challenge any of you to sit in a courtroom for a few days and listen to real cases and real penalties. Ryan’s penalty is right in line with the norm.

2 Cents

I know its not to the same degree, but what about Brock Turner? Are you saying the judge there knew stuff we didn’t and that is why he got off so easy? Or maybe it was another case of white privilege too??

But yes, please do sit in a courtroom and compare the crimes and penalties and then consider the race of each defendant. Especially in a state like Texas that has one of the worst histories of unequal punishments.


jfc… Brock Turner was caught red-handed trying to rape someone. Granted we don’t know all the facts, but on the surface, it looks like Ryan Harty was running around disoriented after eating a pile of mushrooms.


We didn’t let ‘being drunk’ work as an excuse for Brock Turner hooking up with an also-drunk woman behind a dumpster. Why would we let ‘eating a pile of mushrooms’ be an excuse for walking into a woman’s house with no shirt on and then running from the police?

I agree that they’re not on the same scale. But I also don’t know why as a community we’re letting Harty off scott-free on this.


no one’s letting him off scott-free. He got arrested and his case was handled in court. Obviously it was a reckless, irresponsible situation, but there’s no indication that he tried to attack this woman. In these short articles, there’s no indication about whether he even knew this person, had ever seen her before or knew where he was. I get that it’s scary to have a shirtless lunatic wander up to your door in the middle of the night, but if he had tried to hurt this woman I think we would have heard about an attempted assault charge, or something along those lines. I’m certainly willing to be proven wrong if more facts emerge..

2 Cents

I dont mean to be attacking this Harty kid, and I am not. But this is clearly a case of white privilege, as the Brock Turner case was. I am 100% that this has happened several other times that we have not heard about because it was a football or basketball player, or some random frat dude. Harty has the unfortunate situation of being an athlete at a high profile university like Texas where this becomes public knowledge in the press, whereas it would not be news if he was just a regular student. Can you seriously tell me that if he was black that the same thing would have happened? Look up in public records the punishment for this… Read more »


If you want to talk about white privilege in this case, I would start with the woman whose house we staggered up to, not shooting him and claiming self-defense… next, he had better odds in a touchy confrontation with police. Once it hit the court system, I don’t know that the disposition of the case is all that privileged (with a big exception: the many people who can’t afford their own lawyer and have to plead out to something more permanent).

Brian M

Don’t be so naive. If you want to talk about privilege, we need to discuss that the only true color is green. If you have money and connections (and some people of all races do) then you typically fare much better in our criminal justice system. There are just as many lily white poor people who get shafted like many minorities do. It’s just the media in this country only like to advance the narrative that they want you to subscribe to.


Because it wasn’t mushrooms, it was medication prescribed by his doctor after his surgery.

2 Cents

Ala Tiger Woods DUI arrest a few years ago….

Except if you get in trouble in Austin, just call the FOX.


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