Rowdy Gaines Reveals Four-Person Announcing Crew For ISL 2020 Season

Rowdy Gaines, Bernie Guenther, Mark Foster and Jenny Drummond are the announcing team for the International Swimming League’s 2020 season, Gaines revealed on Twitter.

For many, Gaines is the voice of swimming – he’s covered every Olympic Games since 1996, calling the swimming events to the nationally-televised audience. Gaines was a three-time Olympic gold medalist back in 1984.

Here are some of the tweets Gaines posted from Budapest today:

Gaines’ final video gives a sneak preview at the ISL’s venue for 2020. All competitions will take place at the Duna Arena in Budapest. Athletes will live on nearby Margaret Island and train at the Dagaly Thermal Baths just up the road from the Duna Arena.

Guenther was a play-by-play commentator for last year’s inaugural ISL season. Foster was a World Champs silver medalist in swimming for Great Britain in the early 2000s. And Drummond is a sports reporter and commentator.

The International Swimming League begins its second season tomorrow. The professional swimming league is bringing athletes to Budapest, where they will live, train, and compete for six weeks. The regular season consists of ten meets, each fielding four teams. The top 8 teams in regular-season standings will move on to a pair of semifinals in November, followed by the league finale in Budapest on November 21-22.

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2 years ago

we need four people to tell us that he is breathing to his right?

2 years ago

I love Mark… he’s an awesome guy and a legend in the sport. But Becky Adlington was 100x times better than him last season and I wish they’d kept her instead. Or at least Karen. Why would they go with Mark?
And picking Rowdy hardly fits the ‘revolutionary’ idea of the ISL, does it?
But beggars can’t be choosers and we’re all just excited for swimming to be FINALLY back!!!

Reply to  FSt
2 years ago

Rowdy does a great job educating the non-swimming viewers, which we will need plenty of if we want this to continue.

awrestled development
Reply to  FSt
2 years ago

They only had room for 1 token female (talk to anyone honest and you’ll know that ISL management is sexist as hell, in spite of what they say publicly). Jenny was probably cheaper, or Becky didn’t want to commit to being away from her family for 6 weeks solid, so they made the switch.

2 years ago

I vote LiveStream Andy, Garrett McCaffery, Elizabeth Beisel and Braden as commentators

Reply to  Pineapple
2 years ago

Kurt Hanson and Becky Adlington . Need more nationalities.

Reply to  Samesame
2 years ago

Yes he was. Hope he is again. Do you know if channel 7 is showing it in Australia?

2 years ago

Well, there’s no doubt that he’s tightening up!

Reply to  PBJswimming
2 years ago

He is breathing to the other side so he can’t see his other opponent who is inching up on him!

Jane Dressel's Vertical Leap
2 years ago

Uh oh. Is Guenther the same guy who butchered any name that wasn’t completely Anglo? That was painful to listen to.

Aussie Crawl
2 years ago

Hopefully no yank biased.

2 years ago

But what about Andy you guys?

Aussie Crawl
Reply to  Blackflag82
2 years ago

No Aussies in this years ISL.

2 years ago

Rowdy Gaines? Unfortunate. Always been glad as a non-American to only be exposed to him via short clips on YouTube.

Reply to  Troyy
2 years ago

Agree. Let’s hope he studies up a bit beforehand.

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