Rivard and Meyers Repeat Gold Medalists at Para Pan Pacs Day 2


Day 2 of the 2018 Pan Pacific Para Swimming Championships featured finals of the women’s S3, 5, 7, 9-12 100 free; men’s S4-6, 8, 10, 12 100 free; women’s SB3 50 breast, and men’s SB 2-3 50 breast. There was also a 4×100 mixed S14 medley relay, and a 34-point men’s 4×100 free relay.

Canada’s Aurelie Rivard, who Thursday broke her own S10 400 free world record, took home golden again in the 100 free Friday night. The 22-year-old split 28.93/30.52 to win in 59.45, just under three tenths off her own world record of 59.17, and was over half a second ahead of New Zealand’s Sophie Pascoe, the second-place finisher in 1:00.19.

The United States’ Becca Meyers, who also set a world record in the 400 Thursday night, won the S12 race in 1:01.01. Australia’s Ellie Cole the S9 race in 1:03.62; and McKenzie Coan led the U.S.’s sweep of the S7 race in 1:10.60.

Australia’s S10 swimmer Rowan Crothers won the 100 free in  51.16, followed by Brazil’s Phelipe Rodriguez in 53.03, and Australia’s Guy Harrison-Murray in 54.53. Also of note is that 17-year-old Ben Popham won the S8 race in 59.33, grabbing his first international gold.

The U.S.’s Leanne Smith won the SB3 50 breast in 57.62. In second was Brazil’s Patricia Santos in 1:02.80, and Australia’s Rachael Watson was third in 1:13.32.

Australia’s Ahmed Kelley won the men’s SB3 50 breast in 53.61, and his teammate Grant Patterson was the only SB2 swimmer, going 1:00.22.

The Australian team of Liam Schluter, Daniel Fox, Jamie Lee-Getson and Taylor Corry took gold in the S14 mixed 4×100 free relay in 3:57.86. The Australian men’s team of Tim Hodge, Rick Pendleton, Tom Disken and Matt Levy capped off the night with a win in the 34 point 4×100 medley relay, going 4:20.14.



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Correction. The women’s S8 100 free was removed from Paralympic events. Patterson claimed silver behind Ellie Cole in the S9 event in what was a very scrappy and slow swim by her standards. Jessica took the bronze. The swimming rules dictate that Patterson, and others, cannot set World Records if they have a classification status of no fixed review date. That is one small mercy.


Thank goodness for that Kay, It would have been another terrible blow to Para-swimming, if Lakeisha (the disingenuous) Paterson had set a world record. Join the discussion…


Australian s14 Relay Team was also beaten by the Australian Development Relay Team.


The Paralympic movement is becoming irrelevant. It saw it’s apex in London 2012, but the attention the Paralympics finally achieved opened a well-meaning movement up to opportunists. Cheating and deceiving is rampant, and not just by poor countries looking for any opportunity. The USA has athletes who are falsely classified (Michelle and Stephanie are the two most obvious). Australia has obvious cheats and don’t get me started about Ukraine and now even the Netherlands. The movement punishes it’s best. Jess Long is the poster child of the Para-movement, yet how can a woman with nothing below the knees compete with athletes with 4 full extremities and no disability that is consistent. Patterson of Australia can jump 3 feet in the… Read more »


There is a video about 50 minutes long on lakeisha Patterson that I have seen where she openly states that her Micrographia along with her early onset Parkinson’s has not been officially medically diagnosed as yet.

If this was to be given to WPC would they execute an investigation into her finally? If there are people from al over the world who believe that she is cheating then something needs to be done here.


I have seen that one. She states something along the lines of she has early onset Parkinsons Disease – well, actually it has not been diagnosed but I have some of the symptoms. The IPC used to have Parkinsons Disease on her athlete bio for goodness sake (may still be there – not sure). So they have accepted this as part of her disability when it has not been diagnosed – she just thinks she might have it!! Yet when anyone complains about her to SAL, the APC or IPC the standard line is that it has all been investigated and all is squeaky clean. Absolutely beggars belief.No one from any of these organisations has realised that she has just… Read more »


Nojoke myself and others have personally witnessed and observed Patterson of Australia on several occurrences walking perfectly, with-out a limp or any hip wobble from several swimming championships. These incidents all occurred after the swimming competitions were finished and when Paterson was walking to the car parks at both the Chandler sports in Brisbane and the Adelaide Aquatic centre in South Australia. Several people have also witnessed her walking normal at the Brisbane airport. She has also been witnessed running along several beaches on the Sunshine coast in Queensland. She only limps and hobbles when the media are around at major swimming championships. The Paralympic movement is a toothless tiger and is deliberately turning a blind eye to Intentional Misrepresentation,… Read more »


Very sad to read this. Until very recently I would have defended the IPC and the Paralympic movement to the death and say you were talking nonsense. I didn’t understand why the IPC wouldn’t classify the Australians and was informed that they have no interest in Para Pan Pacs. Now I realise that the IPC do recieve what certainly appears to be genuine evidence of cheating (photographs of Lakeisha Patterson from a previous story that, oh, well just left me speechless) and they choose to defend/glorify rather than punish? I really don’t understand. Why they would do that? What benefits does burying ones head in the sand and ignoring strong evidence of cheating bring? I am confused and find myself… Read more »


I posted these on the previous story but will post again. Patterson does not have a clawed hand at all except for classifiers and cameras.


Thank you Fred. These are the photographs I mentioned. How can these possibly be explained by Patterson and the IPC? And, who self diagnoses Parkinsons Disease? Surely it is very easy for the IPC to out her? She is certainly making it very easy for them. I honestly do not understand this. Her Parkinsons Disease claim is still listed on the IPC website, I’ve just checked. So, let me get this straight. Patterson just told them that she has Parkinsons Disease and they just said ok that’s fine? No official medical diagnosis needed? A medical diagnosis that she now states she has never even had? Is there more?


Obviously the CP diagnosis is also fabricated. She has absolutely no sign of CP hemiplegia. And bear in mind she is S8 (S7 at one stage) so the spasticity should be blatantly obvious but is spectacularly absent.


Wow, what a blatant, disingenuous, fraudulent cheater, SHAME on HER and all those responsible for allowing this disgusting criminal conduct to occur.

Folk’s when you receives moneys from both the Australian tax payers and monies from overseas organisations because of alleged Para swimming medical conditions, in which you do NOT have, that is FRAUD, which is a serious criminal indictable offence. I cannot wait until this whole sordid affair blows wide open in the international media, just like the Lance Armstrong cycling affair!!!

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