Race Videos: NC State and Texas Start Off 2023 NCAAs With NCAA/US Open Relay Records


Day 1 of the men’s 2023 NCAA Championships has come and gone. The NC State and Texas men, respectively, won the 200 medley and 800 freestyle relays in NCAA and US Open time. Re-live the first two races of the meet below with our official day 1 race videos:


Top 8:

  1. NC State — 1:20.67
  2. Arizona State — 1:21.07
  3. Florida — 1:21.14
  4. Cal — 1:21.24
  5. Indiana — 1:21.52
  6. Tennessee — 1:21.59
  7. Louisville — 1:22.43
  8. Virginia — 1:22.51

It’s always an exciting race when a team breaks an NCAA record. What’s more exciting is when two teams get under the former record, and that’s what happened here. NC State’s contingent of Kacper Stowkowski (20.36), Mason Hunter (22.95), Nyls Korstanje (19.15), and David Curtiss (18.21) in lane 2 won the heat with a 1:20.67. That made them the first team to crack 1:21 in this event, breaking Florida’s 2022 mark of 1:21.13.

ASU also got under 1:21.13 here with a 1:21.07, courtesy of Jack Dolan (20.61), Leon Marchand (22.27), Max McCusker (19.74), and Jonny Kulow (18.45). Bronze went to Florida whose Adam Chaney (20.38), Aleksas Savickas (22.98), Eric Friese (19.75), and Josh Liendo (18.03) clocked a 1:21.14.


Top 8:

  1. Texas — 6:03.42
  2. ASU — 6:05.08
  3. Cal — 6:06.41
  4. Indiana — 6:07.97
  5. Florida — 6:08.79
  6. NC State — 6:09.38
  7. Stanford — 6:11.49
  8. Auburn — 6:11.64

The Texas men broke the second NCAA record of the session by powering their way to a 6:03.42 800 freestyle relay. Luke Hobson started things off with a 1:29.63 and was followed by Coby Carozza (1:30.50), Peter Larson (1:33.14), and Carson Foster (1:30.15).

ASU got to a 6:05.08 for the silver medal and Cal placed third for bronze with a 6:06.41.

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Tommy Schmitt
2 months ago

Korstanje’s split was just even more filthy on video …

Michael Schwartz
2 months ago

Those underwaters from Marchand…doing the 200 free dirty like it’s a 200 back or fly. More time underwater than on top.

Reply to  Michael Schwartz
2 months ago

That was monstrous.

2 months ago

Oh that Swimswam 5th place pick for NC State aged well!

2 months ago

Leon’s underwater…it’s like Phelps reincarnate. My jaw is on the floor

NCAA fan
2 months ago

Anyone else see Larson slip on the start? Those last 15 looked rough and are certainly the reason for coming home 25.0. Texas could have been easily a half second faster if not more

Reply to  NCAA fan
2 months ago

Agreed, his front foot slips! I didn’t notice that real time but some others commented on his awkward entry. He comes up from his underwaters about 5 yards before everyone else

Last edited 2 months ago by JeahBrah
2 months ago

LUKE HOBSON was simply MAGIC in that 800 free relay. But, without the support of the rest of the squad, it would have fallen flat. C. Foster’s hanging tough was a classic of sorts — and the post-swim interview highlighted the man of the race: Luke HObson.

2 months ago

Anyone else see Leon jam that first turn?? Coulda been even faster

Reply to  timtammachine
2 months ago

yeah and his breaststroke breakouts could be snappier. his pull down is perfect, but after the first BR kick he needs to get into his stroke a hitch faster. only when he’s doing all out BR tho. it’s probably right for 100s and definitely good for 200s. arm chair QB is me, but tell me if you disagree

Last edited 2 months ago by summerbreezin
Awsi Dooger
Reply to  timtammachine
2 months ago

Yes I noticed it. My immediate thought was that the Virginia girls had such perfect entry and relationship to every wall and now I’m watching Marchand screw it up. That’s not a knock on Marchand so much as still amazed at the maximization from last week.

Feeling blue…
2 months ago

Another week and another meet. And another constant: there are Michigan swimmers that are having a good NCAA meet so far (and new NCAA record holders!) – they just are no longer on The Team. When the relays combined to add the most time from the seed times you find Bottom at the bottom of the team scores.

Reply to  Feeling blue…
2 months ago

you are one of my favorite swimswam users

at least callan proved he’s still washed lol