RACE VIDEO (x2): Watch Adam Peaty Break World Record in 100 Meter Breaststroke

Thanks to YouTube user debanks2 for posting the video.

Above, watch British 20-year old Adam Peaty crush the World Record in the 100 meter breaststroke by half-a-second.

Peaty swims with an almost summer-league-pace turnover, with his recovery being so fast that it almost doesn’t look right. The stroke, however, is clearly working for him, as he swam 57.92 to become the first swimmer ever under 58 seconds in the 100 meter breaststroke.

Read more about his record-breaking swim here.

Update: a second video of Adam Peaty’s World Record swim has popped up on YouTube, courtesy of the AbingdonVale Swimming Club.

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That tempo is insane. He gets his head down so quickly that, combined with the video quality, it literally looks like he just disappears after getting to the highest point in his stroke.

Haha. He attacks forward so hard it looks like the video is super jumpy until you look at others…

Peaty underwater after the turn was looking amazing!I wish for a better video footage…


Rough quality, but one thing I took away: He does a great job of spending almost no time above the water. His pull/breath is lightning fast, but he also manages to extend all the way and really glide through after the kick. So many breastrokers do one or the other really well – he does both. Super swim.

Also, bad start. Could go faster.

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