RACE VIDEO (x2): Watch Adam Peaty Break World Record in 100 Meter Breaststroke

Thanks to YouTube user debanks2 for posting the video.

Above, watch British 20-year old Adam Peaty crush the World Record in the 100 meter breaststroke by half-a-second.

Peaty swims with an almost summer-league-pace turnover, with his recovery being so fast that it almost doesn’t look right. The stroke, however, is clearly working for him, as he swam 57.92 to become the first swimmer ever under 58 seconds in the 100 meter breaststroke.

Read more about his record-breaking swim here.

Update: a second video of Adam Peaty’s World Record swim has popped up on YouTube, courtesy of the AbingdonVale Swimming Club.

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7 years ago

Awesome swim, but surely in 2015 we should expect better quality video? I can hardly see what he’s doing in either video. This is a first world problem but it looks like this video was shot on a 1998 flip phone,

7 years ago

Looking to Cordes to be at this level hopefully some day soon. I think he is capable, and he can focus on international swimming now that college is behind him. I wonder why we haven’t been nearly as dominant in the world on breast at least in my lifetime. I would like to see us compete in the breast like we do the back and fly.

7 years ago

I like the announcer.

7 years ago

The perfect phrase in this is that this really does look like summer league swimming- but one thing I always tell my swimmers is to do what works for them. Swimming is so individual in terms of stuff like that.

It looks like he is spinning- but his kick must be super fast, and I agree with the head, him throwing it down that fast keeps his hips up higher

7 years ago

Wow what and incredible explosive athlete!!! I would be interested in knowing what he does for legs training. Also I would like to see how explosive he is on land. Breastroker is often compared to “jumping”. Peaty is clearly jumping forward and throwing his upper body down with incredible force. Truly an amazing athlete and I can’t wait to watch him in Rio. Hopefully he swims a couple of meets in the US. Would love to watch him in person.

wave rider
7 years ago

I would love to see some underwater video to look at how Peaty was able to spend so little time above water. I wonder if he has a really narrow pull like Soni. HIs recovery speed is ridiculous.

A few things to note here.

Van der Burgh’s stroke count was 18/24 Peaty’s was 20/26.

I’ve watched both wr video’s a bunch of times just now and tried to time the tempo of each stroke. It’s a little difficult and probably not 100 percent accurate but the reason why Peaty was able to go so fast is clear.

From the moment Van der Burgh’s head breaks the surface to the time to goes underwater is .4. The… Read more »

Reply to  wave rider
7 years ago

This is a very good post, thank you.

>My guess is that Peaty outputs less energy on the pull which allows him to maintain that faster kick rate and not die.

He “outputs less energy” because he never completes his pull. If he completed the pool, he would not have that high stroke rate. He drops his elbow early, shortens his pull, and uses pull to press down with hands/arms and lift upper body up early. That is dangerous because you get stuck in a dead position UNLESS you have fast and powerful recovery, which he obviously does. That is how Europeans are swimming breaststroke now days. Ruta does that too.

Now, everyone knows here I worship at the “Church… Read more »

Eddie Rowe
Reply to  wave rider
7 years ago

Van de Burgh also had three dolphin kicks off the start and a one-hand touch at the turn in London.

7 years ago

He would’ve been 7th in the B final of the 100 back in Mesa, ahead of Eric Ress and just a touch behind ncaa champ Albert Subirats

7 years ago

That is how you swim 100 breast! Staying high, high stroke turnover, fast move forward to shift center of gravity. American breaststroke has been brought back to last century with “stay low kick hard crowd (coaches)” who know nothing. I have been talking about this for 2 years and nobody is listening 🙂

Reply to  PsychoDad
7 years ago

Cordes is very long. Imagine what they would look like swimming next to each other. Their techniques would be poles apart, and Peaty would be 2 body lengths ahead.

Justin Thompson
Reply to  Billabong
7 years ago

I’m just happy to see the event moving forward again. We were stuck with 58 high/59’s for the most part the past few years.

Justin Thompson
Reply to  PsychoDad
7 years ago

Psychodad’s stamp of approval….good enough for me 🙂

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