Race Video: Tom Shields Plays the Phelps Card in the Men’s 100 m Fly

by Gisselle Kohoyda 1

August 09th, 2014 News

Tom Shields edged out Michael Phelps for this race by just .01 seconds as he killed his turns and won with a 51.29 in the A final (second fastest time in the world!). Phelps had great underwaters and also made the PanPac team with a time of 51.30.

Seth Stubblefield took the B final for Cal with a 52.40 with a Tripp Cooper right on his tail.

Alex Valente took first in the C final with a 52.81 while Justin Lynch and Michael Andrew tied with a time of 53.21.

A Final: Tom Shields, Cal, 51.29, Lane 3

B Final: Seth Stubblefield, Cal, 52.40, Lane 6

C Final: Alex Valente, BUENCA, 52.81, Lane 5

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7 years ago

The title is pretty cheeky haha. Always stings to see MP lose a race, especially by one one hundredth of a second. All that matters is that:
A. He put up a BEASTLY swim in the prelims; sending out a message. If anything, that’s a COLOSSAL indicator that he’s looking out for Rio 2016.
B. He made the Pan Pacs team. He could take it from there and hopefully not miss anymore walls 😀

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