2014 US National Championships: Day 3 Finals Live Recap

  230 Tony Carroll | August 08th, 2014 | Featured, National, News, Previews & Recaps


Click here for the full preview of the day 3 finals at the 2014 US National Championships in Irvine, California.

Day 3 of the 2014 US National Championships features the 400 IM, 100 Butterfly, 50 Breaststroke, 50 Backstroke, and the timed final heats of the women’s 4×200 freestyle relay.

Elizabeth Beisel is on a mission to qualify for the Pan Pacs team after a slip last night in the women’s 200 backstroke off the start.

Chase Kalisz and Tyler Clary are set to face off in the men’s 400 IM. The race will be broken up in two parts. Clary’s front half vs. Kalisz’s back half. Clary told us in an interview that he isn’t confident that he can beat Kalisz tonight.

Claire Donahue will have to fend off the younger swimmers to defend her top seed in the women’s 100 butterfly. Felicia Lee and Kendyl Stewart will be anxious to make the team with a top 3 finish tonight.

The show of the night will be the men’s 100 butterfly, where Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte will duke it out once again. Phelps has yet to qualify for the Pan Pac Championship team. Tonight will be one his best chances to qualify.

The 50 breaststrokes and backstrokes will be a game of chance as the finalists put it all on the line for one lap across the pool. Jessica Hardy is looking for an American record, along with several of the men’s breaststrokers. Brendan McHugh broke the US Open record during prelims this morning. Pay attention for SwimSwam’s own, Jared Anderson, in the A-final of the men’s 50 breaststroke.

Rachel Boostma scratched the 100 fly to focus on the 50 backstroke tonight. She had the fastest time of the morning to put herself in the middle of the pool. David Plummer is anxious for a win tonight to get another shot for a World Championships medal after an unfortunate slip off the blocks in the 2013 world Championships Semi-finals.


  • 2013 US National Champion: 4:34.34 – Maya DiRado 
  • Meet Record: 4:31.12 – Katie Hoff – 2008
  • World Record: 4:28.43 – Shiwen YE – 2012
  • American Record: 4:31.12 – Katie Hoff – 2008
  • US Open Record: 4:31.12 – Katie Hoff – 2008
  • Time to make the 2013 US National Team (#6 Nationally At Selection Meets): 4:40.85 – Sarah Henry 

Elizabeth Beisel led after the backstroke leg of the race, where she was just under WR pace through 200. Through 250, she continued under AR pace. She fell off of the pace during the breaststroke, but that didn’t stop her from posting the fourth fastest time in the world this year at 4:32.98. Maya DiRado had a good swim to finish second with her time of 4:35.75. Melanie Margalis finished third with her time of 4:37.84. Those three should all make the Pan Pacs roster, but that will not be official until the end of the meet. Becca Mann is already on the Pan Pacs team, but she adds a fourth place finish at 4:41.44.

Cammile Adams added a fifth place finish with her time of 4:42.00, followed by Sarah Henry in sixth at 4:42.31. Caitlin Leverenz was seventh at 4:43.23 and Kate Mills finished eighth at 4:44.41.

Hali Flickinger has looked good all week, just as she did tonight, winning the B-final of the women’s 400 IM with a five and a half second drop from this morning at 4:39.26. Chelsie Miller finished second at 4:44.12.

Brooke Zeiger won the C-final heat of the women’s 400 IM at 4:46.05, a four and half second drop from her morning swim.


  • 2013 US National Champion: 4:11.83 – Chase Kalisz
  • Meet Record: 4:05.25 – Michael Phelps – 2008
  • World Record: 4:03.84 – Michael Phelps – 2008
  • American Record: 4:03.84 – Michael Phelps – 2008
  • US Open Record: 4:05.25 – Michael Phelps – 2008
  • Time to make the 2013 US National Team (#6 Nationally At Selection Meets): 4:16.42 – Josh Prenot

You knew Clary was going to take out the first half hard. He cleared two body lengths between himself and Chase Kalisz after the backstroke. Chase Kalisz had a huge third 50 to run down Clary. Clary had a .03 second lead at the 300 meter mark. It came down to a 100 meter freestyle sprint to determine the winner. Coming off the final wall, Tyler Clary used his underwater to pull away, taking the win at 4:09.51. Chase Kalisz finished second at 4:11.52, followed by Josh Prenot in third at 4:14.85. Jay Litherland had a great swim to finish fourth with his time of 4:14.93. He now has an outside chance of making the Pan Pacs team.

Andrew Seliskar dropped some time to finish fifth at 4:16.73. Michael Weiss came in at 6th with his time of 4:16.97.

Max Williamson and Curtis Ogren round out the top 8 of the men’s 400 IM at 4:18.17 and 4:21.38, respectively.

Gunnar Bentz looked the best he has all week. He improved by four seconds to win the B-final of the men’s 400 IM with his time of 4:15.24. Corey Okubo finished second with his time of 4:18.43.

Sam McHugh won the C-final of the men’s 400 IM with his time of 4:21.90.


  • 2013 US National Champion: 57.53 – Dana Vollmer
  • Meet Record: 56.42 – Dana Vollmer – 2012
  • World Record: 55.98 – Dana Vollmer – 2012
  • American Record: 55.98 – Dana Vollmer – 2012
  • US Open Record: 56.42 – Dana Vollmer – 2012
  • Time to make the 2013 US National Team (#6 Nationally At Selection Meets): 59.30 – Christine Magnuson

Claire Donahue and Kendyl Stewart were both out fast at the 50, but the race really geared up in the final 25 meters. Felicia Lee started to gain on the leaders, and right at the end, Kendyl Stewart reached in to win her second event of the meet, securing her trip to the Pan Pac championships, with her time of 57.98. Claire Donahue finished second at 58.03, and Felicia Lee was third with her time of 58.14. Katie McLaughlin added a fourth place finish with her time of 59.03.

Tina Bechtel finished fifth at 59.05, followed by Kelsi Worrell in sixth at 59.34.

Rounding out the top 8 was Gia Dalesandro at 59.35 and Shannon Vreeland at 1:00.00.

Amber Carter had a best time to win the B-final of the women’s 100 butterfly with her time of 59.58. Noelle Tarazona finished second with her time of 59.71.

Kara Kopsco broke 1:00 for the first time to win the C-final of the women’s 100 butterfly with her time of 59.92.


  • 2013 US National Champion: 51.66 – Eugene Godsoe 
  • Meet Record: 50.22 – Michael Phelps – 2009
  • World Record: 49.82 – Michael Phelps – 2009
  • American Record: 49.82 – Michael Phelps – 2009
  • US Open Record: 50.22 – Michael Phelps – 2009
  • Time to make the 2013 US National Team (#6 Nationally At Selection Meets): 52.32 – Kyler Van Swol

You knew Michael Phelps would be out towards the back of the pack, and he was (7th at the wall), as expected. His back half is so strong, and he was able to run down five of the six swimmers in front of him. It came down to the touch, and Tom Shields was there, getting his hand on the wall first for his second win of the meet. He touched at 51.29, only .01 seconds in front of Michael Phelps, at 51.30. Tim Phillips finished in third with his time of 51.54. Matt Ellis dropped .04 to finish fourth with his time of 51.73.

Ryan Lochte finished at 52.21 to finish fifth, followed by Giles Smith in sixth at 52.51.

Rounding out the top 8 in the men’s 100 butterfly is Matthew Josa and Santo Condorelli at 52.57 and 52.88.

Seth Stubblefield won a great race between the B-finalist with his time of 52.40. Jack Conger finished second at 52.55, followed by Tripp Cooper at 52.62.

Alex Valente won the C-final of the men’s 100 butterfly with his time of 52.81. That time is .72 seconds faster than he was this morning.


  • 2013 US National Champion: 30.24 – Jessica Hardy
  • Meet Record: 30.21 – Jessica Hardy – 2014
  • World Record: 29.48 – Ruta Meilutyte – 2013
  • American Record: 29.80 – Jessica Hardy – 2009
  • US Open Record: 29.80 – Jessica Hardy – 2009

Jessica Hardy pulled ahead towards the middle of the pool to separate herself from the other swimmers. She finished first with a new national meet record time of 30.12. That should add her to the World Championship Team roster in 2015. Breeja Larson finished second with her time of 30.64. SwimMAC teammates Micah Lawrence and Katie Meili tied for third place at 31.00.

Kasey Carlson added a fifth place finish with her time of 31.02, followed by Kaylin Burchell in sixth with her time of 31.22.

Bethany Galat finished seventh with her time of 31.44 and Molly Hannis was eighth at 31.61.

From the outside lane, Lilly King reached in to out-touch the field with her B-final winning time of 31.18. Emma Reaney finished second with her time of 31.47.

Nikol Popov won the C-final of the women’s 50 breaststroke with her time of 31.97.


  • 2013 US National Champion: 27.26 – Kevin Steel
  • Meet Record: 27.10 – Brendan McHugh – 2014
  • World Record: 26.67 – Cameron Van Der Burgh – 2009
  • American Record: 26.86 – Mark Gangloff – 2009
  • US Open Record:  27.10 – Brendan McHugh – 2014

Brendan McHugh won the final of the men’s 50 breaststroke after breaking the US Open Record this morning in prelims. He reached in for the win with his time of 27.24. McHugh will most likely make the 2015 World Championship Team with that swim. Kevin Cordes finished second in this event for the second year in a row. He finished at 27.33. Zach Hayden was added back into finals after his DQ in prelims was overturned. He finished third with his time of 27.69. Marcus Titus was fourth at 27.76

Congrats to SwimSwam’s Jared Anderson for a fifth place finish with his time of 27.91. Mike Alexanderov was sixth at 28.00. Nic Fink finished seventh at 28.01 and Kameron Chastain was eighth with his time of 28.21.

Brad Craig drops to win the B-final of the men’s 50 breaststroke with his time of 27.90. Austin Temple finished second at 28.19.

Connor Hoppe dropped a half a second to win the C-final of the men’s 50 breaststroke at 28.40.


  • 2013 US National Champion: 27.68 – Rachel Bootsma
  • Meet Record: 27.68- Rachel Bootsma – 2013
  • World Record: 27.06 – Jing Zhao – 2009
  • American Record: 27.68- Rachel Bootsma – 2013
  • US Open Record: 27.68- Rachel Bootsma – 2013

Rachel Bootsma dropped .11 seconds to win the 50 backstroke tonight. That should secure her spot on the World Championships roster, but that will not be official until later. Cheyenne Coffman was second at 28.42. Olivia Smoliga was third with her time of 28.49, and Ali Deloof followed in fourth at 28.70.

Liz Pelton finished in fifth with her time of 28.85. There was a tie for sixth at 29.00 between Courtney Bartholomew and Hannah Stevens. Sarah Denninghoff was eighth with her time of 29.01.


Clara Smiddy dropped .31 seconds from her morning swim to improve to a 28.95 for the win. Madison Kennedy was second at 29.15.

Taylor Garcia won the C-final of the women’s 50 backstroke with her time of 29.35.


  • 2013 US National Champion: 24.52 – David Plummer
  • Meet Record: 24.52 – David Plummer – 2013
  • World Record: 22.43 – Rafael Munoz – 2009
  • American Record: 24.33 – Randall Bal – 2008
  • US Open Record: 24.52 – David Plummer – 2013

In a very close race, David Plummer won the final of the men’s 50 backstroke with his time of 24.82. That should give him another trip back to the World Championships, where he will have a second chance to earn a world champs medal. Nick Thoman finished second with his time of 24.91, followed by Shane Ryan in third at 24.97. Matt Grevers was fourth at 25.18, followed by Kyle Darmody at 25.32.

Eugene Godsoe was sixth at 25.48. Rounding out the top 8 in the men’s 50 backstroke was James Wells and Adam Mania at 25.55 and 25.74.

Despite running into the lane lines under the flags, Bryce Bohman won the B-final of the men’s 50 backstroke with his time of 25.57. Chase Bloch was second at 25.77.

David Puczkowski won the C-final of the men’s 50 backstroke with his time of 26.34, a .34 second drop from this morning.


  1. PK says:

    It’s Friday night! Do you know what that means? Feel free to crack open your favorite beverage and enjoy the…


    Sip your drink anytime Rowdy:
    * Starts a sentence with “I’m telling you”
    * Mentions that the race will be in the middle of the pool
    * Talks about how breathing to one side means you can’t see the other side
    * Mentions how a swimmer is doing in comparison to their prelims race
    * Goes more than 50 meters without mentioning who the leader of the race is
    * Mentions someone moving over to get a draft

    Bonus sip: Anytime Sam Kendricks tells the fans to start cheering during the bonus/consie races.

    Chug your drink anytime Rowdy:
    * Starts a story with “I was talking to [Insert famous swimmer or coach]”
    * Tells you to check out someone’s finish

    Finish the case anytime Rowdy’s voice rises 2 octaves or more.

    Be safe out there kiddies, alcohol poisoning is no joke! If you have to stop watching early, so be it. And feel free to add your own.

    • Sean S says:

      This is so perfect.

    • C Martin says:

      For those of you who haven’t seen this video of Rowdy, it’s hilarious. Guy really is enthusiastic…

    • Becky D says:

      Chug whenever Rowdy:
      – spends at least 1/2 the race talking about MP when MP is not in the race.

    • PK says:

      3 chugs during the men’s 4im.

      I don’t think I’m gonna make it.

    • Steve Nolan says:

      Add something about reaction time off the blocks and we’re golden.

      Every. Single. Race. And it doesn’t even correlate to a good start! Blah.

      • PK says:

        Ooooooh that’s a good one!

        The one I forgot (and I’m mad because I had it on my list earlier):
        Chug every time:
        * He says the crowd needs to get behind [swimmer] and that they need to really feel this record

    • easyspeed says:

      PK- Don’t hate on Rowdy; he is a good commentator and good for the sport. Remember, not everyone who watches a swim meet is as “swim smart” as the know-it-all geeks on this site…

    • Sharon Robb says:

      Pretty classless to diss Rowdy like that, would like to see you do the great job he does. Are you a bully in your spare time? Swimming doesn’t get enough respect as it is and this is how you spend your time.

  2. gooby says:

    Lane 4 women’s C final clearly doing a fly kick on her breaststroke kick, hope that cheater gets caught.


    Posted this already but:
    This site and many of the comments love harshly judging young swimmers in an irrational fashion. “Oooooooo Conger added in a back event so he better just stick to free forever!!!”
    “Ohhh what happened to *insert young swimmer’s name*? They are so FLAT! US Swimming is DOOMED!”
    You people can be ridiculous. Have some heart and empathy. No need to be so negative and mean. This is supposed to be the “funnest sport” so how about we breathe a little and do more ENCOURAGING instead of DISPARAGING..

    • Philip Johnson says:

      There’s been a lot of negativity in the past couple of days.

    • Sean S says:

      I think as far as comments sections/message boards tend to go I think this crowd (myself included) isn’t too bad.

    • floppy says:

      Positivityplease – welcome to the internet. Everyone here is awful.

    • TheTroubleWithX says:

      You really think mentioning that a swimmer’s stroke looks a little off, or suggesting that they might have better success in a different event, is irrational and mean? I’d understand your concern if someone here were to say that 18 year-old Swimmer X added three seconds, therefore is a lazy bum, and needs to retire immediately. But that’s simply not been the case, at least in any comments I have seen.

  4. Philip Johnson says:

    Was very impressed by the men’s 100 fly, just hopes someone will break 51 tonight. How long has it been since that’s happen? Like 3 years?

  5. whoknows says:

    Interesting… can’t get reception on my desktop, but I get it on my tablet!

  6. jackppc says:

    hey biesel…try not to slip again 😉

  7. Janet says:

    Is Becca Man’s cap older than she?

  8. Philip Johnson says:

    Beisel is looking good!

  9. 0

    Beisel is looking good

  10. Philip Johnson says:

    Beisel 4:32.98

  11. 0

    That worked out how I thought it would

  12. Philip Johnson says:

    Dirado 4:35.75

  13. Thanos says:

    Beisel 43298
    Dorado 43575

  14. Philip Johnson says:

    B finalist winner Hali Flickinger (4:39.26) swam a fantastic race, her time would place her 4th in the A final.

  15. Danjohnrob says:

    Congrat’s on winning the C final, Brooke Zeiger!

    Congrat’s on making the Pan Pac Team Elizabeth Beisel!

    Go Bluefish!

  16. Sean S says:

    Solid swim for Beisel, and nice to see her make it after the slip yesterday. On another note does anyone have any idea what’s going on with Leverenz? She hasn’t really been the same swimmer since London.

    • liquidassets says:

      Not sure, but the Cal Aquatics women in general have almost all been off their best times, including Franklin.

  17. Roger von Oech says:

    On 8/8/88
    (26 yrs ago today)
    Matt Biondi set a US record at Olympic trials in Austin in the 200m free: 1:47.72

    26 years later, that time would’ve finished fourth last night and earned Matt a berth on the 4×200 relay!

  18. Thanos says:

    Bentz 415
    We need to give those young guys some slack and be patient with them

  19. PK says:

    Ugh, where has that Gunnar Bentz been? That was a monster back half.

  20. swimmer24 says:

    Great swim by Bentz, I hope he continues this onto the 200 IM.

  21. pvdh says:

    Clary is going to die going that hard in the back

  22. Justin Thompson says:

    That was a fast front half by Clary….here comes Kalisz.

  23. 0

    This is a battle in the 400IM

  24. Zanna says:

    Wow Clary’s breastroke has improved!

  25. 0

    Excellent swim by Tyler Clary of Swimmac, 2nd fastest time in the world this year

  26. Justin Thompson says:

    Damn…another disappointing time. Kalisz was that fast in season.

  27. Zanna says:

    Clary! What a surprise!

  28. Thanos says:

    Regardless of the times which were fast that was a great race ! Clary is a fighter !!!

  29. Lazy Observer says:

    However I react to his personality, that was a terrific race by Clary. I am sad Kalisz wasn’t able to make it closer.

  30. pvdh says:

    NBAC had better not be tapered at this meet.

  31. Zanna says:

    3rd event he has qualified in and posting top times in the world! He is smokinggggg this year.

  32. Philip Johnson says:

    Clary threw it down, he swam a very good race.

  33. Rafael says:

    First sub 4:10 textile by Clary… now that put him as one of the medal contenders on this race..

  34. TheTroubleWithX says:

    Personal bests for Bentz, Prenot, Jay Litherland, and Seliskar, I think!

  35. Zanna says:

    Cal swimmers are doing well!! Congrats to Prenot, 3rd.

  36. PsychoDad says:

    Clary winning is a surprise to some here? It was obvious after prelims Kalisz had no chance with his weak backstroke. Clary is Lochte with better technique

    • Sean S says:

      Lochte with better technique, but worse freestyle and breaststroke, less speed, worse underwaters, and better endurance at this point. Oh wait doesn’t that make them totally different swimmers?

    • Philip Johnson says:

      I personally would still give Kalisz the advantage at Pan Pacs. We all know he can close better than he did today.

  37. liquidassets says:

    Anybody here old enough to remember Steve Furniss, who handed out the medals for the 4IM? He won the bronze in the 2IM at the 1972 Munich Olympics, and briefly held the world record for it ’74 before it was broken by his brother Bruce, who went on to be an Olympic gold medalist in ’76 in the 200 free and the 4x200FR.

  38. We Love Phelps says:

    amazing crowd tonight. love it!

  39. Philip Johnson says:

    Clary is having a fantastic meet thus far.

  40. Danjohnrob says:

    Apparently Tyler is better than Chase in the fly and back the SAME amount Chase is better than Tyler in the breast, because after those 3 strokes they were tied! I know Chase can finish his IM better when fully tapered, so we’ll see in Australia who’s rely best. Great race!

  41. 0

    Dang Donahue lost that race in the last 15m IMO

  42. Sean S says:

    Donahue had the piano dropped on her back.

  43. Zanna says:

    Wow kendyl steward!!!

  44. Zanna says:

    PB by half a sec.

  45. Thanos says:

    Stewart huge win and below 58 !

  46. Justin Thompson says:

    Is Micheal Andrew going to take down Justin Lynch in this C final?

  47. northswim says:

    oh man, that last 15 meters were hard to watch…she didn’t have any gas left in the tank!

  48. Sean S says:

    Nice to see Stewart step up with no Dana around.

  49. mcgillrocks says:

    Not going to lie, I didn’t know who Kendyl Stewart was before this meet. Now she’s a double national champ and assured of a spot at Worlds. She’s the Eugene Godsoe of 2014. Congratz to her.

  50. liquidassets says:

    Congrats to Kendyl Stewart on her 2nd win, still a weak event for the US internationally with Vollmer gone, but at least we have someone under 58 now. I hope “Flea” can squeak onto the Pan Pacs team, she swam a great race to solidify her comeback, and almost passed Donahue for 2nd. I’d forgotten she won the national title in ’06 at the age of 14!! I think her 58.1 is a PB for her.

  51. JW says:

    What are Felicia Lee’s chances at making the Pan Pac team? It would be cool to see her make it for sure!

    • swimmer24 says:

      Right now there are 16 women, with 4 olympic events left (top 2) and 3 non olympic events lefts (top 1)

    • liquidassets says:

      I think low, 3rd placers who make it, if any, will be those with the highest world rankings; I don’t think 58.1 will be high enough.

    • liquidassets says:

      I think low, 3rd placers who make it, if any, will be those with the highest world rankings; I don’t think 58.1 will be high enough in the rankings.

  52. Justin Thompson says:

    Lynch is better off the walls that Andrew, but other than than comparable swims.

  53. mcgillrocks says:

    Clary looks ON this meet. He’s very dangerous for Pan Pacs. 200 back 400 IM double is perhaps on the table.

  54. Sean S says:

    I know USRPT says butterfly should be a lot more flat and just focused on moving forward, but MA didn’t look nearly as smooth as Lynch and Valente .

  55. Zanna says:

    Wow Seth Stubblefield wins b-final. Cal’s Men are rocking this meet.

  56. Philip Johnson says:

    The race of the night!

  57. C Martin says:

    Absolutely STACKED A Final tonight. If the swimming Gods allowed you only one race, this should be it.

    I’m saying podium is a 51.3

  58. swimmer24 says:

    Michael needs to be sponsored by Gillette, because that was not a very close shave.

  59. Zanna says:

    Wow Shields underwater!

  60. C Martin says:


    • IR says:

      There is a weird sweet pleasure in hearing Rowdy’s voice break when Phelps falters.

      • C Martin says:


        Average non-swimming fan: Wow this guy really knows his stuff

        *Phelps gets the Cavic Treatment*

        TV Rowdy: *13-year-old boy pubescent voice crack*

        Average non-swimming fan: Damn who is this fraud

  61. NoShieldsFan says:

    Sad day when a scrub like Shields wins.

  62. 0

    When I saw him at the wall I knew Phelps was going to lose that race! Congrats to Tom Shields on the win

  63. Zanna says:

    Oh my Shields beat Phelps! 51.29

  64. Thanos says:

    Shields 51.23 huge win edges MP by the same margin mp beat cavic

  65. Rafael says:

    Now I really don´t know if Shields/Phelps can beat Le Clos at Pan pacs if the South African swims the best of his game

  66. C Martin says:

    I am so happy for that kid. What a meet he is having. He really is having the time of his life. Good for him.

  67. Philip Johnson says:

    Sheilds 51.29. Micheal is second and was long on his turn.

  68. Zanna says:

    Happy for Shields! When is Dave Durden going to be on the US Coaching Team?

  69. northswim says:

    oh man, that turn was hell. he lost that race and at least a time that would have been 3 tenth better because of that turn. he will get back in the pool and train harder. he said when he lost that 100 fly to ian crocker it gave him the drive he needed to go faster. i think this race will be like that for phelps.

  70. EST says:

    Amazing meet for Tom Shields! Super happy to see Phelps make the team.

  71. Thanos says:

    Lochte only 5th. Obviously the time off to rehab knee injury has affected his training but he will be better next summer

  72. floppy says:

    Matt Ellis had a rather disappointing 100 free.

    But he TOTALLY came back and reached a new level in the 100 fly.

    That shows a lot of emotional maturity and perseverance.

  73. Lazy Observer says:

    I feel like I’ve heard of this in other sports: phenomenal athletes who are fearless and then suddenly they get a mental tick they can’t shake. Physically, Phelps is capable. But that mental toughness, that killer instinct (which we’ve been seeing in Clary) is just not in evidence.

    Urgh. What a disappointing week for Phelps, for NBAC, and given that even Shields went slower than in prelims, for the US generally. I hope this doesn’t repeat at Pan Pacs.

    • hswimmer says:

      I don’t think the big guys like Phelps and Lochte are fully tapered, you’ll see more out of them there for sure!

    • Becky D says:

      Shields 100 fly times:
      seed: 51.65 prelims: 51.55 final: 51.29

    • floppy says:

      As long as Phelps is having fun, it’s okay. He’s made the Pan Pacs team, so otherwise this is about the 30th most important meet of his career. If he’s gonna keep his focus for another 2 years, he needs to not get burnt out now.

    • EST says:

      Phelps went almost 2 years without competing. Considering the master plan is aimed at Rio, I don’t think it is panic time. I believe that Michael Phelps is still Michael Phelps.

    • Brian says:

      I don’t think killer instinct can be fairly compared between an athlete who’s competing in 100m events vs an athlete who is in a 200/400m swimmer. You can make a few mistakes in a 400 without losing the race.

  74. Philip Johnson says:

    Phelps probably would had broken 51 is he hit that turn. It’s crazy though to see Phelps making these rookie mistakes, probably because he took so much time off. Better here than Pan Pacs I suppose

  75. liquidassets says:

    Awesome 3-man race in the 100 fly similar to the women’s race. Phillips is another one I hope can somehow squeak onto the Pan Pacs team given his multiple 2nd and 3rd place finishes including only .08 behind Grevers in the 50 fly. From my understanding of the rules though, it seems like 3rd place finishers are unlikely to make the team without multiple doubles/triples/quadruples by other swimmers.

    • Danjohnrob says:

      From what I understand 3rd place is LIKELY to make the team! Sometimes a 4th place or 2 make it. Remember, for both Men and Women there are 7 extra spots on Pan Pacs Teams than World Teams because of only 4 rather than 6 on each freestyle relay team and no spots allocated for 50 back, breast or fly. Some mujtiples are neeeded, but we’ve already seen a triple by Clary and Lochte, and a double by Sheilds, Dwyer and Kalisz.

  76. Sean S says:

    I completely disagree with Rowdy about Phelps’ turns if you look at his 200 Fly from London he absolutely cost himself the race with his walls and at Olympic trials that year it was the same thing. Early in his career I think he focused on the details a little more.

    • Danjohnrob says:

      What he needs to do is discipline himself so that every time he goes into a wall swimming fly in practice, swimming at high speed, he tries to judge his distance from the wall correctly. I’ve heard him say that verbatim in interviews.

      What I think is happening is that he’s swimming the same number of strokes he used to in each 50 of his race, but because he’s not as well conditioned as he was now he’s a half stroke away from the wall instead of hitting it perfectly.

      I think as he gets stronger, the turn problem will go away.

  77. 0

    Phelps will be mad about that swim and the result hence he should be faster next time

    • Lazy Observer says:

      If he and Lochte were young, they might be able to count on that emotional fuel to do the trick because their bodies could withstand it. But Phelps was behind at the 50 in London and was still able to pull it off. I think the difference now is that their competitors know they can be beaten, and they can’t just pull off miracles when they make mistakes because they physical capacity isn’t there.

      • bigNowhere says:

        Phelps has been beaten in this fashion before. See the 2004 Olympic trials in the 100 fly, where Crocker went 50.7. Or the 200 back at the same meet, where Piersol beat him. Or the 100 fly at the 2003 worlds. etc.

        He’s never been a natural sprinter, and the very best people can occasionally steal a race from him. I’d say it is too early to write him off. He came back and beat Crocker at the 2004 Olympics, for example.

        His 100 fly was roughly as fast as it has been for the past 10 years, the super-suit years (2009, 2010) excluded.

    • Thanos says:

      Of course there is nothing more dangerous than a pissed off MP but he is making mistakes he never made like the walls and finishes. His coach is right you just can’t take off for two years, come back and swim two races and be at the top again!

  78. Lazy Observer says:

    You know what, forget my earlier comment. I’m thrilled that Biesel and Phelps both made the team. I’m happy for Shields. I’m excited to see the rest of the weekend. I think I have make a mental pivot or I’m going to sign off bummed out for the 3rd night in a row.

    • Lazy Observer says:

      Of all my comments, this gets a down vote!?! I wasn’t being sarcastic, people. I was stepping back and remembering that tonight had good news: two great veteran competitors have been added to the team.

      • Mcmflyguy says:

        Dude some people just down vote everything. I could say congrats to all athlete for qualifying for nationals and being alive and it will get at least one down vote

  79. Great Man Here says:

    Kalisz will never go much under 4:11. If he didn’t do it now, it looks like he has peaked. He did 4:11 in season. I think he has peaked.

    M.Andrew peaked too. He isn’t going to really get much faster again.

  80. Sean S says:

    I wonder if Phelps took any slight from Shields’ celebration at the end. Just pure elation from Shields but I could see Phelps seeing it as a little bit of a slight, especially given how insanely competitive he is.

  81. rafael says:

    Phelps will probably need to work thay for worlds. Maybe still miss at pan pacs

  82. We Love Phelps says:

    congrats Michael on making the Pan Pacs team! 😉
    you’re still the KING & you know it.

  83. Philip Johnson says:

    Now that Phelps is on the team, I can see the coaches putting him on the 400 free relay.

  84. Calfan says:

    Crazy…the 2014 100 AND 200 Butterfly champion is Tom Shields – GO BEARS! Durden = Coach of the Year!

  85. Thanos says:

    Hardy 30.12 only behind melutyte in the 50 breastroke

  86. Numba1BradenFan says:

    Great Man…. Kalisz was 4:09 just last summer and Andrew has been swimming best times as recently as last week…..

  87. Numba1BradenFan says:

    Can McHugh break 27?

  88. Coach-S says:

    Funny how easily people disregard the fact that Phelps put up the fastest time in the world this year in prelims. It’s actually pretty scary that he can do that when he obviously not yet back to his best.

    Congrats to Michael for making the team. Now with the pressure off, he can have some fun.

  89. mcgillrocks says:

    Someone should make a gif of Tom Shields’ reaction of total astonishment and happiness and call it “What you do when you beat Michael Phelps”

    That reaction is priceless. I love (in the best way) how he was so overcome with surprise at beating the sport’s greatest and it’s resident clutch finisher by the smallest of margins, that he just goes beserk for a second and cannot form a coherent celebration.

    Way to go for him, and if Chad looks around he could be out-touched by two Americans.

  90. C Martin says:

    Eve and Candace just tweeted that Bob Bowman called Michael Phelps’ race “terrible.” Since when has he had anything but negativity and excuses for his swimmer’s times? It’s really getting old.

    • Steve Nolan says:

      Just the dude’s personality. Plenty of coaches are positive all the time, plenty of them are super negative.

      Definitely not something I’d recommend, but sometimes a dude yelling at you and telling you you’re terrible works for people.

      • Coach-S says:

        He may be intentionally trying to push MP’s buttons. He obviously knows how to do it well after all these years

  91. 0

    This may have been discussed before, why do they give out medals for all finalists and not just the top three places??

  92. Wahooswimfan says:

    Will be interesting to see which events Lochte goes at Pan Pacs, – I’d like to see both go for a 200 free time, although as I read the language of the selection procedures, for relay purposes times from any other races can be considered [” times from other races, including without limitation,… may be considered in making other
    determinations”(e.g. relays] so either or both could go a 1:44, for example, in spring 2015 and that could be the basis the coaches use to add them to the 800 free relay. For that matter, any swimmer who makes the Worlds team can do a time that can help them gain a relay by doing a fast time next spring/summer before the Worlds.

  93. mcgillrocks says:

    Jared and Alexandrov!

  94. C Martin says:

    Go Swim Swam Jared!!!

  95. Brian says:

    Just saw that Mark Gangloff is the American Record holder in the 50 breast… Wasn’t he still swimming last year? Anyone know what happened to him?

  96. JG says:

    Posters here are confident everyone can drop times at Pan Pacs . Perhaps , but it is winter down there & the average Temps for August are 50-70 . The max might get up to a weak 80 0r down to 65 . SEQld at anytime of the year, can get wild weather .

    Outdoor pool next to a bay – pretty but on the windy & glarey side .

    If I were truly looking to get to Kazan , I’d be ensuring a fast swim in Irvine in the A final .

    • aswimfan says:


      People who believe the swimmers (with maybe the exception of Ledecky and Franklin) are not tapered in Irvine in order to swim fast times in Gold Coast and Kazan are pretty delusional. They may be swimming faster in Gold Coast, but not because they were not tapered in Irvine.

  97. Roger von Oech says:

    In 2011, David Nolan was arguably one of the greatest high school yards swimmers ever — going low 1:41 in the 200 IM. He won the 200 IM and 100 back at 2013 NCAAs. But he’s never had the same prominence as a LCM swimmer.

    Several years ago, Tom Shields had the rap of “being a great yards swimmer.” In the past two years (after a lot of work), and especially at this meet, Shields has shown himself to be a very, very good LCM swimmer.

    Question: do you think it is possible for David Nolan to make the same transition to being a great LCM swimmer, and if so, what would he have to do to achieve this?

    • anonymous says:

      Honestly, David Nolan has barely improved his 200 im and 100 back times in SCY in 3 years at Stanford. 3 years of college swimming and he’s still at the same plateau that he left high school in. I think that he is, unfortunately, very burnt out. Maybe its him, maybe its the crazy changes in staff that have happened in the Stanford coaching staff in the past 3 years as well. But he cut a whopping .13 seconds off his 2im in 3 years, and those years were from ages 18-21, when most men typically level out in terms of size and maybe even strength.

      In short, i unfortunately think he’s plateaued

    • Sven says:

      Move to Cal, apparently.

      Seriously, though, this is a great question and I would love to see David Nolan take his swimming to that level in LCM.

    • floppy says:

      He’s a great swimmer, but I don’t think he has the fire. More like he’s coasting into his last season.

      Reminds me a lot of Stanford’s last super-stud… Austin Staab. Won events at NCAAs, but never really put much into the summer LC season. And as soon as he graduated – with a Stanford degree – he was done.

      That’s not a bad way to go through college. Disappointing for me as a swim fan… but then again I’m not the one who has to deal with double practices, crazy coaches, and the notion of slumping through a world-class education for the long-shot possibility of being a pro swimmer for 10 years.

      • mikeh says:

        If David Nolan has failed to improve between the ages of 18-21, then that is the fault of his coaches in my opinion. I’m sure he’s extremely motivated. I remember reading an article where he stated during his freshman year he trained so hard his body shut down, as he put it. Not a good sign. Hopefully he will stick around and try to go pro. He deserves the opportunity.

  98. Bossanova says:

    There sure have been a lot of hot mics on this live feed. I’m hoping they’ll say something offensive at one point LOL

  99. liquidassets says:

    Not exactly sure but I think the 31.00 for Micah Lawrence is PB or close to it for her 50BR. Look for her to go 1:06+ and challenge Hardy and Larson in the 100.

    Not sure why Rowdy was so shocked the McHugh beat Cordes, given the USOR in the morning; and also, Cordes has been beaten in the 50 before by his teammate Steel as well. (where is Steel, btw??) Great for McHugh to get some international exposure. If you’re going to swim competitively during law school and try to keep up with all that reading, 50’s are the way to go.

  100. Numba1BradenFan says:

    Jared should’ve worn his swimswam shirt on the podium

  101. Numba1BradenFan says:

    Yes Megan Romano. In a swimsuit.

  102. Numba1BradenFan says:

    I wonder if Natalie Coughlin would be pretty good in the 50 back

  103. liquidplummer says:

    Rooting for Bootsy and Liz Pelton here, Bootsma has had rough couple years and Pelton struggling more recently.

    My pick is my favorite blue-collar worker Plummer, though he’ll be hard pressed to hold off Grevers with his inches of extra reach at the finish.

  104. Brian says:

    It’s telling that no one is even commenting on the women’s 50 back. Yawn!

  105. Numba1BradenFan says:

    If I got into the podium I would wear my swimswam swag. BRADEN U R SO COOL

  106. Thanos says:

    What a stupid idea to hold the pan pacs in an open stadium in the Southern Hemisphere winter. Maybe they are expecting penguins to compete lol !

  107. Numba1BradenFan says:

    This is Bryce Bohman’s first summer training long course!

  108. hswimmer says:

    Another slip, lane 3 from Men’s backstroke B-Final. WE NEED WEDGES USASWIMMING! FINA, hello??

  109. liquidplummer says:

    50 Back wrap-up:

    Bootsma pulls off a dicey victory hugging the lane ropes, with nice swim by Coffman too. I didn’t realize she and Smoliga smacked hands!!

    Ahead-of-his-time Michael Andrew appears in yet another C final, his 3rd such final from just tonight alone, 4th in his heat this time around.

    Plummer holds off Thoman to bust onto the ’15 Worlds team; hopefully he’ll also get to swim it at Pan Pacs too, pending results of the 100 back later this weekend!

    • MarkB says:

      No 50’s at Pan Pacs (just keep saying it and maybe it will sink in).

      • liquidassets says:

        My bad, take out the “it”, I meant the 100. But I do wonder why they dropped the 50’s at Pan Pacs given that they’re now events at Worlds and Olympics, kind of going backwards there, eh.

  110. 0

    Ahh that was a tight race but Plummer beat Thoman at the end to book his tickets to Worlds

  111. liquidplummer says:

    I’m gonna stick around and see if NBAC can go under 8:00 for the 4×200. Given how tired they all are and with Schmitty off her game, I kinda doubt it. Not sure where they get 7:54 for a seed time.

    • liquidassets says:

      But closer than I thought even without Schmitty, and a new 15-18 NAG for NBAC at 8:01.75, congrats to Becca Mann, Cierra Runge, Heidi Miller, and Gillian Ryan!!

  112. Numba1BradenFan says:


  113. Danjohnrob says:

    Awesome swim Jared! Your friends at SwimSwam are proud of you! :-)

  114. 0

    I have a stupid question: do both Nick Thoman AND David Plummer make the team for Worlds in 2015 in the 50m backstroke or is it just the winner David Plummer? Do either of them go to Pan Pacs?
    *yes I have read the rules for qualification but I am still confused*

    • Zanna says:

      As far as I know, 1st in 50 events makes the worlds in 2015. Both Plummer and Grevers need to win 1st or 2nd in the 100 back to go into Pan Pacs. So neither one of them have qualified for Pan Pacs.

      • Zanna says:

        Oooops sorry you mentioned Thoman. So Thoman has not qualified for any events.

        • 0

          Thank you for sorting that out for me

        • Swim fan Arg says:

          In this case.. Who will the second swimmer in 50 back in the worlds? One of the 100 meters Backstroke qualified??

          No 50’s back, breast, fly and 800 free this years in Pan Pacs?? So Grevers, Plummer and McHugh have already qualified??

          • Zanna says:

            Yes, all 3 has qualified

          • Jg says:

            Lol with those times they would not have qualified for the English team . Itt is their lucky day to be born iN the USA!

          • Danjohnrob says:

            All of the events that take place during World Champ’s are included in Pan Pac’s. However, ANY swimmer who makes the team can choose to swim any event in prelims with the fastest 2 (if they make top 8) going on to finals. There is also a consolation final, and a total of 3 swimmers from each team can swim in each event in the finals session.

            I assume because they want to focus on development of US swimmers for Olympic events, the coaches decided to choose the Pan Pac Team only from athletes competing in these events at Trials.

            So, the answer to your question is that anybody who makes the team can swim in the 50 back at Pan Pac’s, but they must qualify by finishing 1st or 2nd (and probably 3rd) in an Olympic event first.

  115. Thanos says:

    Thus far there are 16 men and 16 women that are in top two and the relay spots that are guaranteed pan pac spots. That leaves 10 spots with five events to go (400 free, 100 br, 100 back, 50 free and 200 im). That guarantees the top two from each event to make 26 in each gender. I am sure there will be a few people that already made the team like Ledecky, beisel, cordes, Adrian so that opens up some spots for some third place finishers.

    • liquidassets says:

      Has anyone ranked and compared the 3rd place winner’s times internationally yet, since that will determine priorities for adding swimmers from the 3rd place spots? Bobo are you on it?? Or still sleeping like a rock in France??

  116. Zanna says:

    Grevers slipped at the start.

  117. Teacher and Coach says:

    So, I was done watching the meet, and then relays came on! It was wild!

    But seriously, why do they do these? Is it to get some swimmers a relay swim? I would get it if everyone cared about a team title, but few of the top swimmers from the individual clubs participate.

    • Danjohnrob says:

      It’s true that most of the top swimmers don’t participate in relays, but I think you underestimate how much pride the athletes take in their teams and how much they care about the team competition! Plus, relays are fun, give some teams a chance to break age-group records, and yes, give them another event to swim after a season of hard work and a long trip to compete here.

  118. Jg says:

    The 50s are very slow considering it is a direct ticket to ticket to Kazan . Both the mens tonight are much slower than CWG with the extra SF round. except for Hardy the girls are woeful.

    Don’t they want to go ?

    So far , lucky you guys had that revolt or you would be struggling at CWGs . That was foresight .

  119. Ole 99 says:

    Way OT, but anyone else see that today’s ruling by a US judge that the NCAA must allow universities to offer student athletes a limited share of revenue. Couple that with yesterdays Big 5 autonomy vote and the world of college athletics is going to be different, very soon .

  120. TheTroubleWithX says:

    Men’s 3rd place finishers 2014 world rank:
    1500 – Wilimovsky – 9
    200 Back – Lochte – already on team
    200 Breast – Prenot – 17
    100 Fly – Phillips – 4
    200 Fly – Kalisz – already on team
    400 IM – Prenot – 16

  121. calswimfan says:

    Hi i’m a little late to the party and couldn’t watch the meet live. Did Ryan Murphy scratch from 50 back? If so, does anyone know why?

    • calswimfan says:

      Just read in the preview that both jacob pebley and ryan murphy scratched. I’m guessing Dave wanted them to rest. Hopefully no injury or sickness.

  122. TheTroubleWithX says:

    By the way, I love the Cal Bears team spirit. Definitely the most vocal college contingent.

  123. PERRYDOGG says:


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