The Problem: Bad Streamlines

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August 15th, 2017 Gear, Industry, Training

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As coaches, the first thing we teach our swimmers is the streamline, and yet every day on every pool deck of every swim team in the world a coach is uttering these words…

“Fix your streamline!”

I was that coach! I tried everything to get my swimmers to simply squeeze their heads better: pushups for punishment, long lectures about the importance of reducing drag, even jumping in with all my clothes on if they would do one workout with perfect streamlines.

It never lasted, the kids never got it, and it never stuck. My swimmers needed something better; they needed constant feedback off every wall, something to remind them of what they should be doing, and they needed a target on their head for their arms to hone in on.

Every piece of equipment that exists in swimming today is meant to build power, strength and endurance. But nothing existed to develop the all-important drag reducing streamline.

The Solution: The Squeezline

The Squeezline is the world’s first ever streamline sensor that is placed on the head underneath goggle straps or a cap. When pressed correctly by the arms in a good streamline, it makes an audible BEEP that can be heard by the swimmer. The sound only occurs when the swimmer is in a good streamline, and will otherwise be silent during normal swimming, or more importantly, if the streamline is not good.

Don’t like reading? Check out our video here!

The Squeezline gives feedback to the swimmer every time they do a great streamline, enforcing a lasting habit.

Coaches…with this tool you will never again have to say the words “Fix your streamline!” Include the Squeezline in your warm-up, drills and lessons to make sure every swimmer on your team reaches their maximum potential, starting with a great head squeezing streamline!

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“A Streamline is the number one skill for any swimmer to master. Competitive swimmers never stop learning and improving this skill. The goal is always to reduce drag and increase speed. To master this skill one needs consistent feedback and practice. The Squeezline is the perfect tool to get anyone to improve this skill as it will give you immediate feedback if you are doing it correctly.”

– Robert Pinter, head coach of Gator Swim Club and “A” finalist in the 200 butterfly at the 1992 Olympics.

“The Squeezline has been the quickest and easiest tool I’ve used to improve the streamline of a swimmer at any age. It’s one thing to tell a swimmer how to correctly do a streamline, but it’s another thing for the swimmer to feel the proper position for themselves. The audible BEEP provides immediate feedback to the swimmer underwater and reinforces the guidance from the coach on deck.

I have found the Squeezline to be an invaluable coaching tool that I have come to depend on at every practice and would highly recommend to swim coaches at all levels.”

– Frankie Hanson, head coach of Dowling Catholic High School girls swimming and diving, high school and collegiate All-American and 7th place finish at NCAA in the Mile.

Swim Smart: More than just Innovation

We are coaches, swimmers and inventors who believe the most important tool on deck is a motivated, engaged, and excited swimmer.

Everything we do is to help swimmers achieve those “Ah Ha” moments that can change their swimming careers forever. For that, we have tools like the swimming Weight Belt and the Biology of Swimming to help swimmers understand how their swimming machine works in the water.

The Biology of Swimming is a free group of articles that answer questions about how the swimming machine works during races and workout. These lessons take complicated exercise science and simplify it. Learn about how muscles work, training adaptations, nutrition and much more directly from the founder of Swim Smart, who studied Biology, Kinesiology and Medicine (and swimming…lots of swimming).

We will never push our products in these lessons. We put these together for your growth, not ours.

Check them out here and start using them to help your swimmers engage in their training:

Join Us: Spread our Message to Every Pool Deck

We believe in our Squeezline and our message and we hope you do too. Please follow us on our social media, and take a moment to share this Pre-Order with your swimming friends, family and coaches and help Swim Smart continue its goal of producing engaged and excited swimmers

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Patent Pending U.S. Serial No. 15353,976

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