Practice + Pancakes: New Mexico Women at That Holiday Workout We’ve All Been To

FORM is swim goggles with a smart display. FORM is a sports technology company with a simple mission: to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be.

For the holidays, I went to visit my brother, Wyatt, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Wyatt trains with the University of New Mexico women’s team 3 days a week, and so I paid the Lobos a visit.

If you’re a college swimmer, you’ve been to this practice before: it’s the holidays and everyone on the team has gone home for Christmas. At your university, all that’s left are locals and/or citizens of other countries. The practice is sparse, and the coach is trying to have some fun while keeping things moving.

When I walked into the pool at UNM, there were only 4 girls there for practice. However, first year head coach Keegan Ingelido was keeping things light and productive, using lots of equipment and focusing on long swimming with some speed thrown in. Or, you know… a 50 fly in a full bear suit.

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NM Coach
4 years ago

Coleman…2 other spots (besides the FRONTIER)…
1) Weck’s
2) Blake’s Lotaburger has the absolute BEST Hand held burritos!

I love how all of these comments have to do with FOOD!!!

Reply to  NM Coach
4 years ago

I will also throw in “Sadies” for Green Chile Enchiladas!

The Importer AND Exporter
Reply to  Coleman Hodges
4 years ago

Great comments! I always hit Garcias kitchen when I’m in town for a green Chile breakfast feast.

Reply to  The Importer AND Exporter
4 years ago

Serious question: is it state law that every New Mexico meal must include green chiles?

Max C
Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

Pretty much yes, even the fast food places have regional options with green chili. Fun NM fact: The official state question is “Red or Green?” asking about your chili preferences.

Reply to  Max C
4 years ago

I was listening to this podcast (it’s a great show if anyone doesn’t listen), about the green chile industry, and about Colorado vs. New Mexico green chiles.

If you’re into green chiles, it’s worth a listen.

Stan Crump
4 years ago

Hey Coleman, when I used to hang around there, I used to go to the Frontier Cafe, right across the street from the University main offices. They used to have sweet rolls to die for. Don’t even know if it is still there.

Jim Nickell
Reply to  Stan Crump
4 years ago

Of course it is still there – an institution – !!

4 years ago

Coleman…Major Flub…Any Lobo knows you go to the “Frontier” for breakfast…sweet rolls and green Chile omlettes! 🙂

Richard Saunders
4 years ago

The best breakfast burritos on the planet

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