Park’s Hearing Date Set in Doping Case

As a follow-up to the Park Tae-hwan doping case that is continually unfolding, Yonhap News reports that FINA has scheduled the South Korean Olympic swimmer’s doping case hearing for February 27th.

The Korea Swimming Federation (KSF) indicates that FINA informed them it will hold the hearing at a to-be-named location in Lausanne, Switzerland. (Yonhap)

The hearing date being set is the latest among a series of updates this week stemming from Park’s failed doping test after receiving an injection at a chiropractic treatment.  The substance within the injection has been identified as Nebido, a commercial brand of testosterone undecanoate.

Park’s camp maintains that the hospital who provided the injected confirmed it did not contain any prohibited substances and that civil and criminal charges may be launched against the facility.

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CT Swim Fan

Why is he allowing himself to be injected with anything when he doesn’t know exactly what’s in the injection. Asking “are there any banned substances in it” seems like a rather casual question for an athlete who knows the penalties for doping. Not sure why he didn’t request the name of the injection and a written list of the ingredients. Makes very little sense to me.

Dirty Swimming

It makes little sense to you because he’s lying


Maybe because he knows that the ‘penalties for doping’ lately has been ridiculously insignificant-a lot of high caliber swimmers got away with a positive dopping test with only couple months of suspension, a year maximum

wave rider

I still don’t understand why it takes 4 months for the info to come out. Does it take that long to test for ped’s? It took less than one month I think for Jessica Hardy to be found positive for ped’s. What am I am I missing here?

Since things are so delayed, I guess we should be expecting Ning Zetoa’s second failed drug test to come out within the next few months.


LOL..this just gets better…..A chiropractor injecting Testosterone into an Elite / Olympic Athlete and did not know this was a banned substance.. as well as Park letting this happen…..just laughable…..have we learned nothing over the years as every person who gets caught (in every sport) comes up with some kind of wacko story …only the gullible belief this stuff. Until FINA starts handing out Lifetime bans on first offenses the cheating will continue..The rewards of $ and fame are so great and the punishment so lame, so many athletes are willing to take the risk and use PEDs.

David Berkoff

I agree OldBald. FINA is giving slaps on the wrist because losing a big time swimmer to a doping violation means less money. Why do you think we are having all of our sport’s biggest non-Olympic events in the UAE or other countries who don’t produce top athletes. FINA’s leadership wants the cash. Ethics should drive our sport, not greed, appearance or fame. Park’s infraction is not akin to a college kid getting busted for smoking dope out of season. He was caught with synthetic (and long-acting) testosterone in his system. Testosterone is a clear performance enhancer and helps recovery. Just ask Lance or Landis. Time to start taking this seriously and time to start putting monetary penalties and death… Read more »

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