Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Tells French Radio She Will Swim in the Seine Next Week

Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo has again committed to swim in the Seine ahead of the Olympic Games to demonstrate that it is safe for competition at the Olympic Games. Her comments on French radio on Wednesday come amid improving water quality conditions and finally acknowledging that there is a Plan B for open water swimming events (but not the triathlon) if the Seine is unsafe for swimming on race day.

Hidalgo, along with recently re-elected French President Emmanuel Macron, have been talking about swimming in the Seine for months after a 1.4 billion Euro (1.5 billion USD) clean-up plan. Heavy rains and limited sunshine have contributed to high levels of harmful bacteria in the river, which is the outlet for Paris’ combined sewer system, but last week showed levels in the acceptable range for the first time.

Hidalgo insured the interviewer that the river would be “depolluted” by then.

Clip below:

Macron has not yet renewed his commitment to swim in the Seine.

Locals have threatened to protest the project by defecating in the river ahead of previous scheduled swims by Hidalgo, though so far it doesn’t appear that those protests have materialized, being postponed with each postponement of the swim.

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21 hours ago

European women (who aren’t active swimmers) generally don’t put their heads under water in open bodies of water. Let’s not all have a cow on this one. I completely respect what she’s doing.

1 day ago


Garbage Yardage
1 day ago

I feel like this is the beginning of a Marvel villain origin story. Mayor jumps into river to prove a point, hijinks ensue, then we have a poop monster.

Kurt Mills Hanson
1 day ago

living here in paris right now the speed of the seine is a bigger threat than the poop.

Reply to  Kurt Mills Hanson
1 day ago

Thanks for an update, this plays into the hands of someone like Rasovszky who may not have the cleanest stroke but certainly amongst the physically strongest of competitors.

Reply to  Kurt Mills Hanson
23 hours ago

Is it wavy?

1 day ago

She better make sure her shots are up to date and her house is stocked with Pedialyte and Immodium! And she better make sure she doesn’t have any broken skin.

She won’t even get her head wet.

Are the athletes expected to train in that petri dish, and risk getting sick before their races?

1 day ago

Anyone remember when Y2K, killer bees, KILLER BEES, or Halloween candy with needles in it.

The river will be fine. When it rains, it registers high on bacteria, like any other fresh water environment.

Z Tech
Reply to  ZThomas
1 day ago

this isn’t any other freshwater environment though, it’s a millennia of literal human fecal matter plus whatever overflowed from the sewer because yeah they didn’t even fix that…

Reply to  ZThomas
1 day ago

And COVID magically went away.

1 day ago

My advice to the mayor: if you see anything in the water that looks like a chocolate bar minus its wrapper, DON’T eat it.

Reply to  NotHimAgain
1 day ago

Call in Bill Murray!! He’ll get it done!

Reply to  NotHimAgain
1 day ago

Carl Spackler- “It’s okay!”

Reply to  Observer
1 day ago


It’s no big deal.

Last edited 1 day ago by Snarky
1 day ago

That’s in seine.

River Seine
Reply to  SI
1 day ago

Mic drop

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