Olympic Star Michael Phelps Is Out Of Rehab

by SwimSwam 24

December 02nd, 2014 Britain, Europe, International, News

Olympic icon Michael Phelps is out of rehab reports TMZ Sports.

After Phelps second DUI arrest, he entered a treatment center. Phelps is now out and spending time with family.

Phelps Twitter account has been dormant since October 5th when he released this statement:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.39.22 AM

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.39.35 AM

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.39.40 AM

Phelps did, however, post the above photo on his Instagram account 4 days ago, with the caption “What a great thanksgiving dinner with family!!!” tagging his mom, his sister Hilary, and his girlfriend Nicole Johnson in the photo.

Neither his Instagram post nor the TMZ article indicated if or when Phelps might return to training.

USA Swimming banned Phelps from competition for 6 months, and also knocked him off the Long Course World Championship Team.

Presently Phelps appears happy and healthy. He did not attend the 2014 Golden Goggles held Nov 23rd where he was honored with the award for Male Athlete of the Year.  Phelps’ North Baltimore Aquatic Club trainer accepted the award on his behalf.

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Felix Webb
8 years ago

Any French fans here? Please confirm this for us. Thank u.

Phelps, retour a Chartres >>> http://www.lequipe.fr/Natation/Actualites/Phelps-retour-a-chartres/520127

Merci beaucoup (mare-see bough-coo)

We Love Phelps
8 years ago

a fan saw MP working out at the gym this afternoon. if this is true, Phelps is officially back to the grind. 😀 yippeeeee

8 years ago

This picture said it all: “I’m doing great. I love my family.”

Michael – when will we (grandpa & I) see you competing again? Please give it one more shot at the Rio Olympics. Seriously, if anyone can four-peat, it’s YOU Michael Phelps! I bet my house on it. 🙂

Wishing you a warm & peaceful holiday season. <3

We Love Phelps
8 years ago

yay, we get to see MP’s latest pic….finally. 😀
i believe that Phelps still has goals in his mind and that there’s no way in hell is he giving up his goals. since he’s the greatest of all time, he should feel amazingly good to be back in the pool training.
watch out world….. MP is back! 😀

@ fist pump like a champ @

8 years ago

I hope play with michael phelps

8 years ago

Happy Holidays, Michael. I’m digging the werewolf look!!

8 years ago

He looks healthy and happy in that picture, which bodes well for his swimming. And if he swims completely clean (i.e., without any alcohol in his system) from here on, he should come back faster than ever.

Justin Thompson
Reply to  SwimHIstorian
8 years ago

I’m glad he’s recovering and wish him the best, but if LeClos is swimming 10K meters in between prelims and finals like another article was suggesting he’s a lock for the 100m/200m fly baring injury in 2016.

Reply to  Justin Thompson
8 years ago

It seems to much. I hope he doesn´t overtrain like Lochte in London. I´m still hoping for an amazing match!

We Love Phelps
Reply to  Justin Thompson
8 years ago

Justin Thompson… what article you were referring to? do you have the link? 😀

Reply to  SwimHIstorian
8 years ago

Swimhistorian, can you give us an historical example of a world class male swimmer that has swum faster at age 30, than he did at age 24? Legitimate question…….please try to exclude the suit era.

Reply to  Billabong
8 years ago

Anthony Ervin Jason Lezak

8 years ago

Wait, didn’t the man who received his award say that he is back in the water, indicating that he is back to training?