Olympic Medalist Emma McKeon Drops 200 Free From Pan Pacs


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Australian Olympian Emma McKeon has decided to drop the 200m freestyle from her Pan Pacifics schedule, per a report in The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I was aiming to have a smaller program at this meet, especially since it’s only over four days. With four relays it’s still going to be pretty busy. I’ll have the 200m free in the relay. It was just a way to minimize my events and to have a different preparation, which kept it interesting for me,” McKeon said.

The 24-year-old Griffith University-trained athlete has been reportedly suffering from an ongoing shoulder injury, one which affected her performance at the Commonwealth Games. Although the Olympic bronze medalist in the event finished with another bronze on the Gold Coast, her time of 1:56.26 was well behind the performances of gold medalist Taylor Ruck from Canada and teammate Ariarne Titmus who finished with times of 1:54.81 and 1:54.85, respectively.

McKeon will still have a packed schedule in Tokyo at Pan Pacs, slated to swim the 100 free, 100 fly and 50 free, in addition to multiple relays. And, the Michael Bohl protegé insists that the 200 free withdrawal is for this meet only.

“It wasn’t a hard decision. This is the second main meet of the year and it’s another one on the way to the Olympics. It’s mostly about just keeping it all interesting. I’m not getting rid of it though.”

McKeon said that, “We [she and Coach Bohl] both decided. When I got back from the pool after Comm Games I had a different focus.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to do Pan Pacs because I wanted to focus on other things, like getting my shoulder right again and getting my strength back in the gym.

“Seeing how I was when I got closer to trials, that would decide it. And I did pretty well at trials. I wanted to come over here and give the 100s a go and try to drop those times some more.

“If I’m just doing the sprints and not have such a massive program, I can really pour everything into it. I feel like it’s good to have a meet like that and not try to balance everything. I’m used to having to back up for at least 12 races.”

McKeon isn’t the only Aussie to withdraw from the 200m free. As we reported, teen force Titmus is considering removing the 200 from her schedule, although nothing has yet been confirmed. America’s Katie Ledecky, Allison Schmitt, Leah Smith, Gabby DeLoof, Canada’s Ruck and Japan’s Rikako Ikee are among those still expected to contest the race at Pan Pacs.

All quotes courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald.

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2 years ago

If Australians withdraw from competition in 200 free it will really devalue this event since good chances are that neither Ikee nor Ruck can make under 1:55 and Ledecky having 800-200 double will swim for the win only but not for the exceptional time.

2 years ago

Given the Aussies already have comm games it begs the question whether we still need the pan pacs as well in the same year.. I think the pan pacs lost its value when world championships started happening every two years now unlike in the past

Reply to  Verram
2 years ago

Pan pacs has to stay because USA isn’t eligible for any other major competition this year.

Reply to  Maelstrom
2 years ago

I guess USA can join the commonwealth as a former British colony and then that will make those games even more competitive and interesting

Reply to  Verram
2 years ago

That’s what I’ve been saying. The US used to be a former British colony so why shouldn’t they compete?

SumTing Wong
Reply to  Philip
2 years ago

Only parts of it were. Most states were not around in 1780,.

Reply to  Verram
2 years ago

I’m guessing a whole bunch of brits, aussies, and Canadians wouldn’t be too happy about the Americans coming and eating their lunch. The medal table would be laughable if USA decided to join the CGs

Swimmer Brent
Reply to  Maelstrom
2 years ago

Well that’s for the US to figure out then. Silly for the other countries to take on the expense and disruption of a second championship in one year just because the US doesn’t fit in anywhere.

2 years ago

Interestingly Titmus entered in the 50 – 800 free.

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