Olympian Ryan Murphy Needs Adrenaline: Gold Medal Minute presented by SwimOutlet.com

Gold Medal Minute presented by SwimOutlet.com

Ryan Murphy, 3-time Olympic gold medalist, needs adrenaline. Ryan loves to race in a huge facility hearing the fans.   Coming off of World Championships in Budapest was a little bit of a let down. Since Worlds, Ryan has had his nose to the grindstone, focusing a lot more on backstroke. He also got into training quicker this fall then last year.  Without the tension of an NCAA Champs in March, Ryan does feel it will be a challenge to stay motivated over the long training haul of the spring, and he’s working on that with Cal Coach David Durden.  Staying motivated could mean a spring meet he rests for or a test-set he’s challenged to improve on throughout the season. Whatever it is, we’ll follow up with him to hear the results in April.

Coming off of 2017 World Championships — bronze in the 100 back (52.59) and silver in the 200 back (1:54.21) — what does Ryan need to do to reclaim the glory of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio?  Will 51.8 100 back and 1:53.6 200 back be enough to top the 2018 World Rankings?  I think Ryan’s got 1:52+ 200 back and 51.3 100 back potential, but I think it’ll be 2019-20 before we see those swims. What do you think?

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This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by SwimOutlet.com. Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of SwimSwam.com, a Swimming News website.

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Let’s get a GMM on Dressel and Lochte down at UF?


1:52+ 200 back surely is achievable, after all Lochte had been 1:52.96 in 2011.
With so many young backstroke talents coming up, to win gold in 2020, it’s better to aiming higher.


***Is Dressel the greatest swim-athlete we’ve witnessed at the Olympic level? Seems like he could be with his vertical leap.??What a stupid statement up to now he is a relay gold medalist!

crooked donald

Tim Shaw. Silver in swimming, silver in water polo.


I myself am a HUGE fan of Tim Shaw, but if you’re talking about swimmers who were also great at water polo, Johnny Weismuller probably takes the cake on that (5 golds in swimming, 1 bronze in water polo).


Yea. He hasn’t done anything at a high level to warrant that statement…..


Have some respect


Lol. Not for Tim shaw, for Mel


He is not talking about being the best swimmer ever he is saying is Dressel the best athlete who happens to be a swimmer ever…very different statements

science geek

Yeah, In college a few of us guys were tremendous athletes outside the pool but would lose to klutz goofs in the meets. There’s really no point in wondering such things and impossible to know anyway. Swimming is an awesome sport I love but it takes something different from soccer or basketball.

Coach John

please keep it civil, respectuful and productive @Gregor

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