No Guarantees for Franklin: Video Special

  7 Davis Wuolle | July 31st, 2012 | Featured, London 2012 Olympics

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4 years 2 months ago

You’re likely to be right about gold/silver but I do think that Franklin has a better shot than you think at the Bronze and other folks from the home team that may get inspired.

4 years 2 months ago

…this was the hardest to call, especially with Missy in second gear in her 200 free semi. I think Missy could take-off in the lane 8 and win if no one’s watching…or get lost on the outside lane. Tough to call, and I only have 60 seconds for the video report. We’ll see!

Jean Michel
4 years 2 months ago

she will do her best and what’s happens happens . She has a grt meet so far and happy .

4 years 2 months ago

Look at how the finalist are doing so far:
01 PALMER Kylie 1:57.44 + AUS – Lifetime best 1:57.83 in 2011; 1:56.04 in March, 2012 at Aussie trials; 400 free did 4:07.23 – off her 4:03 from the Aussie trials; does not appear to be swimming in a manner to suggest she will better her best.

02 POPOVA Veronika 1:56.84 + Russia – Lifetime best in semi’s; did not swim the 400 free, led off Russia’s 4×100 relay with 54.3; may better her time, but nothing to suggest she’s a threat to do what’s necessary to win – 1:54+ or better.

03 MUFFAT Camille 1:56.18 + France – Lifetime best 1:54.66 in June 2012; one of 4 serious contenders.

04 BARRATT Bronte 1:56.08 + AUS – Lifetime best 1:55.74 in 2011;1;55.9 at Ayussie trials; not on Aussie 4×100 free relay, lacks the speed of others, probably destined for 5th.

05 SCHMITT Allison 1:56.15 + USA – Lifetime best 1:54.4 in June, 2012;53.94 best 100 in June, 2012 – not quite franklin’s speed, but swimming well; one of 4 serious contenders.

06 PELLEGRINI Federica 1:56.67 + Italy – Lifetime best 1:52.98 in 2009 in suit era;55.53 100 in 2009 – also in suit era; one of 4 serious contenders. lackluster (for her) 400 swim – I just don’t think she is on this meet.

07 McCLATCHEY Caitlin 1:57.33 + – Lifetime best 1:56.62 in 2009 in suit era;54.4 in 100 split for GBR 4×100 relay; nothing to suggest she’s a threat to do what’s necessary to win – 1:54+ or better.

08 FRANKLIN Missy 1:57.57 + USA – Lifetime best 1:55.06 in 2011; at trials 200 free was right after another event;at 53.52 100 speed as USA 4×100 relay leadoff; also a good 50 swimmer; is clearly fastest sprinter in the field; one of 4 serious contenders.

Race pits the endurance of Muffat, Schmitt and Pellegrini agains the speed of Franklin; But Franklin has shown good 200 endurance;

My prediction Speed wins – Franklin wins from the outside lane by .5 – Muffat and Schmitt take the other two medals in that order. Pellegrini watches awards from the stands

4 years 2 months ago

…..hard to argue with that analysis… As a US-man, I hope you’re right. We’ll see!

4 years 2 months ago

I’m not sure if I agree. Missy certainly has top end speed by going 53.5, but she also has great closing speed. In most of the races I’ve seen her swim, it’s her closing speed which gets her to win races, such as 200 free, 100 back (liek last night), and 200 back. She doesn’t seem to get the lead in her races despite her speed, but does seem to be able to bring home races in the last 25 meters whether it’s a 100 or 200.

From that perspective, I think if Missy can stay inside a bodylength at the last turn, then she has a good chance to win. I hope she goes 1:54. I don’t see anyone going much faster than that in the field unless Pellegrini is playing games with us.

4 years 2 months ago

…Muffat has the edge, I feel. France is on fire…


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