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High-Level International Meets For August 2020

With the next edition of the Summer Olympic Games fewer than 1 year away, swimmers are narrowing their focus once again on their Tokyo target.

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Felipe Lima Joins Energy Standard In His First Practice Since March

Olympian Felipe Lima is back in the pool after a pandemic-induced break, joining his Energy Standard teammates for a 3-week training camp in Turkey.

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Auburn Swimmer Santiago Grassi Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Aside from Delfina Pignatiello and Julia Sebastian, Grassi remains one of three Argentinian swimmers who have already qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Games.


La ecuatoriana Samantha Arévalo se entrena en Francia tras superar el Covid-19

Arévalo, dos veces olímpica y subcampeona del mundo de aguas abiertas en 2017, se infectó por Coronavirus en marzo tras un campo de entrenamiento en Turquía.

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Olympic Finalist Joao Gomes Jr Tests Positive for COVID-19

He was supposed to be among the first batch of Brazilian Olympic hopefuls flying to Portugal this Friday for a training period between July and December.


Beyond The Lane Lines: Gender Balance Within Swim Ireland

Catch up on swimming stories from around the web, including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and more in this edition of Beyond the Lane Lines.

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World Jr Championships Semi-Finalist Fernanda Celidonio Commits to Louisville

Brazilian backstroker Fernanda Celidonio placed 12th in the 50 backstroke at the 2019 World Junior Swimming CHampionships.

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2016 Olympian Valerie Gruest Announces Retirement; Reveals Childhood Abuse

Valerie Gruest, who was 9th in the 1650 free at the NCAA Championships as a freshman, has officially announced her retirement from swimming.


South American Swimming Readying For Comeback As Governments Ease Lockdown

Nations such as Peru, Colombia, Uruguay or Paraguay will see swimmers back on deck, following in the footsteps of Ecuador, Argentina or Brazil.

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Beyond The Lane Lines: Hangzhou 2022 Goes Underground

Catch up on this week’s Beyond the Lane Lines, featuring swimming stories spanning Arizona to Panama to China to Australia.

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Two-Time Pan Am Games Medalist Guillermo Bertola Receives 4-Year Ban

The penalty handed to Bertola encompasses the time period between January 2020 to January 2024 as a period of exclusion from competitive swimming.


Brazilian Olympic Committee Sending Athletes To Europe For Training

Athletes from various Olympic sports will have flights, accommodation and meals paid for over a six-month period, with Portugal the first confirmed location.

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Some Argentinian Swimmers Return To The Pool As Lockdown Measures Continue

Argentinian swimmers are still out of the water, at least for a few more days, following the latest announcement issued by the nation’s sports authorities.

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WADA Publishes Updated Athlete Q&A About Coronavirus Impacts on Drug Testing

The World Anti-Doping Agency has updated its athlete Q&A section to address issues regarding testing during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Brazilian World Championships Medalist Bruno Fratus Is Back In The Water

Brazilian sprint freestyle ace Fratus has been able to get wet once again at his home pool of Coral Springs Swim Club in Florida.

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