New Poll: What Was the Most Impressive National High School Record Set In May?

The Month of May saw a slew of National High School Records come out of the California State Championships. But which is number one? We’ll break down the case for each record, and then you can vote in our poll posted on the right side of your screen, and leave a comment if you want to give a reason for your vote!

Vlad Morozov, Torrance-Torrance High, 50 Free-19.43

Vital Stats:
Previous Record Set: 2008
Previous Record Holder: Jimmy Feigen, Churchill High School, San Antonio, Texas
Previous Record: 19.49
Time Cut Off of Record: .06 seconds

Morozov became an instant celeberity when he took down Jimmy Feigen’s 50 freestyle record at the CIF Southern Section Meet. Although he just barely cleared the old mark, Feigen set that record in  more suit than Morozov wore. There are always bonus points for breaking the men’s 50 free record, because it, along with the 100 fly, comes down to who is the strongest (read: manliest).

Cindy Tran, Huntington Beach-Edison High, 100 back-51.85

Vital Stats:
Previous Record Set: 1998
Previous Record Holder: Natalie Coughlin, Carondelet High School, Concord, California
Previous Record: 52.86
Time Cut Off of Record: 1.01 seconds

If Morozov’s record was impressive because it broke a mark set in a higher-tech suit, then Tran’s was impressive because she broke one of the few records to survive the suit era. In fact, this record was the second oldest woman’s record left, and Tran smashed it. She crushed it. And Coughlin is one of the greatest women’s backstrokers ever. Tran is rapidly becoming a part of that conversation, as she was only the 13th woman to EVER go under the 52-second barrier. When you’re in high school, and your name is used in a sentence with the word “ever,” you know you’ve done something impressive.

Vlad Morozov, Torrance-Torrance High, 100 Free-42.87

Vital Stats:
Previous Record Set: 2008
Previous Record Holder: Jimmy Feigen, Churchill High School, San Antonio Texas
Previous Record: 43.05
Time Cut Off of Record:. 18

He enjoyed it so much, he did it twice. Just like Feigen before him, Morozov broke the 50 free and 100 free national records in the same week. The 100 record was done as a relay lead-off, and was done in the California “Master’s meet” (Masters, as in meet of champions, not Masters as in old guys). Although this structure gave Morozov an extra opportunity to swim more events and an extra crack at records, his swim was impressive none-the-less. Although David Nolan from Pennsylvania will take a run at this record next season, Morozov will always have the distinction of being the first high school swimmer to go under the 43-second barrier, however arbitrary that number is.

Maddy Schaefer, Mountain View-St. Francis High, 50 free (independent)-22.24

Vital Stats:
Previous Recrd Set: 2002
Previous Record Holder: Christine Swindle, Gullver Prep, Miami Florida
Previous Record: 22.30
Time Cut Off of Record: .08 seconds

Maddy Schaefer’s record was still short of the overall National Record, owned by Kara Lynn Joyce at 22.04, but eclipsed the National Independent School mark. She will, however, have a chance to surpass that overall record next season, as she is only a junior. She broke the record once in prelims (22.26) and then again in finals (22.24), which is very hard to do at the high school level.

Carondelet High School, Concord-Carondelet Catholic School For Girls, 200 Medley Relay-1:40.80

Vital Stats:
Relay Members: Madison White, Allison Gargalikis, Christina Ray, and Chelsea Chenault
Relay Splits: BK-25.62, BR-28.02, FL-25.68, FR-22.60
Previous Record Set: 2009
Previous Record Holders: The Baylor School, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Previous Record: 1:41.63
Time Cut Off of Record: .83 seconds

Sometimes, in high school swimming, relay records don’t get the publicity that individual records do, and I’m not sure why. These days, high schools, especially private schools, are able to amass some very impressive quartets of swimmers, made up of 4 swimmers who will swim at the D-1 level. The impressive part of this relay is that the swimmers had nobody anywhere near them to push them past the mark. They had already amassed a 2 second lead after White’s backstroke leg, and won the race by 6.5 seconds.

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David Rieder
12 years ago

Haha I really don’t know what those times mean for the relay splits since they don’t keep records for yards 50s. Men’s I sorta have figured out but not girls.

David Rieder
12 years ago

I’d say Tran. Beating a Natalie Coughlin record is big-time and hard to do, especially short course! A couple years ago, she was the only swimmer under 52 (not anymore obviously), and now a high school swimmer is in that range!

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