Nathan Adrian, Tonight Show, Meal or No Meal

  14 Gold Medal Mel Stewart | August 24th, 2012 | Featured, Industry, Lifestyle, News

If you missed Nathan Adrian, the 100 meters freestyle 2012 Olympic gold medalist, on NBC’s Tonight Show, see the video below.

Adrian, the lowkey Cal Bear, has been experiencing the Olympic Honeymoon period. With so much pre-Olympic attention on Franklin, Phelps and Lochte, Adrian is the one “other” swimmer who has emerged as a bright new star to the broader public (though the swimming community is not surprised).

Fan blogs liken him to a smart Keanu Reeves. Adrian’s mother is Chinese, from Hong Kong, and a nurse. His dad, James, is a retired nuclear engineer. With parents like that and a Berkeley education, Adrian’s got a good head on his shoulders, and with Coach Dave Durden behind him we can expect more speed and success in his swimming future.


Follow Adrian on Twitter (now with 135,000+ followers) for an upclose and personal look at his Olympic Honeymoon circuit. Adrian’s among the best Olympic tweeters. Here’s a taste:

Check it out @rickyberens and @brendanhansen now I can fit in with you Texas boys! #cowboyboots

School starts today in Berkeley! It feels weird not being there and going to classes #graduatedstudentproblems

50 m freestyle (long course)21.46RomeJuly 31, 2009
100 m freestyle (long course)47.52LondonAugust 4, 2012


FUN FACT: Adrian’s Chinese middle name, Ghar-jun, means Little Pony.

See the Nathan Adrian Photo Fishbowl vault here. 

Follow Nathan Adrian on Twitter here. 

Fan Nathan Adrian on Facebook here. 

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  1. Ana says:

    I really enjoy his tweets, he’s a great guy and I still get goosebumps when I see his race! It was one of the most exciting finishes ever. Also, his reaction to the winning was priceless, very moving.

    I hope he get more endorsements, he deserves it. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the near future =)

  2. WHOKNOWS says:

    Adrian presently has endorsements with Speedo and “Got Chocolate Milk”. He has a street to be named after him in his hometown of Bremerton, WA. See

  3. 0

    Watching Nathan Adrian swim in the 100 free final was the highlight of my viewing experience. He had an amazing race and won it with a fantastic finish down the last five strokes and out touched his competition. Awesome race!! Fun to watch!!

    • Gold Medal Mel Stewart says:

      …and he was surprised by his win, told the BBC interviewer he knew it was the right time, right place situation. I picked Maggie to win…like a lot of people. Very happy for Adrian. I wonder how 2013 Worlds will develop with Maggie and Adrian on deck.

      • Philip Johnson says:

        Adrian improved from never breaking 48 to 47.52. If he trains hard, I believe he can be on par with Magnussen. however, Maggnussen is still on another level with that 47.1. i don’t think Adrian is there yet.

        • DDias says:

          What is amazing about Adrian is the fact he is a heavy swimmer.Its great to be heavy and capable to do times like that.

          Honestly, i think Magnussen probably will learn with his mistakes and come a stronger swimmer from Olympic experience.

      • Jean Michel says:

        I wonder too Mel ! it’s gonna be interesting year to come on the sprint level . Us has sprinters now on 50,100 , 200 and 800 free . Great year

    • WHOKNOWS says:

      Just wait to see Nathan in the 50 meter free… It will have been two years in 2013 since his last big race in the 50. He will have alot of motivation for an outstanding performance.

  4. Jean Michel says:

    Great shining swimmer ! I was waiting since pan packs 2010 for a great win . Didn’t expect it would have happened in London against Magnussen . Well deserved Nathan . Great job .

  5. DutchWomen says:

    Not going to lie, the girl doing the animal noises was hot.

  6. WHOKNOWS says:

    Another artcile after street is named for Adrian!

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