Mitch Larkin Breaks Commonwealth Record In Men’s 200 IM


Swimming out of lane 7 in the final of the men’s 200 IM, Australian Mitch Larkin pulled out a surprise silver medal in a new Commonwealth Record of 1:56.21. That swim breaks Great Britain’s Max Litchfield‘s mark of 1:56.64 from the 2017 World Championships.

Primarily a backstroke swimmer, Larkin has expanded out into the medley events internationally in 2018, and established a personal best at the Commonwealth Games in April in a time of 1:57.67 (winning gold). This swim topples past that, and in addition to his Commonwealth Record, he also erases the Oceanian and Australian marks of 1:56.69 set by Leith Brodie in 2009.

The 25-year-old also moves up from 9th to 2nd in the world rankings for 2018, sitting behind only Chase Kalisz.

Split Comparison, Men’s 200 IM Commonwealth Record

Litchfield, 2017 Larkin, 2018
25.40 25.14
54.54 (29.14) 54.89 (29.75)
1:28.77 (34.23) 1:28.45 (33.56)
1:56.64 (27.87) 1:56.21 (27.76)

Surprisingly, comparing Larkin and Litchfield’s splits, the Australian made up most of his ground on the breaststroke, and backstroke was the only leg where he was slower than the Brit.

Kalisz was the heavy favorite coming in, and he came through with the win in 1:55.40. However, Larkin’s silver was an upset over Kosuke Hagino and Daiya Seto of Japan and American Abrahm Devine. Hagino ended up with bronze in 1:56.66, while Seto and Devine were 4th and 5th.

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Good swim by Larkin .. looks like the events of the past month hasn’t affected his performance as he is swimming faster than at commonwealth games

Drama King

What is the Tokyo 2020 schedule.?
Will 2im clash with 2 back ?


they’re adding an extra day, so i imagone they’ll use it to spread out the 200s that currently clash.

Drama King

Dont know about 100 back chances. But he has legitimate chance of medaling in 2back and 2im. And i personally believe that he should give a try on 4im. Dude was 4.16 at age 17 i believe.

Drama King

But it will hurt OZ medley relay chances.
So hope that he’ll get back to the 2015 shape. And either expect Bradley to drop time as Larkin did in 2015.


Why would it he’s the person out cheating on his gf obvs has no conscience probs doesn’t even feel bad. Just Seebohm left to pick up the pieces. Sorry but I’m done supporting Larkin I don’t care how many people want to I won’t be


do you know larkin or seebohm personally? if not, you are not in the position to make that sort of comment. seebohm made it clear that they split, but neither of them divulged any details about the breakup. your comment is nothing but speculation based on some vague instagram stories posted by seebohm that could relate to a number of factors that caused the split.

if you do know either of them personally, you arent honouring their request to respect their privacy.


I agree .. a lot of the stuff we know are from unnamed “close sources” from news reports which is meeely hearsay and speculation as you say .. I think a break up is always messy and complicated whichever way we look at it so the timing of the pan pacs is probably not the most ideal for either of them


its the third time i have seen such a lame /inappropriate comment about Mitch’s private life since the Pan Pacs Championships began .The blame game never worked and does not serve you or anyone . Stick to swimming and wish them both well .

Drama King

It has nothing to do with swimming man. Just keep distance between the personal life and professional life.

Kolesnikov's necklace

I’m with you. Some people are pretending their private stories have nothing to do with the competition, but the fact is Seebohm almost scratched the whole meet due to Larkin’s infidelity. He was enjoying the happy time with another woman and ended up unaffected, only leaving his partner to cope with the shock and sadness just before the big competition. Fake and cruel man.


You said it’s not affecting him I’m merely pointing out that if he’s as blaise as he’s coming across in the last lot of media reports (personally asked about it) then no he won’t be affected. Whereas Seebohm has personally come out and said she considered not coming. It’s not rocket science you’ve got one swimmer struggling one not to figure out this breakup is one sided. And you can’t say man respect their privacy if you’re out here saying it’s not affecting him if that’s the case no need to mention that either hey. Ps no I don’t know them but Larkin’s failure to address anything at all and a clearly struggling Seebohm means where there’s smoke there is… Read more »

Love to Swim

Video of the race.

Drama King

That break up has certainly gotten him to explore new things. Good one dude 😇
Back at home and does old things. 😎


Including women.

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James formerly competed for the Laurentian Voyageurs in Sudbury, Ontario, specializing in the 200 free, back and IM. He finished up his collegiate swimming career in February of 2018, placing 11th at the OUA Championships in the 200 IM, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics in May. He …

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