Michigan Water Carnival Highlight Reel

Check out the highlight reel above, produced by former professional swimmer Bobby Savulich. Bobby is the visionary behind such events as the Pro Duel Meet 1 and most recently Athlete Approved. Athlete Approved is a multi-faceted attack toward trying to bring professional swimming into the modern world by providing athletes the opportunity to make a living in the pool. For more on Athlete Approved, check out their Twitter or Facebook pages. To read more about Athlete Approved, check out their website.

In front of a packed house at the Canham Natatorium in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Michigan Wolverines, Minnesota Golden Gophers, and Oakland Golden Grizzlies participated in the first ever Water Carnival event. Based on early returns from this first event, it may not be the last, either.

The dance team was there, the band was there, the women’s water polo team was there, and there was even a guy who rode a bike off of the 10-meter platform.

And oh yeah: there was swimming as well in this event that was designed as a swimming exhibition of sorts, with opportunities for athletes to really show off their incredible athleticism to an audience that wasn’t necessarily 100% familiar with a typical college dual meet.

In some of the more notable results, Kyle Whitaker kicked a 50 underwater in 17.27 seconds with fins on. That’s at least three seconds faster than he would be this time of year in a normal 50 freestyle.

Senior Evan Gregg, who has the opportunity to be a huge X-factor for the Michigan sprint relays this season, won the 50 free with fins in 18.33, topping Minnesota’s Ben Griggs, who was 2nd in 18.66.

Griggs anchored the Minneosta 500 yard free relay (swum as a 200/150/100/50) with a finless 20.33, as they pulled off somewhat of an upset over Michigan’s group. The Gophers finished in 4:05.35 ahead of 4:06.60.

Settling the score in a Twitter-fueled battle that has raged for weeks, Canadian Richard Funk bettered his Michigan teammate Kyle Duckitt in the 50 breaststroke with a flip-turn by a result of 24.74-25.02. Both men were (strangely) silent afterward on their social media accounts, letting the swimming speak for itself. Bruno Ortiz almost upended the whole thing, touching 3rd in 25.05.

Full Meet Results available here.

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Was the 50 fly kick underwater without fins?

any idea what types of fins were used/if swimmers were allowed to choose whichever fins they wanted, or was there a standard fin for all competitors?

Swimmers were able to choose. The majority wore DMC: http://athleteapproved.com/product/dmc-swim-fins

Collegiate teams did similar activities back in the 30, 40, and 50’s in the last century.


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