Matt Fallon and Nic Fink Went To The Same High School


The top two finishers in the men’s 200 breast semifinals tonight have more in common than we thought. 18-year-old Matt Fallon of Greater Somerset Valley YMCA and Athens Bulldog Nic Fink both went to the Pingry School in Somerset County, New Jersey.

Fallon just finished his senior year there while Fink graduated in 2011 and went on to compete for the University of Georgia.

Fallon broke the 17-18 National Age Group Record tonight with a time of 2:08.91, wrecking his previous lifetime best from Wednesday morning’s prelims race: 2:10.13. That prelims time ranked him #2 out of the all-time fastest 17-18 year-olds in the event behind Alto Swim Club’s Daniel Roy who went a 2:09.73 in 2018.

Roy’s Splits Fallon’s Splits
50 meters 30.04 30.1
100 meters 1:02.93 32.89 1:03.67 33.57
150 meters 1:36.19 33.26 1:36.66 32.66
200 meters 2:09.73 33.54 2:08.91 32.58

Fallon’s 150 split would place him in 10th overall in the semifinals, but he came home with a blistering 32.58 last 50 split that brought him the win. For context, Fink split 33.67 on his last 50 meters tonight and he had the second fastest final 50 split.

Fallon’s semifinals swim also makes him the #9 all-time fastest U.S. performer in the event, bumping 2016 Olympian Cody Miller to #10:

Top Ten All-Time U.S. Performers in the Men’s 200 Breast LCM:

  1. Josh Prenot – 2:07.17 (2016)
  2. Kevin Cordes – 2:07.41 (2017)
  3. Eric Shanteau – 2:07.42 (2009)
  4. Will Licon – 2:07.62 (2019)
  5. Andrew Wilson – 2:07.77 (2019)
  6. Nic Fink – 2:08.16 (2019)
  7. Brendan Hansen – 2:08.50 (2006)
  8. Daniel Roy – 2:08.89 (2020)
  9. Matt Fallon – 2:08.91 (2021)
  10. Cody Miller – 2:08.98 (2019)

This is another aspect of life that Fallon and Fink share in common, as Fink is ranked 6th on that same list.

A lot of the names on the list of the top all-time fastest 17-18-year-olds in the 200 breast should look familiar. Out of just the top 10, 7 of them competed in tonight’s semifinal.

Fallon won, Roy finished 6th, Mason Manta Rays’ Jake Foster finished 7th, Virginia Tech’s AJ Pouch placed 8th, Cal’s Reece Whitley of Penn Charter Aquatic Club took 10th place Michigan’s, AJ Bornstein took 13th, and 2016 Olympian Cody Miller placed 14th:

Note that this list is not updated with Fallon’s NAG (2:08.91).

Men’s all-time top 17-18 200 breast times as of 6/16/2021

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11 months ago

Tempo, gents. Tempo
the 2 breast is always won the last 50

Reply to  Penguin
11 months ago

Low tempo, low tempo, low tempo, high tempo. Chupkov style.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Megbert
11 months ago

Or low tempo on repeat, and lose like Cordes.

J Gross
11 months ago

Both coached by the great Steve Droste as well!

M wize
11 months ago

Pingry is in Basking Ridge, not Martinsville.

11 months ago

Fun fact: Ledecky and Phoebe Bacon also went to the same high school.

Kibler and Mitchell also both swam for Carmel (but I’m not sure if they both went to school there, someone smarter than me correct me if I’m wrong).

Reply to  PVSFree
11 months ago

Don’t forget bolles

Reply to  PVSFree
11 months ago

Erin Gemmell also goes to the same high school as Ledecky and Bacon

Reply to  PVSFree
11 months ago

They did both go to school there and swim club and high school at Carmel

Reply to  PVSFree
11 months ago

Kibler and Mitchell did go to high school together at Carmel. Won 2 state titles together and were on at least one state winning relay together.

Reply to  PVSFree
11 months ago

Kibler was a senior and Mitchell was a sophomore for carmel HS in 2018 and yes they were teammates on their HS state championship team.

Last edited 11 months ago by Toocool4you
11 months ago

What I want to know is who has the high school records?

Reply to  BillyBob
11 months ago

That would be a cool record board

Pingry Alum
Reply to  GATOR CHOMP 🐊
11 months ago

I was co-captains with matt, he broke all of nic fink’s records.

Reply to  BillyBob
11 months ago

Although swim cloud only has state meet times for that school. It does look like Fallon has the faster hundred breast.

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