Lochte and Partner Cheryl Burke Eliminated In Week 8 of DWTS

In week 8 of Dancing with the Stars, Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars after their Monday night dance. After a longer than anticipated run on the show, in which low scores and harsh criticism seemed to come more often than not, Lochte danced his final dance on Halloween.

Lochte and Burke performed the Tango to “Howlin’ for You” by The Black Keys and received a low score of 23 which tied for the bottom spot among the seven remaining couples. Unfortunately for the pair, the fan vote could not save them from elimination.

Later on in Monday night’s episode, Lochte and Burke danced for the final time in a dance-off. The pair’s final dance was a cha-cha to The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face. Despite winning the dance-off against Marilu Henner and Derek Hough, the were still eliminated.

After their elimination, Lochte said, “I learned a lot about myself, that I can — no matter how hard I get knocked down I can keep fighting. And this family, I love it.” He went on to say, “I’m sad I’m going home, but everyone here has touched me in a special place right here,” as he patted his heart.

Lochte also spoke a lot about his focus shifting to wedding planning. He said, “Now that the show is over for me I can sit down, take a deep breath and start thinking about the wedding, that’s what we’re going to be doing for the next nine months, 10 months, or however long until our wedding date.”

The duo definitely left their mark on this season and Lochte was able to change the conversation surrounding his name from Rio to DWTS. Watch Lochte’s final two dance’s below:



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Douglas Klein

Definitely deserves a prolonged standing ovation for his achievements in the face of strident adversity, fueled by stupidity and abysmal ignorance on the part of the dumb public. He deserves the admiration, respect and gratitude of a nation that owes him an apology! He is not only a true American hero but also a role model for children and adults. Having said that , I felt the ratings were rigged as he achieved a higher composite score than two other couples to go on to at least Weeks 9 and 10. In fact, the possibility of terminating his suspension should be explored.

A Respond to Douglas Klein

He is neither an American hero nor a role model. He’s a liar and an embarrassment. I don’t think he should have been ridiculed as harshly as he was but that doesn’t change the fact he spun a ridiculous tale of falsehood that painted himself and the USA is a horrible light during the Olympics.

Joel Lin

Two things:

1. Considering most swammers can barely pull the electric slide off at weddings, I’d say Ryan did ok for himself. Considering he’s also engaged to a supermodel he’s got — at worst — second world problems now.

2. He made a mistake. Grant you those of us don’t have our worst moment standing next to Billy Bush with a live mic, let he cast the first stone. Actually that’s wrong. It’s ok to throw stones at Donald Trump the idiot who should never be in public office. But not Ryan. He’s a good person at heart and anyone who has been in the swimming community knows that.

Douglas Klein

I am certain he can clean your clock in the pool and in dancing and other land sports. In the very near future, he will be acting in movies and very well may run for POTUS! That you can take to the bank.


This really IS a joke. Please tell me it is and you’re not serious and you’re trying to punk us all.

Douglas Klein

No. I meant every word I uttered. He certainly changed the conversation and will certainly be looked upon more favorably now. He dances one more time on DWTS on November 14. He will go into Toyko as a completely changed man, no less as the team captain, and dedicated and very focused. He will come away with more metals than Phelps had in 216 in Rio. When he does retire, he will not only go down as the greatest swimmer of all time but he will make his mark acting in the movies and other TV shows and will run for political office soon. Before you know it, Rio will fade from people’s memories and people will only ask “Rio… Read more »


He was a great swimmer. He seems to be a decent human being when he’s sober and making good decisions, and he makes time for kids in the sport, which is wonderful. That’s about it Douglas. Find a real hero to worship – odds are good there are many right in your own community.

Douglas Klein

And now they know it from watching him on DWTS. Very thoughtful editorial.


She’s not a supermodel.


amazing point

Joel Lin

A Playboy cover model. Such is the poor man’s plight, right?

It’s ok to be happy for Ryan. If he’s in a positive place again, good for him.

Kay L

She’s a former nude model whose looks come from a boob job and lip injections (her pre-surgery photos are on the internet and they are not flattering) and who, if Google Trends is any indication, owes her existence outside the adult magazine world to her relationship with Lochte. Other than a brief existence in July 2015 when she was in Playboy and made several nude playboy video productions (and no, Joel Lin, she wasn’t on the cover), she did not exist again until she began publicizing herself as Lochte’s girlfriend. For months I was worried she was exploiting her relationship with him for publicity (she has stated ambitions to be a model and a TV personality yet did nothing after… Read more »

Douglas Klein

What EXACTLY did he “lie” about? He accurately described a chain of events that constitutes a robbery and/or extortion. Suggest you consult a dictionary. He set the record straight. The only “embarrassment ” is in your own mind.




soooooooooo, question. would you consider phelps, 2 dui, one that was under age, smoking pot, and winning tons gold medals a role model? I just want to be clear on where you draw the line.


This is a joke, right?

H20 Bruin

Hi Ryan Lochte! 🙂


Time to go back to the pool.


Dancing with the Stars; or as it is called now “dancing with some people you might have heard of before”

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