Kenneth To verstirbt im Alter von 26 in Florida

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March 20th, 2019 Deutsch

Im Alter von nur 26 Jahren ist der australische Schwimmer Kenneth To am Montag in Florida verstorben. To trainierte in Gainsville bei Trainer Gregg Troy seit Januar diesen Jahres. In 2017 hatte der Schwimmer das Startrecht gewechselt und trat nun international für Hongkong an.

Medienberichten zufolge, fühlt er sich nach dem Aufwärmen nicht wohl und wurde in ein Krankenhaus gebracht, wo er dann verstarb.

Schwimmer in der ganzen Welt zeigten sich tief betroffen von dem frühen Tod des 26-Jährigen. To hielt zwei australische Kurzbahnrekorde, 100 m und 200 m Lagen, und die Hongkong Rekorde über LCM 50/100 Freistil, 50/100 Brust and 200 Lagen sowie die Kurzbahnrekorde über 50/100/200 Freistil, 50/100 Brust, 50/100 Schmetterling und 100/200/400 Lagen. 2012 gewann er den FINA World Cup Gesamttitel.

To war bei seinen Teamkameraden und Wettbewerbern extrem beliegt, er galt als extrem warmherziger, lustiger und gutmütiger Mann.

Viele seiner Wegbegleiter erinnern sich an ihn und sind fassunglos:


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Definitely a shock. He was such a light and pure guy. He will always be my example for any swimmer that puts boundaries on themselves from their height, work ethic, whatever. I would show swimmers who are struggling, insecure, self conscious, his videos, and they would be amazed by his underwaters, beating men maybe a foot or more taller than him. The mental strength of this man and the fortitude he must have had after moving countries, surgery and more, all while working his way back into the sport is a strength not many athletes have in their entire career, expecially since he did it with a smile. Kenneth To, You will not be forgotten, and your example will always be that of strength, resilience and a smile in the face of adversity in competition and in life. I hope your family will be honoured by the prayers, love, support and feeling of pride as they hear from the swimmers and people Kenneth has impacted in such a short time.

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Kenneth To Is Remembered by Those He Touched, Big and Small

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Our Australian Swim Team won’t be the same without you Kenny 😔💔 We’ve lost such a kind hearted, selfless, friendly, warm and authentic person. Kenneth took me under his wing on my first Australian Team (2014 Commonwealth Games Pictured). One of our team activities at these Games in Glasgow was to go on a dinner date with a member of the team. Kenny and I paired up, and I remember him ordering my dinner, then carrying my tray of food around until I finally found a good place for us to sit. He was so hilarious, constantly making jokes and making sure I was having fun 😆 During our dinner date I got to learn so much about him and his incredible journey. My admiration for him as an athlete and a person grew stronger from that night, every time he checked in to make sure I was doing okay. He really did contribute to mine, and many others enjoyment and success on Australian Team tours. His passing has left a hole in our swim team family 😔 There is so much I could write about how amazing he was as an athlete and person. I hope everyone is staying strong ❤️ Rest In Peace Kenneth To ❤️ Australian Swimming Number 705. Taken too young 😣 #kennethto

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