Judge orders ‘additional investigation’ into Italian Swimming Federation over post-2009 Worlds monetary dispute

A nearly 5-year-long legal battle has reignited in Italy over allegedly unpaid invoices dealing with the 2009 World Championships. On Tuesday, a judge ordered additional investigation into FIN (the Italian Federation) as a response to an appeal made back in March.

The legal battle has been long and winding since the dispute arose shortly after the 2009 World Championships in Rome, most notable for being the “last hurrah” of the shiny super-suits. SwimVortex reported in March that the conflict arose over funds promised to the meet facilities to pay for renovations and upgrades. Who owes how much to whom is the major question, with the variables being the facility owner Coni Servizi, the Italian swimming federation, and the city government in Rome.

Recently, public prosecutor Roberto Felici requested that the investigation be dismissed, followed swiftly by the facility owner Servizi appealing the dismissal. That appeal led to the judge’s decision this Tuesday to call for further investigation into the issue.

Perhaps the most important result of this lengthy legal battle is the effect it will have on Rome’s likely 2024 Olympic bid. An alleged scandal, or even just the appearance of a scandal could cast a shadow on Rome’s perceived ability to host one of the most prestigious of international sporting competitions and hurt Italy’s chance of earning host status.

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lane 0
7 years ago

less competition for USA’s 2024 Olympic bid?

7 years ago

People around the world probably want the Olympics in the U.S.

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