Remote Growth Specialist – work from home, on your time

Applications due 06/15/20

Job Description:

Location: Nashville, TN, USA

Growth Specialist

Captyn is looking for a remote Growth Specialist who generates leads and meets sales goals. This includes sales presentations and product demonstrations with potential clients all from the comfort of your home.

For success in this role, you must have a willingness to learn the sales process and excellent interpersonal skills. Previous experience in sales is an advantage, but not required. If you have experience registering for classes, camps, teams, memberships, then you can sell Captyn. All you need is a community and network to tap into, and then let Captyn sell itself.

Who We Are: 

Captyn is the first mobile software company providing first-class solutions to universities, schools, children’s activities organizations, non-profits, national organizations, retail groups, lessons, clinics, camps, and more. As the only agile registration platform, Captyn is helping small businesses reduce management costs and stress while increasing revenue. Once an organization sees Captyn in action, they are amazed by how easy managing and accepting customers can be. In short, we help small businesses grow!

Who We Are Looking For:

People who have an additional 5-20 hours a week to develop connections and earn extra revenue for their household are excellent candidates. Examples might include (but not limited to) realtors, teachers, coaches, retirees, and stay at home parents looking to make $750 to $3500 from every account you help close with a rich bonus system to earn monthly rewards.

What Are the Responsibilities:

As a remote Captyn Growth Specialist, you connect with leaders and opinion-makers within organizations that could benefit from Captyn, and you show the software in action. Your responsibility is to call or walk into a business you’re familiar with and speak to them about Captyn. The Captyn leadership team equips you to explain the Captyn platform through online demonstrations, and we provide digital and print material that will help spark interest. Finally, once a business is interested in learning more, you go through a simple online presentation with the support of the Captyn leadership team.

What Is the Pay:

Captyn pays the Growth Specialist a monthly recurring commission with no cap to earning their potential. Each closed deal will average between $600 and $3000 each in yearly commission.

What Is the Commission?

For every deal you close you will receive 10% of revenue generated by Captyn. You are immediately paid three of the 10% after the first transaction is processed. Then you will receive monthly payouts equal to 10% of the revenue Captyn generates for that specific month.

Here are some examples:

  • For a typical swim school or gymnastic group, your commissions could range from $1,000 to over $3,000 in the course of one year.
  • For a typical high-school coach operating a summer camp or small college sports camps, your commissions are typically $300 to $600 over the course of the camp.
  • For a larger business like a YMCA, University, or Private School, you could make $5,000 or way more over the course of a year.

Additional Bonus:

  • First 90 Days $500 potential bonuses
  • On going bonuses based on total deals closed
    • Yeti Cups/Coolers, iPads & weekend vacations

What Is the Training Requirement:
There are four training sessions:

  • Captyn Software: Enterprise settings
  • Captyn Software: Offering Set up (private, group, camps, clinics)
  • Captyn User and Admin Experience (on your own)
  • Selling Captyn

How to Apply

Email [email protected] your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Then fill out the form below!

Contact Information

Chris Bowker

phone: 3364067174