Head Women’s Swim and Dive Coach

Job Description:

Date posted: March 15, 2021

Location: 1 University Ave, Davis, CA, USA

Under the general direction of a member of the senior administrative staff, responsible for all aspects of an NCAA Division I women’s swim and dive program including student recruitment, scheduling, team travel, practice planning, budget management, selection and supervision of assistant coaches, administration of summer camps and clinics, and administration of the women’s swim and dive program in full compliance with NCAA, conference, and university rules and regulations.


•Teach technical aspects of women’s swimming that may include techniques that are sport specific or general in nature.
•Teach those strategies that are related to women’s swimming at the collegiate level of competition.
•Schedule meets and travel arrangements for an NCAA Division I women’s swim and dive team.
•Responsible for pre-season, regular season and permissible out of season practices and training programs.
•Prepare effective training plans to maximize athlete performance, develop and communicate adjustments of plans as needed during season and meets, and ensure plans are consistent with the skills and abilities of student- athletes.
•Order sport specific equipment and apparel.
•Select and supervise all full-time, part-time, and volunteer coaches.
•Enforce policies relative to adherence of academic expectations of student- athletes.
•Provide advising and guidance for academic endeavors of student athletes in conjunction with the Student-Athlete Outcomes Advising Office.
•Coordinate squad lists and eligibility forms with the Compliance Office.
•Ensure that every participating player is enrolled in at least 12 units of credit each quarter and completing an average of 13 units per quarter, maintains an overall GPA of at least 2.0, and makes normal progress towards graduation.
•Travel to away competitions as designated and supervision of travel group.
•Schedule and plan meetings and attend ICA coaches’ meetings as designated by the Athletics Director.
•Attend appropriate NCAA rules education sessions, including an annual meeting with the Senior Associate Athletics Director for Compliance to review NCAA compliance responsibilities and legislative updates (periodic/regular attendance at on-campus monthly meetings, Conference meetings, and as necessary attend NCAA regional rules seminars).
•Contact the Senior Associate Athletics Director for Compliance with any NCAA rules or questions, in a timely manner.
•Report potential NCAA rules violations to the Senior Associate
•Athletics Director of Compliance (or other specified individual), in a timely manner and cooperate with and furnish the NCAA, conference and UC Davis with truthful and complete information concerning involvement in or knowledge of NCAA violations.


•Recruit high school and junior college students to attend UC Davis to participate in the intercollegiate athletics program as a student-athlete; duties may include telephone calls, electronic correspondence, use of social media, letter writing, home visits, visiting high schools and junior colleges, attending games and tournaments, etc.
•Analyze team personnel needs on an on-going basis in order to establish a multi-year recruiting plan with specific objectives that encompass the program’s financial resources.
•Recruit in concert with campus established admissions policies and academic expectations.


•Participate in an extensive UCD campus and community outreach program.
•Supervise fundraising and special project activities in order to meet annual funding goals to support the operating budget and capital projects as needed

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Job ID: 16066


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