Head Swimming Coach

Applications due 05/26/23

Job Description:

Date posted: May 4, 2023

Location: Edwardsville, IL, USA

General Functions

  • Directs and supervises program activities to meet the needs of the community and fulfill METS objectives. Develops and maintains collaborative relationships with other Ozark teams and community organizations.
  • Recruits, hires, trains, develop schedules and directs a highly competent coaching staff team. Reviews and evaluates staff performance. Develops strategies to motivate staff and achieve goals.
  • Maintains and expands the program within the community in accordance with strategic and operating plans.
  • Assists in the marketing and distribution of program information. Coordinate team and coaching schedules including but not limited to assisting with supplemental coverage, writing practices, generating meet schedules, etc.
  • Develops annual training schedules, plans, strategies to motivate and engage participants to achieve program goals. Develops team vision, annual calendar of events, and staff training and executes on all operational and administrative functions.
  • Develops and maintains strong relationships with the parent group.
  • Ensures safety of facility during practices and meets.
  • Models relationship-building skills in all interactions. Able to create a competitive yet supportive team culture that is inclusive of all. Responds to all member and community feedback, inquiries and complaints in a timely manner.
  • Have strong rapport with athletes, providing consistent feedback and helping athletes to achieve goals. Provides college recruitment support for team athletes.
  • Compiles program data. Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness in program and staffing.
  • Complete and submit all team meet entries on time to ensure entry into the meets
  • Attend all appropriate meets and ensure staffing is scheduled to adequately cover all scheduled meets..
  • The head coach must be the primary communicator of information to the team keeping all team levels informed and engaged in all areas.

Coaching Responsibilities

  • Be the primary coach for senior groups as well as providing daily guidance for coaching staff of other levels as needed, if needed. Swimming practices run 2:30-6:30pm weekdays, Saturday morning 7:00-9:00am, and morning practices as head coach deems needed. We do not have set office hours, but some of the head coach duties can be performed from home. Primary LC Season practices during the summer months are held in the morning, along with an afternoon option.
  • Create full season training plans for stroke technique progression, dryland progression, training progression and taper strategies for all levels and effectively communicates to swimmers and coaches
    • Build the aerobic base
    • Training specific to IMR/IMX events
    • Establish team test sets appropriate for each practice group
    • Dryland programming to supplement swimming performance
    • Specific team building activities across all practice groups
    • Full season meet schedule ensuring high quality events with strong competition and exposure to a variety of teams and meet formats
    • Individual/practice group goal setting meetings
    • Weekly/biweekly communication to practice group parents and athletes to enhance engagement
    • Maintain a monthly newsletter highlighting recent events, honoring athlete, volunteers and coaching accomplishments, and containing reminders for upcoming events/activities.
  • Train, develop and mentor assistant coaches to ensure a reliable, cohesive and positive coaching environment with an emphasis on teamwork and personal growth. Manage coach scheduling and recruiting to ensure continuity and coaching quality.
    • Lead assistant coaches in execution of practice plans
    • Biweekly meetings: recap previous weeks, outlook for upcoming weeks, present the WHY for teaching and training specific to each group
    • Coach the coaches, including seasonal reviews of their performance and impact on the program
  • Long term program goals
    • Grow participation to maximize the roster
    • Elevate Virtual Club Championship ranking
    • Increase Club Recognition Level
    • Achieve Club Excellence status
  • Certification requirements
    • Maintain coach level membership in good standing with USA Swimming
  • Other
    • Be proficient in Team Unify software.
    • Keep TU website updated with latest notifications and team related activities
    • Utilize TU capabilities to distribute information to the Titans membership
    • Assist in set up and organization of all hosted competitions

How to Apply

Email resume to Bob Rettle at [email protected]

Contact Information

Bob Rettle

phone: 618-407-7665