Head Coach Woodmont Country Club

Applications due 11/01/21

Job Description:

Date posted: October 16, 2021

Location: 3V75+WW Rockville, MD, USA

Woodmont Country Club is one of the premier clubs in the nation, located a short distance from our Nation’s Capital. Woodmont is looking for an energetic, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable Swim Coach to direct/lead our summer swim team. The Seahawks are a young team competing in the Country Club Swim and Dive Association located in the Washington DC area. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable in the latest swimming techniques while possessing a youthful exuberance for the development and nurturing of a young team. The ultimate candidate must demonstrate the ability to foster a training and competitive environment that is safe, diverse, inclusive, equitable and non-discriminatory for athletes and staff.


Duties and skills of the Head Swim Coach include but are not limited to:

  • Abide by the American Swimming Coaches Association Code of Ethics, the CCSDA Code of Conduct, and all Woodmont Country Club employee guidelines.
  • Create and foster a nurturing and enthusiastic environment.
  • Plan, prepare, and conduct team practices in accordance with our curriculum, practice schedules, and be supportive of the overall philosophy and direction of the club.
  • Grow, coach, oversee, and manage our program by writing and executing workouts, attending meets, entering swimmers into meets via software, running clinics, and social functions. Teach proper swim techniques and stroke mechanics.
  • Interact effectively with parents
  • Model proper dress, language, demeanor, and sportsmanship for swimmers. Exhibit daily a passion for helping swimmers maximize their potential.
  • Build team spirit and enthusiasm. Build and maintain a team culture that encourages every swimmer to thrive in the sport, motivates swimmers to achieve their highest potential, in and out of the pool, and engages with the parents and community.

Term:  mid-May until the end of July (Country Club Championships) date to be determined. The ideal candidate will be prepared to make a three-to-five-year commitment to the position. Contracts are negotiated on a yearly basis.

Salary: 6,000-10,000 depending on experience with additional compensation available based on performances. Additional revenue is also available through a vibrant swimming lesson program.


Required Hours:

  • Attend all swim practices: Mid May through the end of July. Practices are generally Tuesday through Friday between the hours of 5 and 7PM
  • Attend all meets. Generally, Tuesday and Thursdays (7 meets)
  • Attend all Funday Friday events (7 Friday nights) and designated social events including, but not limited to, meet the coach’s night, Back to Pool night, and the swim team banquet in September.

Woodmont Country Club is an ideal choice for employment based on its location and upper management’s commitment to a safe, inclusive and friendly work environment.

How to Apply


Please email a cover letter, resume and at least two references to [email protected] if you are interested in applying for this position.


Woodmont Country club

1201 Rockville, MD 20852

301-424-7200 ext. 342

Contact Information

Robert Washburn

1201 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

phone: 301-424-7200