Head Coach – Portland Aquatic Club

Applications due 03/28/21

Job Description:

Date posted: March 5, 2021

Location: 3519 NE 15th Ave, Portland, Oregon, USA


Portland Aquatic Club is seeking an energetic and experienced Head Coach for our competitive swim team. They should provide effective leadership and guidance to the team’s athletes, assistant coaches, and volunteers.  The Head Coach will develop and articulate a clear vision and goals while representing the mission and core values of PAC. They will provide a high-level experience for the entire club, from developing swimmers to national level athletes  The Head Coach will be a role model for the athletes and serve as the public face of PAC, while adhering to safety protocols, following and enforcing Safe Sport guidelines.


Wet Side 

Treat all swimmers with equal care and concern, regardless of ability, age, sex, race, sexual preference and gender identity

Oversee all levels of swimming: create a vision and plan for all training groups

  • Create a challenging, fun, and appropriate environment for each age and ability 
  • Develop a training group structure for all levels and set training group goals
  • Organize and staff all practices for the team
  • Be a visible presence to all training groups
  • Recruit and retain swimmers with attention to the team’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Offer guidance and mentoring to athletes going through the college recruitment process

Directly coach at least one training group

  • Build swimmer engagement by creating an inclusive community 
  • Manage daily workouts to provide technique instruction for all swimmers at every practice using up to date training methods.
  • Encourage improvement through positive reinforcement, while handling discipline without public humiliation, shaming or excessive sarcasm
  • Informally consult with swimmers before and after practice as needed
  • Formally meet with athletes to discuss goals and progress, and to address specific concerns 

Create opportunities for competition 

  • Plan meet schedule for swimmers of all ages and abilities
  • Build healthy relationships within our LSC
  • Oversee individual and team entries for meets
  • Organize team and coach travel
  • Attend highest level of competition
  • Supervise athletes at meets in accordance with the team code of conduct
  • Meet with swimmers individually before and after each event to provide encouragement, specific praise and constructive feedback

Dry Side

  • Communicate clearly and routinely with coaching staff, families, athletes, and the board of directors
  • Manage day-to-day operations
  • Undergo annual performance reviews based on feedback from swimmers, parents, coaching staff and volunteers
  • Develop and enforce team policies and procedures, including attendance and discipline policies for swimmers
  • Maintain office hours, with clear guidelines of how/when to contact 
  • Support team fundraising efforts


  • Exhibit effective leadership skills
  • Supervise coaching staff and serve as a mentor 
  • Manage hiring with goal of creating diverse staff, and oversee all coaching staff assignments, responsibilities, and development/education,
  • Provide annual performance review and goal setting for coaching staff
  • Hold regular meetings with coaches (both formal and informal)


  • Participate in strategic planning in conjunction with the parent-led board
  • Assist in preparation of annual operating budget with the board treasurer
  • Manage expenditures in accordance with approved budget
  • Submit monthly reports to the board
  • Oversee all communication including the team website, social media, newsletters, meeting information, publicity, and team records
  • Attend all pertinent meetings, including active participation at monthly board meetings leading all Wet Side discussions
  • Plan and lead Annual Membership Meetings


  • Experience coaching multiple age groups and ability levels for a successful USA Swimming program             
  • USA Swimming Senior and Age Group ASCA Level 3 Certification or above is a bonus
  • Current on all USA Swimming Certifications
    • Completed training and certification on MAAP
    • Completed All required Courses for Athlete Protection Training (APT)
    • Complete Understanding of SafeSport Policies
    • Complete and pass all necessary background checks
  • Maintains current required safety certifications (STSC, CPR)
  • Complete training with the Positive Coaching Alliance upon hiring

How to Apply

Please submit (1) your resume, (2) three current references w/ contact information, (3) statement of coaching philosophy and (4) salary expectations.

[email protected]

Contact Information

Scott Derr

3519 NE 15th Ave #527