Head Coach – Alligator Aquatics

Applications due 09/01/19

Job Description:

Location: Arlington Heights, IL, USA

Head Coach
Alligator Aquatics


Club Overview


Alligator Aquatics is a non-profit, parent board run organization. It is a well-established, long-standing organization, with a history of swimming excellence.  Alligator Aquatics is centered around Arlington Heights, Illinois (located in the Northwest Chicago Suburbs) and draws swimmers from several surrounding towns.


Alligator Aquatics prides itself on being, “The Team Where Character Counts.”  Alligator Aquatics is committed to the development of each individual swimmer into the best person (not just swimmer or athlete) they can be, including their physical fitness, self-discipline, self-confidence, competence in water safety, proficiency in competitive swimming strokes, sportsmanship, leadership, and character.


Position Summary

The Head Coach is responsible for the management, development, and delivery of coaching services for all swimmers, supervision of assistant coaches, as well as the day-to-day operations of the team. The Head Coach will design, lead and foster systematic growth from novice swimmers to the most advanced level swimmers while working with the parent board on long term team goals and overall team financial management.

Personal Attributes and Qualifications

 Personal Attributes

  1. Strong interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills.
  2. Excellent communications skills.
  3. Enthusiastic, dynamic, engaging presence for swimmers and parents.
  4. Consistent and accountable display of mature, reliable, and rational character and behavior.
  5. Strong ability to resolve conflict, work logically, effectively, and fairly with others of varying backgrounds, abilities, perspectives, and attitudes.
  6. Strong work ethic, with a process and results-orientated focus.
  7. Demonstrated commitment to the principles embodied by USA Swimming’s Safe Sport initiatives and Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies.

Minimum Requirements

  1. 5 years of Competitive Coaching experience, prior Head Coaching position is highly desirable.
  2. ASCA-3 certification or equivalent, and CPR and basic first-aid certifications.
  3. Thorough knowledge of USA Swimming rules, regulations, best practices, strategies, and techniques related to the sport of swimming and the training of swimmers.
  4. Sound and effective coaching techniques and skills for all strokes, starts, and turns.
  5. Understanding of physiology, psychology, kinesiology, and sports nutrition.
  6. Technology adeptness and ability to understand and successfully operate all information systems that relate to the coach’s functions.
  7. Demonstrated knowledge of methodologies for injury prevention and of procedures for addressing any injury event.
  8. Thorough knowledge of equipment, tools, gear, supplies, etc. that relate to aquatic sports and particularly to swimming.

Responsibilities and Duties

Strategic Planning

  1. Develop and implement a strategic plan for the swim program in collaboration with the parent board.
  2. Coordinate with other coaches to ensure a seamless transition for swimmers to advance through the swim program.

Team Management

  1. Planning, direction, and execution of swim practices, drills, and other training programs.
  2. Ensuring that proper and timely arrangements are made for the effective running of meets hosted by Alligator Aquatics.
  3. Coordinating and directing meets, inclusive of ensuring the recording of meet registrations, and meet results.
  4. Regularly communicate with swimmers and member families through the publication of (approximately) bi-weekly newsletters and management of the Alligator Aquatics social media accounts.

Swimmer Development

  1. Setting and executing an appropriate competition and training plan for senior competitive swimmers and performing the role of lead coach for these swimmers at competitions.
  2. Providing overall guidance and support for the age group program.

Competitive Compensation Package

How to Apply

Please submit Cover Letter, Resume, and Salary Requirements to [email protected]

Contact Information

Vincent Wiltse