Head Age Group Coach

Applications due 08/27/17

Job Description:

The position of Head Age Group coach is to serve as the primary age group coach at SwimAtlanta Midway. He/She should have a passion for the sport and an ability to inspire all swimmers at SwimAtlanta to reach their goals. He/she should be able to communicate effectively with parents and swimmers. The Head Age Group coach should have an innovative mindset, be able to coach and develop all levels and ages of this location, design practices appropriate for swimmer 14 & under and senior swimmers, and determine training levels appropriate for the area. Professionalism, maturity, leadership skills, and integrity should be displayed at all times.


Running and directing the 14 & Under side of the program.
Attend all meets
Maintain appropriate attendance through the year in all groups.
Covering Practices – will be in charge of finding subs or personally covering groups if a sub is not available.
Ensure all groups are covered (if no other substitute can be found the head age group coach will sub if necessary)
Attend team & LSC coaches meetings
Prepare seasonal meet and practice schedules
Recruiting – Coordinate recruiting from all local summer teams, visiting weekly summer league meets, summer stroke clinics, county meets, etc.
Tryouts – Conduct and coordinate tryouts for the year for all swimmers looking to make the team
Office hours – Maintain 1 – 2 hr/day. The Head Age group coach will return all calls directed toward the team. He/She will also arrange team and parent meetings if necessary

Aquathon Schedule – will be developed and overseen

Seasonal Clinics – Organize seasonal clinics

Salary – Individually discussed but very competitive salary. Full benefits along with 401k are available.


How to Apply

Please email resumè to Landon Harris at [email protected]

Contact Information

Landon Harris

5059 Post Rd
Cumming, GA 30319

phone: 770-888-0010
fax: 770-888-0010

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