Client Success – Part or Full Time

Job Description:

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

The ideal candidate has a mixture of sales and technological savvy.  This person will work with partners and clients (both current and future) to identify their needs, provide onboarding, ensure success and work with our engineering team to develop solutions to their needs.  

This is a remote location that does not require relocation.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with existing clients and users to collect feedback, identify needs and communicate improvement to engineering team;
  • Expand the number of organizations that SwimCloud supports by creating relationships with swimming organizations, teams, the media, and other logical partners;
  • Performs competitive market analysis on existing and planned functionality;
  • Build content for existing user groups (coaches, swimmers, parents, recruits);
  • Manage community engagement through social media and reintegration loops.


  • Excellent written and vocal communication skills.  This person will spend a large portion of their time on calls with coaches
  • Experience in project management sales.  This person will be responsible for providing feedback on SwimCloud’s diverse suite of products
  • Previous coaching experience, preferably 10-15 years
  • Resourceful and passionate about swimming.  Not afraid to figure out business and operational problems and solutions.
  • Technical skills and initiative to find a better solution.

How to Apply

Submit resume and previous salary history to [email protected]

Contact Information

Human Resources

phone: (262) 457-9461