James Savage, 13, Becomes Youngest To Complete ‘Godfather’ Open Water Swim

13-year-old James Savage has become the youngest person to complete a 12-mile open water swim known as the “Godfather” swim.

The swim is a 12-mile stretch across Lake Tahoe, starting at Cave Rock in Nevada and finishing at a Homewood, California mansion used as a set piece in the filming of the 1974 movie The Godfather Part II. 

Savage, who lives in Los Banos, California, completed the swim on July 30th. It took 6 hours, 59 minutes, and 39 seconds, with Savage eking under his goal of breaking seven hours for the swim.

The 13-year-old Savage has been swimming open water courses since he was 8. Savage swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco when he was 8, and swam that stretch and back for a full loop the following year. He’s hoping to complete what is known as the “Tahoe Triple Crown“:

  • Vikingsholm swim: from Cave Rock to Emerald Bay (10.5 miles)
  • Godfather swim: from Cave Rock to Godfather Mansion (12 miles)
  • Lake Tahoe Length: from Camp Richardson to Hyatt Regency Beach (21.3 miles)

Savage completed the 10.5-mile swim (a diagonal swim across Lake Tahoe) last year. With the Godfather swim checked off this year, Savage is aiming to take on the 21-mile swim next summer. That swim spans from the south end of Lake Tahoe all the way to the north end.

If he can complete it, Savage would become the youngest person ever to complete the Tahoe Triple Crown. That title is currently held by 15-year-old Angel More, who completed the 21.3-mile swim back in 2018.

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Derek J Albertson
1 month ago

Such a great swim! Must be an amazing kid. Good luck to him in the future. Wow!

1 month ago

What a… Savage swim.

rob davis
1 month ago

Impressive swimming!!! Congratulations and get that Tahoe Triple Crown!

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