Introducing Swimnerd Live Results

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December 30th, 2020 Gear, News, Training

Happy New Year, Nerds!

Today we are happy to announce the release of our newest innovation – this one for your swim meets – and it is awesome.

It’s called Swimnerd Live and it creates a virtual scoreboard for your swim meet so that anyone with an internet connection, on any device, can see, in actual real-time, what is happening in the water at your swim meet.

The live meet timer is counting up. The splits come across the screen as swimmers touch the pads. Your audience sees the names of the swimmers, what lane they are in, what team they swim for, and what place they’ve captured.

If you are trying to live stream your meet but do not have a fancy setup with multiple cameras and PIP capability, Swimnerd Live provides your audience with all the info they are looking for.

There are so many things you can do with this software…

Swimnerd Live allows you to put a scoreboard anywhere you want. Hang a TV out in the hallway of the pool or in the stands and it instantly becomes a digital scoreboard. This is perfect when you are having meets and the kids are in the gym down the hall.

We’ve made it incredibly simple for anyone to watch. Grandma doesn’t download an app. Grandma doesn’t verify her email. Grandma doesn’t pay any money. You just send Grandma the direct link. One click on any device and they are watching your swim meet live in real time.

The Swimnerd Live Virtual Scoreboard also provides advertising space for you to show off your sponsors, promote your upcoming swim camp, or have your alumni just one click away from donating monthly. This software will pay for itself!

And of course, you’ll get the same remarkable Swimnerd Customer Service that you’ve been receiving since you Kickstarted us in 2016.

Swimnerd Live is compatible with Colorado 5 & 6, Daktronics with the scoreboard package, SST, and Team Unify.

Call or text Swimnerd at 757-955-6273 today to make your swim meets LIVE in 2021!

“This is a great product that allows the data & times from the actual scoreboard(s) that the meet is running on, to be broadcasted and viewed in REAL Time on any smart TV, phone or other device, such as the TVs in your facility lobby, ready room or by athlete’s family members across the country. A very simple and easy to use necessity for any team or facility that is live streaming their meet’s results.” – Nate D.



Swim product news is courtesy of SwimNerd, a SwimSwam partner. 

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3 months ago

Seems like a cool product. I think the model would be better if you did like hytek live results and made those that are watching pay $5 per year for it rather than the teams paying $350.

3 months ago

This looks INCREDIBLE! Probably the best thing I’ve seen All Year! FINA and the IOC should definitely work with SwimNerdLive so we can have full clear view of Real Time Splits in Tokyo 2021!

Russell Palumbo
1 month ago

How do you sync the live results to obs?