Inside Info: Texas’ ‘Intrasquad Meet’ Without Competition Produces Fast Results

The University of Texas’ dual meet with TCU was cancelled on Friday, due to some icy weather conditions between Austin and Fort Worth, but that didn’t stop the Longhorns from using their suddenly-empty pool for a little intrasquad action.

The school wouldn’t release full results from the meet because there were no officials present and the times won’t go into the NCAA database, but it sounds like the Longhorns put up at least a handful of fast swims for their unofficial annals.

Editor’s note: as the meet was not officially observed, we can make no assurances that all NCAA rules were followed by an independent and professional 3rd party, such as an NCAA official would be in a normal meet. Possible rules that would fall under that category include ensuring legal suits, no further than 15 meter underwaters, and accurate touchpad results, so take these results for what they are worth. We’ve also relied on eye-witness observations for these results, rather than paper results, so keep in mind that the observers could have been mistaken.

The three that stood out in reports to us were in the men’s distance races and the women’s sprint races.

In the 1000 free, sophomore Sam Lewis is said to have swum an 8:57. If that swim were official, it would have been his best time by 8 seconds. It also would have ranked him as one of the top two times in the country this season, joining Cal’s Jeremy Bagshaw, who was also under the 9 minute barrier this weekend.

While it’s hard to say what would have happened in a real meet, it’s possible that the Texas men could have been reinvigorated in their NCAA title chase if those swims had officially gone onto the books; and perhaps even without official records, they’re internally reignited anyway.

The other noteworthy swim on the men’s side was a 4:27 in the 500 free from Jake Ritter. Ritter missed the fall semester with an injury, but is now back, and a few NCAA points from him could go a long way. That is his best swim so far in his return, beating his previous effort in the 500 free by 17 seconds.

On the women’s side, the star performance was a 22.02 from senior captain Ellen Lobb in the women’s 50 free. That’s her best time of the season by a good bit, and if she were able to repeat it, would lock up her NCAA qualifying.

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In this interview from few days ago, Eddie talks about Sam Lewis, among other things. Enjoy listening to this legend while we can.

Also posted on my twitter (@PsychoSwimDad – come over if you like swimming and have brains to discuss intelligently)


On my twitter account I will be posting in few days a link to a backstroke presentation – what I learned from Eddie Reese swimmers and other resources about backstroke last 5 years. Breaststroke presentation will follow.


Eddie: “First semester I do no listen to them. They tell me I am tired cannot take it any more – I give them more.” Don’t tell this to anybody, but second semester I start listening to them.”
This was answer on the question how he prepares his swimmers for NCAA’a.

Vintage Eddie Reese

Followed. Can’t wait.

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