Indiana Will Send Extra Security With Team to Florida-Texas Tri Meet

Weeks after Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on Florida, the Sunshine State is preparing for another potentially calamitous convergence, but this time in human form.

White Nationalist Richard Spencer is set to speak at the University of Florida in Gainesville today, and both the Governor of Florida Rick Scott (R) and the President of the University of Florida W. Kent Fuchs are on high-alert.

On Monday, October 16th, Governor Scott declared a state of emergency for all of Alachua County, where the university is located. Likewise, the University of Florida will be shelling out about half a million dollars to pay for additional security to keep order on campus.

Furthermore, SwimSwam has learned that Indiana University has sent an officer from IUPD to escort its student-athletes traveling to the University of Florida this weekend for the upcoming triangular between Florida, Texas, and Indiana. The IUPD officer is communicating with local law enforcement “to provide security and ensure we are taking every necessary precaution,” per the Indiana spokesperson. SwimSwam reached out to the University of Texas as well but has not received a response.

Although Fuchs has urged students not to attend Spencer’s speech, and “do not provide Mr. Spencer and his followers the spotlight they are seeking,” there is a Facebook event titled “No Nazis at UF — Protest Richard Spencer” scheduled for today at the university’s performing arts center with 3,000 people marked as going and another 7,800 who have expressed interest in attending. According to Facebook, the purpose of the protest is “de-escalation,” but Spencer’s rhetoric and proven ability to energize his supporters and antagonize his detractors make the situation precarious.

Though formerly denied, Spencer was given permission to speak because of the University of Florida’s status as a state university. A statement from the University’s administration reads “UF must allow the free expression of speech. We cannot prohibit groups or individuals from speaking in our public forums except for limited exceptions, which include safety and security.”

Spencer, purportedly an advocate of “free speech,” promotes a false narrative of American history and manifest destiny: That the United States was founded for and ought to return to a European-centric all-white “ethnostate.” Spencer’s organization, the National Policy Institute, says it is “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States, and around the world.” Though Spencer’s opinions curry excitement in the margins of American society, his rallies have consistently gained national attention due to the frequently violent protests and counter-protests that follow the white-hot “activist” from city to city and campus to campus.

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Bay swimmer

Let the infuriating comments begin!




Not sure why this warrants a media event or why it’s even responsible to publish security details for youth groups ahead of time.

Coach John

this is newsworthy based on the added security (first time in my recent memory where something such as this has occurred)
I’m sure all the info is public information so they aren’t doxxing anyone. the only thing they maybe had to research or interview was the fact that there is one security officer with them


Are you serious? This guy is sending out a strong narrative of racism and bigotry. Anyone at that university, yes, even the white male swimmers, are affected by that, whether they like it or not. That’s why we need to post headlines like this on websites like SwimSwam. Sports are always political. Keep yourself informed man.


I’m not saying the event isn’t newsworthy, but just this particular article as relates to swimming.

What is interesting is that this clown Richard Spencer is actually from a very wealthy family, and an undergraduate of the University of Virginia, with lots of graduate school, including Duke University. He’s lived in Hungary, married a European, and seems to be some sort of strange and misguided political activist. He was the guy who organized the infamous Charlottesville event (ie. at the University of Virginia). Not sure what this elite Richard Spenser is up to…


I guess this elite Spencer wants to be richer, maybe looking up to the Kochs or the Mercers?


How does that even make sense? The dude is a white nationalists and the other two are businessmen. Comparing the two is ridiculous.


Spencer comes from a wealthy family, has an undergraduate degree, has graduate hours at Duke, has lived abroad, has married a woman from Europe, is politically active, and has organized an event. Which of these facts makes him reprehensible?

More backstroke

None. The only problem is his intolerance and his desire to propagate those beliefs.


maybe a point by Gator is that when there is no attention (or little attention) given to these idiots they attract about 10 people? The more coverage the more who show on both sides.

2 Cents

But, Personally if I know this happened at UF without protest, even if only 10 people showed up I think less about the school and population than if I know that thousands showed up to protest it.

If you allow it to happen without saying anything, that is as good as condoning or supporting the action in my book.

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