Indian Swimmer Mahalingam Banned for 1-Year for Methylhexaneamine Postitive Test

Indian swimmer Shruthi Mahalingam has received a one year suspension from the Indian Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel, beginning on April 24, 2014, after a positive test for the banned substance Methylhexaneamine.

Mahalingam tested positive at the 2013 Indian Senior National Aquatic Championships, where she placed 3rd in the 400 free (4:43.94), 4th in the 800 free (9:54.45), and 3rd in the 1500 free (18:55.36).

India, with little to speak of in terms of international swimming impact, has become an unlikely hotbed for positive tests of Methylhexaneamine. National swimming legend Arjun Muralidharan was hit with a ban of two years in 2013; three others tested positive in 2012 for the same and were stuck with two-year bans, though one of those three had her’s reduced to 1 year.

Methylhexaneamine constricts blood vessels and causes brochodilation, which can significantly improve performance, especially in longer more aerobic races.

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9 years ago

This types of swimmers spoil to real swimmers talent. who work hard training in swimming they performance spoil because of this type of swimmers . so that never allowed to like that swimmers participate any competition .

Rajesh swimmingcoach

9 years ago

No Xplode was (and probably still is) widely used among the 13-18 year olds on a team my kids swam for in the past. Coaches knew it. Parents provided it and encouraged its use. Although USA-S provides resources about the dangers of these supplements, coaches have to reinforce the dangers. Too many are willing to overlook what swimmers are putting in their bodies.

9 years ago

Another positive for methylhexaneamine?

If I am correct in thinking this is still an ingredient in the Jack3d supplement, then I am confident that If we did any drug testing in this country at the Junior Level – I am fairly certain we’d have our share as well. We really gotta start testing.

Reply to  Coach
9 years ago

Yep. And many of the kids really just don’t get that these substances are in all kinds of GNC and other products. My kid wanted a product he’d “heard” people liked — and although it didn’t have any ingredients that I could see were banned — the label had a big warning that it couldn’t guarantee against cross-contamination with other substances. NO Xplode, Jack3d, and others like them are popular and most of these kids would be shocked if anyone equated using any of these with “doping” which they equate with shady doctors and hypodermic needles. I know USA Swimming does education at the Select and National camps — in my opinion we need more.

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