Germany Announces 30 Qualifiers for 2014 European Championships

Germany will have 30 swimmers eligible for the 2014 European Championships that they will host in Berlin from August 13th-24th. While they have not declared this as a final roster, expect that this will be their swimmers for the country’s major summer international championship meet.

All of the big names are on the list, including World Record holder Paul Biedermann, as the Germans seek to put on a good show for the home crowd. At the 2012 European Aquatics Championships, Germany finished 2nd in the medals table with 17 (8 golds), though in 2010, the last fully-attended championship, they were only 6th in the medal table, and had just 2 gold medals.

With some tweaks to their qualifying system ahead of the 2013 World Championships, specifically to loosen qualifying, the Germans only came away with a single medal: a silver in the 200 breast from Marco Koch. This year, loosening those standards even further, there will be attention to see if this once-powerful, but recently-struggling, squad can find a new balance of motivation between national and international championships. With Biedermann healthy and swimming well, expect the Germans to at least match their 2010 medal total at this year’s meet.

Remember that at the European Championships, countries can enter more than two swimmers in each event, but only the top two from each country are eligible to advance beyond the prelims.


Paul Biedermann (100/200/400 free)
Steffen Deibler (100 free, 50/100 fly)
BJ Hornikel (100 free)
Robin Backhaus (200 free)
Yannick Lebherz (200 free, 200 back, 400 IM)
Clemens Rapp (200/400 free)
Florian Vogel (400 free)
Soren Meisener (800/1500 free)
Nicolas Graesser (50 back)
Carl Louis Schwarz (50 back)
Christian Diener (50/200 back)
Jan-Philip Glania (50/100/200 back)
Hendrik Feldwehr (50/100 breast)
Marco Koch (100/200 breast)
Markus Deibler (200 IM)
Philip Heintz (200 IM)
Jacob Heidtmann (400 IM)


Dorothea Brandt (50 free, 50 breast, 50 fly)
Johanna Friedrich (400 free)
Sarah Kohler (400/800/1500 free)
Jaana Ehmcke (400 free)
Leonie Antonia Beck (800/1500 free)
Isabelle Haerle (1500 free)
Jenny Mensing (100/200 back)
Lisa Graf (200 back)
Sonnele Ozturk (200 back)
Caroline Runhau (50 breast)
Vanessa Grimberg (200 breast)
Alexandra Wenk (50/100 fly)
Franziske Hentke (200 fly/400 IM)

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7 years ago

i’m always excited to see king beidermann swim! he’s the greatest of all time!!! (i’m ready to get destroyed for this comment)

Philip Johnson
Reply to  Stephen Gomez
7 years ago

First of all, I would imagine “king” Beidermann would need an Olympic medal (of any color) to be considered as the “greatest of all time.”

7 years ago

there will be another meet in mid June where all swimmers that have met qualifying times so far have to meet again qualifying standards (they will be somewhat lower than the ones at nationals).
DSV has done that a few years ago and actually did scratch a few people from the roster after this second qualifying round. Having said that, there might still be some movement on that roster.

7 years ago

I also think that this isnt the final roster, since for example Lippok or Vom Lehn were injured and could very well provide better times later that year. In addition to that there will also be junior championships, where some younger athletes might qualify for the european championships. I dont think its fair to judge Biedermann just by the number of his olympic medals, considering he won 4 medals at world championships and in 2011 was basically on the same level as Lochte etc. on the 200 free. If u just look at his best times: 48:31/1:44:88/3:44:14 there are very very few freestyle swimmers in history who are that versatile. Have Yang or Park been faster than him on 100… Read more »

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