Olympic Swimmer Brooke Bennett Will Be A Mother and Remain on her Road To Rio

Brooke Bennett, 3-time Olympic gold medalist, officially announced her comeback in open water swimming for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio late last year. Today she’s sharing a very personal turn in that journey. Below is a letter from the Olympic champion.

Brooke and Jeremy, happy to be parents soon!

Brooke and Jeremy, happy to be parents soon!

​A wise man once told me…

“Tell god you have life under control and listen to him laugh.”

Entering 2014 I was ready for my transition from sports broadcasting to full time training for my Olympic comeback at Rio 2016. Fresh off my engagement to my big squeeze Jeremy I had a wedding to plan, which brings some frustration, but overall is fun. With the wedding date not until February of 2015 I had plenty of time. To add to my list I’ve taken on the task of bringing my own open water swim here to the Tampa bay area (details to come very soon). Jeremy took over a struggling football program in January and has spent every waking moment dedicated to building the program, which he loves.

Life seemed to be completely under control and rolling… that’s when I saw the 2 pink lines that will change any person’s life. That’s right folks; I’m going to be a mommy. What better timing then when I’m planning a wedding, organizing a huge event, and — oh yeah! — training for an Olympic comeback at my age (34)!

Little “Beany” (the little one’s current name) probably couldn’t have picked a more inconvenient time to show up, however all of the parents I know had the same thing to say, “there is never a perfect time to have a kid!”

Brooke Bennett, baby bump at 15 weeks.

Brooke Bennett, baby bump at 14 weeks (but she’s 15 weeks now).

Although the timing is not ideal, the situation is. Jeremy and I are so blessed not only have each other but to have an amazing family and a great support group of friends. My trainers and coaches are behind me and still totally agree that the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio is doable. But that doesn’t mean training has been easy. As many expecting moms will say the first trimester can be a doozy. Struck with morning sickness, all day sickness, I had to keep hoping for brighter days but if you know me well you know that there is no obstacle that can get between me and my goals. Now into my second trimester things are getting a little easier and my workouts are now back on target. I listen to my body and pay close attention to my heart rate. Everything has been two-thumbs up for my doctor.

“Beany” will end up being the most amazing blessing of my life. Jeremy is going to make a great father and is already showing it by doing everything I ask and dealing with me in my state of sickness and hormonal mood swings, Team HIPPO is expanding by one and I couldn’t be any more excited.

I promise to take these next “growing” months as a learning experience not only to myself but to my fan base by keeping a detailed journal to provide my fans continuous updates on this life changing experience.

Thank you so much to all my fans and supporters as I enter the newest and biggest journey of my life, being a mommy!

Brooke Bennett, BestNOTE: Brooke turns 34 today. Wish her happy birthday and well wishes at her Facebook page here.

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bobo gigi

Wow, those commentators are great. Nothing about breathing to the wrong side and can’t see the other swimmer . . .


Or the crowd needing to get behind her so she can get the record.

Steve Nolan

4:04 seconds into the video, a breathing comment finally showed up.

But yeah, those guys were pretty good! Talking about stroke rate and whatnot.


Or confusion with which countries are in european championships and which are in pan pacs…


Thx for the video Bobo. I forgot Munz had a great back half for silver, I was thinking 4th but that must have been the 800 or a different Olympics.

Best wishes to B.B. You’ve never backed down from a challenge, but hope you have a great nanny lined up!!

Joel Lin

So happy to see Brooke doing well.

Ad astra per aspera


The imbedded Olympic race video is a great touch. SwimSwam should do that more!


Wait a minute, too early in the morning, that video was from Bobo! Thanks Bobo!

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