French Star Florent Manaudou Out of Euro SC Champs

Hopes of the French topping the medal table in Herning,
Denmark this weekend at the 2013 European Short Course Swimming
Championships may have been put on ice this morning, along with the
shoulders of their star Florent
. The Olympic sprint champion has reportedly
pulled out of the meet that begins Thursday with a shoulder injury:
a great disappointment as he was approaching World Records at last
week’s French Nationals. Manaudou was scheduled to swim the 50
meter races of each stroke, plus the 100 IM at Euros. According to
a press release by the FFN, the governing body of swimming in
France, Manaudou declared a shoulder injury during the French
Championships, where a 45.0 in the 100 SCM freestyle, an event he
wasn’t scheduled to swim in Herning anyway, put him within a tenth
of a second of the World Record. The official narrative reads that
in warmups before his final race at Nationals, Manaudou felt a
slight pain in his left shoulder, but wasn’t concerned. On Monday,
however, he awoke with a “crippling pain,” and after treatment did
not feel any improvement on Tuesday. An ultrasound revealed a
“legion on the tendon” and severe inflammation of the joint as
well. As such, the decision was made for Manaudou to remain in
France and seek treatment rather than travel to the championships
and risk further injury.


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7 years ago

Say it ain’t so.

bobo gigi
7 years ago

That’s a disaster for him and the French team.
Gold medal hopes from 10 to 2.
Hopefully he will recover well from that injury.
I don’t like the shoulder’s injuries for the swimmers or the tennis players.
He swims fast thanks to his extreme power and with the straight arms’ technique which requires many efforts.
I hope it will not be a recurrent injury in the future.
When you are so muscular, it’s sometimes hard for the joints.

7 years ago

oh noooooooo :(( This was suppose to be a really good meet for the French what a blow
well Vlad’s meet just got better

7 years ago

Unfortunately, straight-arm technique is much worse for the shoulders.

I wish FM a quick recovery (pun not intended). It is a pity not to see him swim in Herning!!!

Reply to  luigi
7 years ago

A straight-arm technique does increase shoulder stress, as it increases the torque from the longer-lever arm.

A “lesion on the tendon” is not too uncommon in swimmers, as many have these defects without associated pain. However, the inflammation clearly must be controlled before a rehabilitation protocol begins.

Hope he has a good rehabilitation staff who understands this!

7 years ago

Maybe he can play backgammon with Fred Bousquet in rehab. What a bummer – get well soon.

7 years ago

Any live stream to the event?

7 years ago

I hope that he makes a full recovery

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