Former St. Francis (PA) Coach Kyle Almoney Pays Restitution to Avoid Felonies

Former Saint Francis University head swimming coach Kyle Almoney, who resigned from his post in February of 2019, has settled his criminal charges in Lacaster County. Saint Francis University, located in Pennsylvania, is a Division I Program.

Almoney avoided criminal conviction on Tuesday by repaying more than $37,238.01 that he was accused of stealing from the Marauder Aquatic Club. The case was deposed via the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program, which allows first-time offenders to expunge their records upon completion of a probationary period.

According to the Lancaster County district attorney’s office, the money was taken between 2015 and 2017, when Almoney used team funds on a trip to Hawaii with his wife and other personal expenses, including going to bars and making Amazon purchases.

The charges also claimed that he used club funds for The Ville Swimming Academy, which he also founded, and for costs related to his position as the head coach of the Millersville University  women’s swimming team.

The judge in the case was critical of Almoney’s admittance into the program in his comments.

“You can thank the (prosecution.) I think this is inappropriate for someone who commits this type of crime. This is a betrayal of trust,” Lancaster County Judge Donald Totaro said, accusing Almoney of “throwing money” at the problem.

In addition to paying restitution, Almoney will spend 2 years on probation, perform 50 hours of community services, and pay fines and costs. He also cannot associate with the club.

The settlement covers for a pair of third-degree felony charges, one each for theft and forgery, that were punishable by up to 7 years in prison.

Besides using the money to cover personal costs and costs for a swim school, he spent the money on costs associated with the Millersville University women’s swim team when he was the head coach. A Millersville University spokesperson said that the school is reviewing possible rules violations with the NCAA.

Millersville University competes in Division II of the NCAA.

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E. A. Snyder
2 years ago

Kyle was “accused” but it was too expensive to take this to court to defend himself with the legal expenses involved. The charges were not proven so what would you choose.. chancing prison or digging into retirement funds to pay? His history shows nothing on his record.. don’t people usually have a pattern? He loved his job, was never a big drinker , his parents paid for the Hawaiian trip and was never allowed to prove this by taking it to court so you are guilty unless you have the money to prove you’re not.. ask anyone who has been in this situation! So…. the whole story has yet to come out and it will…. so please pray for Kyle… Read more »

Holly Wolpert
Reply to  E. A. Snyder
2 years ago

Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. There was thousands of dollars spent on drinking. He could have proven his innocence if he wanted but he didn’t. Yes his mother paid for the Hawaii trip but all his and his wife’s expenses were paid by the team. No one had access to the debt card but him. He messed up. He was approached before the board went to the officials but he and his wife threatened to kick off the swimmers whose parents were on the board. You have no idea what the heck you are talking about. Before you start standing on a soap box how about you understand the true facts. Kyle got away easy,… Read more »

Holly Wolpert
Reply to  Holly Wolpert
2 years ago

And I don’t need to hide behind a fake name or initials. I will put it out there. Kyle and his wife messed with kids, one being mine. So if you want to try and argue with a very upset “momma bear” and someone who has all of the records go right ahead. And also, if he is so innocent how do you explain the NCAA violations? The violation that occurred because he paid a college swimmer to swim for the team. Used team money to wire money. Right you can’t because you have no idea what you are talking about. If we need to pray for anyone it is you because you are believing a thief.

Michael Wilson
Reply to  E. A. Snyder
2 years ago

Kyle had an attorney and also an forensic accountant. They got paid a lot of money to get him this deal. What do you mean too expensive? He spent a ton of money to figure out how to get this deal instead of going to trial.
If he wanted his day in court, it was there for him to take. He’s the one who choose to repay. We were there in court when he took responsibility for his past actions. In taking this deal, he admitted that he was wrong and needed to repay.
The ability to repay, do community service, and be on probation is, as the judge said, “a huge gift to him.”
The judge… Read more »

Lawrence Cartmill
2 years ago

I personally think he should’ve went to prison he affected peoples lives.

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