Erin Gemmell, Joshua Staples Top the Points Tables at 2022 Junior Pan Pacs

2022 Junior Pan Pacific Championships

The 2022 Junior Pan Pacific Championships wrapped up on Saturday night after four days of fast racing in Honolulu. The meet consisted of 35 events and while there were A finals and B finals, only the A finals were scored. Each nation was limited to two athletes per final. Points awarded in individual events, from first place to eighth, were 9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Relays scored 18-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 points.

USA’s Erin Gemmell led the girls with 33 individual points. Gemmell won the 100 free, 200 free, and 400 free, breaking meet records in all three events. She also scored a bronze medal in the 50 free. Japan’s Mio Narita earned 25 points with gold medals in the 200 IM and 400 IM and a silver in the 200 back. Jamie Perkins of Australia racked up 21 points by finishing second in the 200 free, 400 free, and 800 free. USA’s Jillian Cox finished the meet with 20 individual points: she was first in the 800 free, third in the 400 free, and fourth in the 1500. Michaela Mattes of the USA won the 1500 and placed third in the 800 and fifth in the 400 IM, garnering 19 points for her efforts.

Australia’s Joshua Staples (400/800/1500 free) and Flynn Southam (50/100/200 free) won all six freestyle events. Staples earned one more point than Southam with an eighth-place finish in the 400 IM. Thomas Heilman and Maximus Williamson of the United States each scored 23 points. Heilman won the 100 fly with a meet record and picked up silver medals in the 100 free and 200 fly. Williamson broke the meet record in the 200 IM and was runner-up in the 200 free and 400 IM. USA’s Alec Enyeart rounded out the top-5 with 19 individual events from 400/800/1500 free where he placed third, third, and second, respectively.

High Point – Girls

Girls Nation Points
Erin Gemmell USA 33
Mio Narita JPN 25
Jamie Perkins AUS 21
Jillian Cox USA 20
Michaela Mattes USA 19
Ruka Takezawa JPN 17
Ella Jansen CAN 16
Milla Jansen AUS 16
Kotomi Kato JPN 16
Airi Mitsui JPN 16
Piper Enge USA 15
Alex Shackell USA 15
Maggie Wanezek USA 14
Tia Kritzinger AUS 12
Ashley McMillan CAN 12
Kennedy Noble USA 12
Misa Okuzono JPN 12
Gracie Weyant USA 12
Kayla Wilson USA 11
Kathryn Hazle CAN 10
Lilly Daley CAN 9
Yuzuki Mizuno JPN 9
Iona Anderson AUS 8
Jaclyn Barclay AUS 8
Amelia Weber AUS 8
Yasuki Fujimoto JPN 7
Kayla Han USA 7
Isabella Johnson AUS 7
Laura Littlejohn NZL 7
Yuri Matsumoto JPN 7
Anna Moesch USA 7
Emma Finlin CAN 6
Bella Grant AUS 6
Bailey Hartman USA 6
Sophie Martin AUS 6
Ayami Suzuki JPN 6
Olivia Wunsch AUS 6
Kamryn Cannings CAN 5
Hannah Casey AUS 5
Hazuki Hasegawa JPN 5
Tess Howley USA 5
Yumeno Kusuda JPN 5
Teagan O’Dell USA 5
Regan Rathwell CAN 4
Kati Schroeder CAN 4
Hinata Umeki JPN 4
Julie Brousseau CAN 3
Danika Ethier CAN 3
Georgie Roper AUS 3
Chiok Sze Yeo SGP 3
Niko Aoki JPN 2
Melanie Chong SGP 2
Jordan Greber CAN 2
Christey Liang CAN 2
Mia West CAN 2
Chiaki Yamamoto JPN 2
Isabella Boyd AUS 1
Isabelle Gibson NZL 1
Sakuya Ito JPN 1
Lydia Kilger CAN 1
Karin Ninomiya JPN 1
Zylekia Pratt-Smith NZL 1
Naomi Slee CAN 1
Sally Vagg AUS 1

High Point – Boys

Boys Nation Points
Joshua Staples AUS 28
Flynn Southam AUS 27
Thomas Heilman USA 23
Maximus Williamson USA 23
Alec Enyeart USA 19
Adam Wu CAN 18
Ei Kamikawabata JPN 15
Hidekazu Takehara JPN 15
Benjamin Loewen CAN 14
Yamato Okadome JPN 14
William Petric AUS 14
Aaron Shackell USA 14
Josh Zuchowski USA 14
Tom Matsushita JPN 13
Nicholas Mahabir SGP 12
Rex Maurer USA 12
Yuta Watanabe JPN 12
Hiroyoshi Miyaki JPN 11
Lorne Wigginton CAN 11
Riku Yamaguchi JPN 11
Daniel Diehl USA 9
Zhier Fan USA 9
Asahi Kawashima JPN 9
Jesse Coleman AUS 8
Matt Magnussen AUS 8
Seiya Shinkai JPN 7
Brayden Taivassalo CAN 7
Kaii Winkler USA 7
Filip Senc-Samardzic CAN 6.5
Riki Abe JPN 6
Diggory Dillingham USA 6
Keaton Jones USA 6
Jamie Mooney AUS 6
Josh Parent USA 6
Haig Buckingham AUS 5
Evan Chee AUS 5
Joshua Collett AUS 5
Ben Delmar USA 5
Benjamin Goedemans AUS 5
Henry McFadden USA 5
Fergus McLachlan AUS 5
Bobby Dinunzio USA 4
Eric Dupre CAN 4
Ryosuke Hasunuma JPN 4
Maki Kiriyama JPN 4
Anders McAlpine AUS 4
Watson Nguyen USA 4
Tatsumi Scott JPN 3.5
Loic Courville-Forti CAN 3
Alistair Gorgijovski AUS 3
Russell Loo SGP 3
Cooper Lucas USA 3
Matthew Lucky USA 3
Aiden Norman CAN 3
Spencer Aurnou-Rhees USA 2
Tristan Jankovics CAN 2
Ike Martinez AUS 2
Quinn Matteis CAN 2
Ryota Yamaguchi JPN 2
Junhao Chan SGP 1
Paul Dardis CAN 1
Bill Dongfang CAN 1
Larn Hamblyn-Ough NZL 1
Finn Harland NZL 1
Gabriel Koo SGP 1
Kale Twist NZL 1


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Springfield's #1 Athlete
6 months ago

Very tidy event for SPW, really laying dominance in Australian middle-long distance freestyle.

6 months ago

Bruh make the class of 2022 boys ranking we’ve been waiting

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