Defending Champ Joseph Schooling Misses 200 Fly Final


Swimming fans will miss out on the highly anticipated 200 fly showdown between Texas teammates Jack Conger and Joseph Schooling. Defending NCAA champion and record holder Schooling swam through the morning heats in 1:45.47, placing 37th overall.

Schooling, who swam a personal best 1:37.97 to smash the NCAA Record at last season’s NCAAs, came into the meet with a season best time of 1:41.58. We haven’t seen him swim this race all that often this year, and he didn’t swim the final of the event at the Big 12 Championships.

Schooling took it out in 49.18, staying within striking range, but struggled on the back half with a 56.29.

Texas still has a big title contender in Conger, who advanced as the top seed in 1:39.88. In his junior season, he broke the American Record, coming up just short to Schooling. Now a senior, this will be Conger’s final individual swim as a collegiate swimmer, and his last chance to finally win an individual title after several narrow misses.

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Herp Derpson

Caleb broke him

Wild Bill



How did you get so many thumbs up? You’re my hero


*Caeleb, but yes, he seemed psychologically tormented after that


He’s been told he’s nothing short of the best since he beat Phelps at the olympics. He’s the prince of singapore. But he also self admitted he didn’t even train 1st semester. So he was not going to have a strong 200.


Shame on all you Haters! Sure he’s either ill or injuries. Take the high ground, the individuals we’re watching this week are outstanding young men.


talk about a sore loser….


People are downvoting you, but it is probably true. He is capable of much faster than a 1:45 obviously, and the only reason he went that was either a.) he is sour about last night and didn’t want to compete today or b.) he became violently ill within the last 24 hours. This has all the signs of a sore loser in my opinion. Kind of looks like a hissy fit


Or a great teammate trying to help Jack win his first ever NCAA individual title

Pete Manieri


Def Man

Does it make him a great teammate? If Jack can’t beat him, he doesn’t deserve to be National Champ. But hey, let’s make sure everybody gets a trophy.


If trying to do that, you back off a little, not 4 seconds. This isn’t about conditioning as he’s been under 1:42 recently. This looks like he’s pouting.


If Eddie Reese thought he threw a race he might kick Schooling off the team. That is not something to joke about.


Hes sick.

Swim Mom Yo

I bet this is it … such a bummer.


you are right. he gave up


I agree with those possibilities a) and b) and will add another one c). My first impression when I saw how he totally tanked the race (he was almost dead last with only 4 people in the entire event slower) was that he knew he was going to lose to Conger in the Finals and just wanted to duck the competition by missing the Finals altogether. I feel bad for Conger because it denies him the opportunity of vindication by not giving him the opportunity to beat Schooling head to head in the Finals after losing to Schooling by hundredths of a second in the past two years. I really think that’s what was driving Conger this year for the… Read more »


Yes I agree and thought of that immediately after. He very likely would have lost to Conger regardless and he didn’t want to take another defeat so he just skipped out entirely. Whatever the reason may be, it does appear he didn’t want to compete in my opinion


why are you guys saying Joe would have most likely lose to Conger, when in fact Conger has never beaten him at an NCAA championship during the same event?


How do you know things won’t have changed this time around?


Conger beat him by a solid 6 seconds just now. Thats how. He already beat him.




thumbs up Congner.


aiyah. scare to lose lag


correct. This is not what a olympic hero should react. Can be quite disgraceful

Wild Bill

I hope Conger smashes the record tonight –

If it was a true injury like Clark Smith at the end of the 500 ( leg cramp from kicking too hard ) I could understand.

Injuries do happen swimming – more likely its catching a bad bug ( Like want happened to Mark Spitz in the 1968 Olympics ) that slows down / stops Champion level performers.

Champions do not make excuses. Lots of things can ” naturally ” knock a top performer off 100%.

– Missy with the back spasms the summer of 2014 ( yet she came back at the 2015 NCAAs with an absolutely incredible 1:39.10 200 Free, the… )
– Mark Spitz 1968 Olympics


knock out Schooling’s record, Congner.

outside smoke

completely agree with this, this is what I suggested on the recap feed when it happened. He does not want to lose to Conger head to head


cannot afford being a lose.


Kaez he is probably way faster than you. You clearly have never played sports before, losing is frustrating.


Sorry , i desagree , loosing is part of the game of sport – like winning . If u can accept defeats , u always can learn form them – if u can’t – u become soar for a while and its unpleasant . It all depends of how one take it .


It’s not about being fast or not. It’s about sportsmanship. If he tanked it out of spite, essentially saying I don’t want to swim this and and Texas will still win NCAAS, then that’s incredibly unsportsmanlike. When you win a lot, you tend to get jaded and not remember what it’s like to lose. When you finally do, it can be something difficult to deal with but you have to learn to do it with grace and humility. You can be pissed, and sometimes definitely have a right to be, but at the end of the day you were outperformed and you have to give credit where credit is due. When you become a good winner, you have to learn… Read more »


Also after any race you swim, the most important race is the next one. If schooling did tank out of spite (which I really hope not) he clearly wasn’t taught that. If he was giving the title to jack he could have at least made finals to help his team extend the lead further. If that’s the case he just brought the class and sportsmanship down in the sport that we all love and take pride in being a part of.

Wild Bill

Yes – he fell apart


Does he know that Caeleb isn’t in this event?


Has anyone looked at the possibility that he did this for his teammate Jack Conger who is the best NCAA swimmer not to win an individual event? Just a theory.


Following your theory, he could have just backed off in the finals tonight rather than completely tanking prelims.


Very valid point you give. I was simply giving him the benefit of the doubt. No one is unbeatable! Look at Le Clos when he beat Phelps in the 2 Fly in 2012. Caeleb is the most inspirational swimmer in the US currently. This young man deserves all the success he receives. He went against all the beliefs when he chose Florida to take his talents to. What a terrific decision that was. If this is simply a reaction from JS of not believing he could be beat at his best, then that is pretty unfortunate.


Not a chance.


If he wanted to do that, he would have swam well enough in prelims to make A-final


1. Texas would have liked both athletes in the finals.
2. Conger would want to beat the best to be the best. No gifts.
3. If there was ever a year I think Conger could win the 200 fly, it was this year. Even if Schooling had won the 100.

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