David Marsh, Bob Bowman Named Head Coaches Of 2016 US Olympic Team

With 291 days remaining before the start of the 2016 US Olympic Team Trials and 330 days before the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, USA Swimming has officially named the 2016 US Olympic staff. Sources have confirmed that David Marsh has been selected to lead the women’s team while Bob Bowman has been selected as the head coach of the men’s team. This is the first time either coach has been named the head coach of the US Olympic team. The official announcement will be made at 12 noon EST.

As of August 28th, SwimMAC Carolina leads the country with the highest number of post-grad swimmers qualified for the Olympic Trials. David Marsh’s Team Elite features prominent American swimmers such as Ryan Lochte, Micah Lawrence, Cullen Jones, Camille Adams, Tyler Clary, Jimmy Feigen, Matthew Josa, Kathleen Baker, Madison Kennedy, Tim Phillips, Katie Meili, and Mark Weber, among other international swimmers.

This will be Marsh’s fourth time as a member of the Olympic staff. He was first named an assistant to the Olympic team staff for the 1996 games, and was again named to the team in 2000. His third Olympic Games as a member of the staff was in 2012.

Bob Bowman has coached the most decorated Olympian of all-time, Michael Phelps, and will likely lead fhim again into his fifth Olympic Games. In the midst of his comeback, Phelps secured the fastest time in the world in three events during the 2014-2015 season and is a favorite to make the Olympic team this summer. He recently moved to Tempe, Arizona and was named head coach of Arizona State. The American stars joining him in tempe for the Olympic year will be Phelps, Allison Schmitt, David Nolan, Chase Kalisz, Cierra Runge and Frank Dyer.

This will also be Bowman’s fourth Olympic games as a member of the staff. He has served as an assistant at the last three Olympic Games, among other international swimmers.

The rest of the staff will be announced live at usaswimming.org at noon EST.

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6 years ago

It’s a little unrelated but is Becca Mann staying in Baltimore?? What about Lotte Friis?

Reply to  ozsu
6 years ago

Please correct me if I’m wrong, Swimswammers, but I believe Erik Posegay is Ms. Mann’s direct coach, and as he is now the Head Coach of NBAC, I expect she will remain there. I read a comment from Ms. Friis in which she stated her desire to end her career training at NBAC, and since I believe she trains with the same group as Becca, and I assume Sierra Schmidt (since they are all focusing on the 800 free), my guess is that Lotte will remain in Baltimore also.

6 years ago

I know this will make a lot of people mad but u don’t think Bob deserves it in anyway at all! Yeah I know he has made MP and I give him props for that. But it is a Testament – is coaching when you have great athletes such as on Conor Dwyer and Matt McLean leaving because they they” if you’re not doing what Michaels doing bod doesn’t care”.I mean the only real swimmer he has made is MP katie didn’t Tran with him. If anyone I would say they’ve Durden would be the best bet he is an amazing coach and gets along with everyone unlike bob!

Reply to  swimfish87
6 years ago

Swimfish87 – I think this was Bob’s last chance, that’s why he got it. People saw it as a black mark if the coach of the greatest swimmer ever was never the oly team head coach. Plus I like Durden as a coach but he had his big audition this summer as hc of the worlds team and that was basically a disaster. The relays were terrible, he put his own swimmer on a relay and it cost them a medal. Sure you can argue he didn’t have Phelps, but if your argument is the team was bad because of no Phelps, then it makes sense to give it to Phelps’ coach.

Reply to  swimfish87
6 years ago

Allison Schmidt did pretty well in London, as I recall.

Conor Dwyer left Troy, and that didn’t make Troy a bad coach. He went to Salo, and he didn’t do any better than with Bowman. Sometimes it’s not the coach.

Reply to  swimfish87
6 years ago

He is not going to be training the entire team all summer is he? Its just babysitting for a travel meet and putting a few relays together and Im sure the assistant coaches all have plenty of input to help. I didnt care for the Ryan Murphy choice at worlds in the MR and the 4×100 fr relay was a disaster. He has proven to be able to get his top swimmer to go fast over a long period of time so why not give him the position he has the experience. I doubt anyone is going to give him credit or place the blame on him or any other coach as to how the US team performs. The team… Read more »

6 years ago

“This is the first time either coach has been named the head coach of the US Olympic team.”

Great forward-thinking decisions! This is fantastic news for Team USA swimmers in that the Oly coaches will not be the same/old-school as in the past. Lets give coaches who use new methods, new thinking, state-of-the-art tools, and positive non-bullying styles an opportunity and this will help USA swimmers perform at their peak. Go Team USA!! Rio will be fantastic.

Reply to  swammerjammer
6 years ago

Not sure if you are referring to a specific coach with your “non bullying” comment?

Anyways, congrats are in order to Marsh & Bowman!

And to add to Bowman’s growing group @ Tempe, I believe that Felicia Lee is now also training with Bob (formerly with Stanford).

Reply to  swimswag
6 years ago

Good move for Felicia.

Reply to  swimswag
6 years ago

Don’t think so!

Reply to  weirdo
6 years ago

I was just saying I don’t think she moved to Tempe to train. Just there while Stanford team is in Hawaii.

6 years ago

Well we all know what happened the last time the selection process was this early 😉 Poor decision to name these two head coaches.

Reply to  Dr.
6 years ago

In picking the head coaches for Olympic team it is not early as has been done many times before.
When coaches were elected at a time the olympic coach was elected almost two years in advance by Olympic Committee at convention so the election could be made for Pan am coaches with those not on Olympic Staff. No way it is early for the Head Coaches.

Texas Flyer
6 years ago

I’m with SwimDoc on this one: It doesn’t always have to do with the coach. Many swimmers have mixed it up regarding who’s on the deck for them. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Swimmers aren’t machines. Even Allison Schmitt had some issues after London, which had nothing to do with Bowman. Lochte was with Troy for ages and is now in his Marsh phase, and both of those periods would be considered VERY successful. We could pick apart every “World stage event” as having mistakes- personally, Jason Lezak sitting in the stands in London anyone???? Durden is a great coach, but should anyone think he blew his shot? Maybe it’s more a case of other countries programs coming “back… Read more »

Chia Pet
6 years ago

Regardless of what I think about the choices, these are our Head Coaches, and I want to see Team USA swim lights out next year. Congratulations Bob and David.

Monty Hopkins
6 years ago

Go U.S.A.

The decision has been taken. It’s final.

David and Bob are OUR 2016 U.S.A.Olympic coaches.

There are many great coaches in USA Swimming ranks, but these two have been chosen.

Time to put personal feelings aside and commit 100% support to our Olympic Team.

Braden Keith(@braden)
Reply to  Monty Hopkins
6 years ago

Monty – I’ll point out that 40% of our audience is not American, so, your “USA” rallying cry might not silence critics completely…

6 years ago

Wonder what impact this has on the men’s 4 x 100 free relay..

I think right now phelps and Adrian are locks.. But what happens with lochte?

I could easily see two of the young guys (or grevers) being faster options

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