CSCAA Hands Out Record 888 All-American Awards

Note: The CSCAA originally made this report with a few errors and we subsequently reported with errors. This is an updated post with the required corrections made.

On Tuesday a record total of 888 swimmers and divers were selected by the College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA). The criteria for being selected is that the athlete must attain a minimum 3.50 GPA and have participated in their respective NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Swimming and Diving Championships.

The teams with the highest number of All-Americans in Division 1 on the women’s side were Auburn (16), Alabama and Cal (14), and South Carolina, Texas A&M and Yale (13). The men’s side was led by Stanford (16), Alabama (14), and Harvard and Indiana (13).

Queens (NC) led the total count on the women’s side in Division 2 with 13, followed by Lindenwood (12), Drury (11), and Grand Valley and Wingate (10). Emmanuel had the highest number on the men’s side with ten, followed by Grand Valley and Delta State (9), and Wingate, Queens (NC), and Indianapolis (8).

In Division 3 Kenyon led the women with 17, followed by Chicago and New York with ten. The men’s side saw MIT with 19, Emory with 15, Denison with 14 and Kenyon with 13.

SCAD-Savannah had the highest number for both men and women in the NAIA with twelve and nine respectively, and the Indian River women (7) and Southwestern Oregon men (8) had the highest among Junior College teams.

Read the full release by the CSCAA below:

 NORFOLK, Va. (June 21, 2016) -The College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) has selected a record 853 swimmers and divers for its Scholar All-America team.   The selections recognize students that have achieved a grade point average of 3.50 or higher and have participated in their respective NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Swimming and Diving Championships.

Highlighting the selections were 226 students who have qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming.  The qualifier for the Olympic Games will take place June 26-July 3 before a sold-out CenturyLink Center in Omaha.  Diving Trials begin Monday at the IU Natatorium in Indianapolis and continue through June 26th.

In addition to the 853 first-team selections, 928 students were named as Honorable Mentioned selections.  These students have similarly achieved a GPA of 3.50 and achieved a “B” time standard or competed at a regional or zone qualifying meet.  Of these, an additional 139 students will be in Indianapolis or Omaha vying for a spot on the United States Olympic team

“The 200,000+ spectators attending trials are seeing more than just the best swimmers and divers in the world,” said CSCAA executive director Joel Shinofield, “they’re seeing some of the brightest minds in the nation.”  Even those who don’t make the Olympic team, Shinofield notes, are likely headed for success.  CSCAA research indicates that nearly a quarter of all college swimming and diving alumni report earning more than $110,000 annually.  “These are your future doctors, local business owners, scientists and educators.”

To be selected to the CSCAA Scholar All-America Team, swimmers and divers must have achieved a grade point average of 3.50 or higher and have participated in their respective NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Swimming and Diving Championships.  Honorable Mention selections have similarly achieved a GPA of 3.50 and achieved a “B” time standard or competed at their respective qualifying meets.

The selections were drawn from 247 colleges and universities.  That, Shinofield explains, illustrates the widespread contributions of swimming and diving.  “This really shows that success isn’t limited to the ‘traditional’ powers.  We’ve got coaches, athletes and institutions doing some great things in places you wouldn’t expect and is something we’re very proud of.”

Founded in 1922, the College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) – the oldest organization of college coaches in America -is a professional organization of college swimming and diving coaches dedicated to serving and providing leadership for the advancement of the sport of swimming & diving at the collegiate level.

Find the complete list of All-Americans below:

Division I – Women

Air Force
Maria Schroeder (HM)Akron
Ragen Engel ** (HM)
Paige Kelkenberg (HM)
Ashley Niznik
Hannah Raspopovich **
Erin Seiler ** (HM)Alabama
Kara Fredlock (HM)
Brittany Gilbert (HM)
Katie Kelsoe ** (HM)
Stephanie Klotz ** (HM)
Caroline Korst
Christina Lu (HM)
Justine Macfarlane (HM)
Hannah Musser
Emma Saunders
Temarie Tomley **
Dakota Toner (HM)
Ayanna Woods (HM)
Marian Yurchishin
Taylor Zablocki (HM)Arizona
Bonnie Brandon **
Taylor Garcia **
Daniela Georges **
Katrina Konopka **
Cameron McHugh **
Annie Ochitwa **
Kremer Paige
Mackenzie Rumrill **
Taylor Schick **
Emma Schoettmer **
Ashley Sutherland **Arizona State
Mara Aiacoboae
Alysha Bush (HM)
Jennifer Morgan (HM)
Kaya Philapil (HM)
Kat Simonovic (HM)

Hannah Bortnick (HM)
Natalie Burnett
Nina Drolc
Nicole Gillis
Chloe Hannam (HM)
Aiden Lister (HM)
Anna Mayfield **
Maddie Monroe
Mary Margaret Soderberg (HM)
Chelsea Tatlow
Madison Umberger (HM)
Taylor Weiss (HM)

Caroline Baddock
Haley Black (HM)
McKenna Debever (HM)
Anne Lazor **
Natasha Lloyd
Brooke Malone (HM)
Madison Martin (HM)
Shannon McKernan
Alexandria Merritt
Morgan Mullins ** (HM)
Ashley Neidigh **
Bailey Nero **
Sarah Reynolds **
Carly Scheper ** (HM)
Zoe Thatcher **
Jillian Vitarius **

Ball State
Quinn Bixler (HM)

Boise State
Brittany Aoyama **
Blake Balough
Cassidy Bose (HM)
Kiley Carlson (HM)
Allyson Kleinsorgen (HM)
Karli Kriewall (HM)
Katelyn Martin **
Kacee Olson (HM)
Abbey Sorensen (HM)
Samantha Wicks **
Laura Williams (HM)

Bowling Green
Daniela Ana Carrillo
Filby Kristin (HM)
Claire Stam (HM)

Brigham Young
Alex Kottcamp ** (HM)

Gina Matsumoto (HM)
Reia Tong (HM)
Caroline Vexler (HM)

Emma Levendoski (HM)

Sarah Baxter (HM)
Mackenzie Moss (HM)
Jessica Powers (HM)

Rachael Acker **
Amy Bilquist **
Rachel Bootsma **
Marina Garcia Urzainqui
Anne Kastler
Catherine Ladd ** (HM)
Phoebe Lamay
Jasmine Mau (HM)
Kelly Naze **
Farida Osman
Maija Roses ** (HM)
Hayden Tavoda (HM)
Noemie Thomas **
Kristen Vredeveld **

Geraldine Huffner (HM)
Carlie Perretta (HM)
Ellen Posch (HM)

Sarah Blank (HM)
Sarah Braun (HM)
Megan Helwagen (HM)
Caylin Hirapara (HM)

CSU Bakersfield
Carlee Burks (HM)
Dylana Milobar (HM)

Heidi Bradley (HM)
Clara Jenck (HM)
Alexandra Malazdrewicz (HM)
Madeline Myers **
Johanna Roas
Tyra Rooney (HM)
Amanda Sanders **
Morgan Wice-Roslin **

Verity Abel **
Alexandra Aitchison (HM)
Anna Quinn ** (HM)
Kirby Quinn (HM)
Maddie Rusch **
Ashleigh Shanley (HM)
Jessie Sutherland **

Sam Ray (HM)
Lexi Santer (HM)
Abby Stauffer (HM)

Eastern Michigan
Rebecca Detro (HM)
Carly Jackson (HM)
Alexandra Sherida (HM)

hannah Burns **
Delaney Dye (HM)
Autumn Finke **
Georgia-Mae Hohmann
Taylor Katz **
Sierra Kuhn ** (HM)
Chelsea Lawson (HM)
Georgia Marris (HM)
Amelia Maughan
Mollie Pulte
Jessica Thielmann
Alyssa Yambor-Maul **

Florida Gulf Coast
Lani Cabrera (HM)
Christina Kaas Elmgreen (HM)
Katie Latham
Hannah Soutar (HM)
Sandra Wilk (HM)

Florida State
Summer Finke **
Caroline Neil (HM)
Lydia Ware (HM)

Megan Polaha (HM)

Giorgie Graves (HM)
London Schumacher (HM)
Lili Toth (HM)

George Mason
Sarah Brallier (HM)

Emily Cameron **
Hali Flickinger **
Meaghan Raab **
Kelly Thatcher (HM)
Courtney Weaver ** (HM)
Annie Zhu **
Rachel Zilinskas **

Georgia Southern
Mykala Arnold (HM)
Emma Weisel (HM)

Georgia Tech
Cowley, Darelle (HM)
Debruyn, Kira (HM)
Demick, Andrea (HM)
Lumbra, Shannon (HM)
Paschal, Madeline (HM)
Rieger, Alexandra (HM)

Grand Canyon
Estela Davis Ortiz (HM)
Iryna Glavnyk (HM)
Jovanna Koens (HM)

Marissa Cominelli (HM)
Kendall Crawford (HM)
Geordie Enoch ** (HM)
Jing Leung
Kristina Li (HM)
Brittany Usinger ** (HM)
Willa Wang (HM)

Aimee Harrison
Erin Mcnulty ** (HM)
Franziska Weidner (HM)

Micaela Bouter (HM)
Taylor Olanski (HM)
Danielle Shedd (HM)Illinois
Ashely Aegerter (HM)
Jessica Clifford (HM)
Jennifer Coady (HM)
Gabbie Stecker (HM)Indiana
Delaney Barnard ** (HM)
Marie Chamberlain **
Reagan Cook (HM)
Shelly Drozda ** (HM)
Lacey Houser **
Christine Jensen (HM)
Samantha Lisy ** (HM)
Stephanie Marchuk **
Laura Morley (HM)
Bailey Pressey **
Grace VertigansIowa
Olivia Kabacinski (HM)
Allison Orvis (HM)
Morgan Rafferty (HM)
Emma Sougstad **
Jacintha Thomas (HM)

Iowa State
Julie Dickinson (HM)
Marissa Engel ** (HM)
Kasey Roberts (HM)

Maranda Buha (HM)

James Madison
Camilla Czulada (HM)
Olivia Lehman
Katie Parker ** (HM)
MaryElizabeth Warhol (HM)

Bryce Hinde (HM)
Graylyn Jones (HM)
Samantha Schurig (HM)
Libby Walker ** (HM)

Kelly Berger ** (HM)
Kendal Casey **
Kayla Churman ** (HM)
Courtney Clark **
Kendra Crew **
Geena Freriks **
Danielle Galyer **
Kristen Keifer ** (HM)
Haley McInerny **
Olivia Treski (HM)
Meredith Whisenhunt ** (HM)

Natalie Beale (HM)
Alicia Finnigan (HM)
Kendall Hough (HM)
Victoria Tschoke (HM)

Louisiana State
Megan Cox
Danielle Stirrat
Cassie Weil **
Makenna Wilson (HM)

Andrea Acquista
Devon Bibault (HM)
Mallory Comerford **
Andrea Cottrell **
Lauren James ** (HM)
Andrea Kneppers
Ashley LeClair **
Marah Pugh **
Kelsi Worrell **

Heather Lonkert (HM)
Gloriya Mavrova (HM)
Caroline Wanner (HM)
Megan Wolons (HM)

Miami (Florida)
Carolyn Chaney
My Fridell (HM)
Wallace Layland **
Marcela Maric (HM)
Kara McCormack **
Julia Schippert (HM)
Roxanne Yu (HM)

Miami University (Ohio)
Dudzinski Brittany (HM)
Brittany Dudzinski (HM)
Holly Schuster (HM)

Yirong Bi
Alexandra De Loof **
Nicole Honey (HM)
Madison Horton (HM)
Sarah Kamstra
Zoe Mattingly **
Keegan McCaffrey (HM)
Caroline McCann ** (HM)
Marni Oldershaw
Rebecca Postoll **
Gillian Ryan **
Astrid Swensen ** (HM)

Michigan State
Elizabeth Brown (HM)
Racheal Bukowski (HM)
Heidi Surdyk (HM)

Rae Bullinger ** (HM)
Elizabeth Etterman ** (HM)
Mariam Khamis (HM)
Rachel Munson **
Chantal Nack (HM)
Danielle Nack **
Abigail Raatz
Lauren Votava **
Yu Zhou

Sharli Brady **
Kylie Dahlgren (HM)
Abby Duncan **
Courtney Evensen (HM)
Rachel Hayden **
Kendra Kieser (HM)
Nadine Laemmler
Miranda Mercke (HM)
Anna Patterson **
Hannah Stevens **
Ellie Suek (HM)
Kira Zubar

Missouri State
Lauren Pavel (HM)
Josie Pearson (HM)

Ellen Bradford ** (HM)
Rachael Dudley (HM)
Kaitlyn O’Reilly (HM)
Madalyn Thompson (HM)

Taryn Collura ** (HM)
Jordan Ehly ** (HM)
Anna Filipcic
Francesca Giganti (HM)
Samantha Hardewig (HM)
Lindsay Helferich (HM)
Erin Oeltjen ** (HM)
Nicole Schwery (HM)
Katarina Sickle ** (HM)
Katrina Voge (HM)

Toni Baerens (HM)
Kate Hofmeyer (HM)
Sita Kusserow
Zoe Lei
Rebecca Murray **
Caitlyn Richardson **
Sharae Zheng

New Mexico
Mareike Foester (HM)
Emily McGill (HM)
Kaela McKee (HM)
Koko Shinada (HM)

New Mexico State
Lauren Reifel (HM)
Abigail Watson (HM)

North Carolina
Abigail Fisher **
Allyn Hardesty **
Annie Harrison **
Maria Lohman **
Emma Nunn **

North Carolina State
Michelle Craddock
Lydia Jones ** (HM)
Natalie Labonge **
Hannah Moore **
Lindsay Morrow (HM)
Rachel Mumma
Lotta Nevalainen ** (HM)
Payton Schrum (HM)
Alexia Zevnik

Lacey Locke ** (HM)
Olivia Rosendahl **
Eryn Scannell (HM)
Ellen Stello ** (HM)
Annika Winsnes (HM)

Patricia Aschan (HM)
Nikki Flynn (HM)
Takara Martin (HM)
Melissa Vandermeulen (HM)

Haleigh Bartlett (HM)
Olivia Dillon (HM)
Addison Ferguson (HM)
Corrin Van Lanen ** (HM)

Ohio State
Meg Bailey (HM)
Amy Bopp **
Kaitlyn Ferrara ** (HM)
Annie Jongekrijg **
Katy Luchansky (HM)
Camey Rabold **
Zulal Zeren (HM)
Zhesi (Liz) Li

Old Dominion
Colleen VandePoel (HM)

Penn State
Alyson Ackman
Casey Francis **
Monika Gonzalez-Hermosillo Holtz (HM)
Kaitlin Jones **
Nicole Price
Kaitlin Saloky **
Haley Sinatro
Katelyn Sowinski **

Ellie Grimes (HM)
Libby (Maria) Jardeleza (HM)Pittsburgh
Kinga Cichowska (HM)
Katherine Fernander (HM)
Emily Murphy ** (HM)
Meredith Sharp **
Blair Wegescheide ** (HM)
Samantha Winkelmann (HM)Princeton
Olivia Chan (HM)
Morgan Karetnick (HM)
Elizabeth McDonald (HM)
Lindsey Swartz (HM)Purdue
Mary Beth Dunnichay **
Alex Clarke (HM)
Sydney Couch
Allie Davis **
Cady Farlow (HM)
Emily Fogle **
Grace Hernandez
Hanna House (HM)
Meagan Lim (HM)
Madison Monteiro (HM)
Nika Petric

Alicia Caldwell (HM)
Marie Claire Schillinger ** (HM)

Kelley Yang (HM)

San Diego State
Payton Gabris (HM)
McKenna Garfein (HM)
Taylor Johnson **
Natalie Ruiz (HM)

San Jose State
Brenna Bushey (HM)
Colleen Humel (HM)
Carolle Reiswig (HM)

Blaise Wittenauer-Lee ** (HM)

South Carolina
Emma Barksdale **
Marissa DelGado (HM)
Kersten Dirrane ** (HM)
Ashleigh Ferguson (HM)
Lauren Lamendola
Mikaela Lujan (HM)
Heather Merritt (HM)
Allyson Nied
Marisa Rasnick (HM)
Marissa Roth (HM)
Meredith Vay ** (HM)
Julia Vincent
Taylor Worrell **

South Dakota
Greysen Hertting (HM)

South Dakota State
Olivia Olesiak (HM)

Southern California
Samantha Adams ** (HM)
Anika Apostalon **
Riley Hayward ** (HM)
Elizabeth Stinson **
Brianna Weinstein (HM)
Hannah Weiss **
Allie Wooden **
Lucy Worrall

Southern Methodist
Anna Cheesbrough (HM)
Vicky Cunningham (HM)
Maddie Hoch (HM)

Ella Eastin **
Lindsey Engel **
Sarah Haase **
Lia Neal **
Nicole Stafford **

Harper Bruens **
Colleen Callahan **
Amanda Carner **
Sarah Chewning
Anna Demonte
Lauren Driscoll **
Caroline Finkbeiner (HM)
Mary Griffith **
Hannah Holman **
Faith Johnson **

Rebecca Baxley ** (HM)
Madisyn Cox **
Anelise Diener ** (HM)
Maggie D’Innocenzo ** (HM)
Brooke Hansen **
Kristina Hoffmann (HM)
Tasija Karosas **
Bethany Leap ** (HM)
Smacker Miles (HM)
Remedy Rule **
Mimi Schneider **
Sam Sutton (HM)

Texas A&M
Claire Brandt **
Lisa Bratton **
Jorie Caneta **
Tiffany Futscher (HM)
Sarah Gibson **
Esther Gonzalez
Madison Hudkins
Katherine Huff (HM)
Colleen Konetzke ** (HM)
Lexie Lupton **
Caitlynn Moon **
Meredith Oliver ** (HM)
Claire Rasmus **

Hannah Aryce Ostrem (HM)
Natalie Obando (HM)
Hannah Snyder ** (HM)
Natalee Szopo (HM)
Jenna Van Camp

Marie-Pierre Deslisle (HM)
Kaitlin Grover **
Kathryn Kinnear **
Annika Lenz **
Ciara Monahan (HM)
Maria Polyakova
Sandra Soe ** (HM)
Arlyn Upshaw ** (HM)

Corinna Darelius (HM)
Emily Escobedo **

Julia Fehervari (HM)
Elena Gavrilova (HM)
Kristina Hendrick (HM)
Michelle Troup (HM)
Jessica Wong (HM)

Jordan Anderson ** (HM)
Amanda Casillas **
Stina Colleou
Megan Kawaguchi (HM)
Jenna Marsh (HM)

Kathryn Coughlin (HM)
Kara Lucenti (HM)
Kayla Moran (HM)

Caitlin Daday (HM)
Alexandra Fabbri (HM)
Darby Goodwin ** (HM)
Kaisla Kollanus (HM)
Emily Mayo (HM)

Courtney Bartholomew **
Haley Durmer (HM)
Corey Johnson **
Kirsten Parkinson (HM)
Rachel Politi (HM)
Shannon Rauth
Laura Simon
Vivian Tafuto **

Virginia Tech
Gabrielle Bishop (HM)
Auriane De Premilhat (HM)
Fiona Donnelly
Adriana Grabski **
Holland Harper ** (HM)
Ashlynn Peters
Leah Piemonte
Leah Rogers (HM)

West Virginia
Julia Calcut (HM)
Amelie Currat (HM)
Jaimee Gillmore (HM)
Lindsay Schmidt (HM)
Madelyn Woods (HM)

William and Mary
Jaimie Miller ** (HM)
Sophia Rittenhouse (HM)

Marissa Berg **
Maria Carlson **
Gabriella Comunale (HM)
Dana Grindall **
Madeline Hazle (HM)
Hazel Hertting (HM)
Chase Kinney **
Ashley Peterson (HM)
Grace Wold (HM)

Wright State
Emily Hayhow (HM)
Samantha TenEyck (HM)

Danielle Badger (HM)
Samantha Burke (HM)
Kari Campbell **
Molly Coonce (HM)
Emma Dow (HM)
Emily Ridout
Isobel Ryan (HM)
Emily Stevens (HM)
Abigail Sullivan (HM)

Michelle Chintanaphol (HM)
Eva Fabian
Olivia Grinker (HM)
Bella Hindley
Sydney Hirschi (HM)
Isla Hutchinson-Maddox (HM)
Olivia Jameson ** (HM)
Paulina Kaminski (HM)
Lillian MacRae (HM)
Cailley Silbert **
McKenna Tennant (HM)
Kina Zhou ** (HM)
Maddy Zimmerman ** (HM)

Division I – Men


Air Force
Jordan Dahle ** (HM)
Andrew Faciszewski (HM)
Joseph Gebhart (HM)
Kristopher Tillery (HM)
Nathanael ZillwegerAlabama
Christian Arseneau (HM)
Knox Auerbach, ** (HM)
Laurent Bams
Taylor Charles ** (HM)
Szymmy Day (HM)
Robert Howard **
Luke Kaliszak **
Jacob Kelsoe ** (HM)
Carl Madden (HM)
Anton McKee
David Morton (HM)
Connor Oslin **
Pavel Romanov
Brent SagertArizona State
Hunter Atha (HM)
Richard Bohus
Juan Jose Garcia Mesa (HM)
Sean Kao (HM)
Josh Lamb ** (HM)
Heikki Makikallio
Juan TolosaAuburn
Zachary Apple **
Peter Holoda
Jordan Jones ** (HM)
Jacob Molacek **
Joseph Patching
Samuel Stewart **
Pete Turnham (HM)
Justin YoutseyBoston College
Daniel Kelly ** (HM)

Brigham Young
Matt Denkers (HM)
Kevin Dreesen **
Preston Jenkins ** (HM)
Rainer Ng (HM)
Stephen Richards ** (HM)
Ryan Sorensen (HM)
Kenneth Connor Stirling ** (HM)
Jordan Tuckfield (HM)
Luis Ventura (HM)

Grant Casey (HM)
Daniel Klotz (HM)
Christopher Meyers (HM)
Alexander Treil (HM)

Ben Schulte (HM)

Louis Behnen (HM)

Garrett Clarke ** (HM)
Itai De La Vega (HM)
Mason Miller (HM)
Luke Otto ** (HM)
Daniel Roche (HM)
Reid Zyniecki (HM)

California, Berkeley
Hunter Cobleigh **
Jeremie DeZwirek
Jonathan Fiepke (HM)
Ryan Murphy **
Trent Williams **

Christopher Bready ** (HM)

Cleveland State
Philipp Sikatzki
Tommi Wolst (HM)

Omar Arafa (HM)
Shane Brett (HM)
Terry Li (HM)
Jayden Pantel
Joseph Shepley (HM)
Jack Smith (HM)

Taylor Adams (HM)
Vincent Declercq (HM)
Lucas Reisch (HM)

CSU Bakersfield
Lovre Soric (HM)

Lane Bretschneider (HM)
Dylan Bunch **
Travis Greenwald (HM)
Kyle Robrock **
Benjamin Severino (HM)
Alexander Walton (HM)
Lukas Williams (HM)

Joel Berryman (HM)
Kyle Lukens (HM)

David Armstrong
Victor Chen (HM)
Riley Hickman (HM)
Peter Kropp **

Eastern Michigan
Logan Burton (HM)
Tom Gillis
Erik Gissen (HM)
Andrew Henry **
Chris Hodges (HM)
Tosh Kawaguchi (HM)
Peter Rusenas (HM)
Jake Tyson (HM)

Mitch D’Arrigo
Caeleb Dressel **
Ben Kennedy ** (HM)
Blake Manganiello **
Christoph Margotti (HM)
Stanley Wu (HM)

Florida State
Kalonji Cole (HM)
Dylan Grisell
Cole Hensley ** (HM)
Tyler Roberge (HM)

Steven Sholdra (HM)

Nathan Lile **

Blake Atmore (HM)
Gunnar Bentz **
Powell Brooks **
Tynan Stewart **
Michael Trice **

Georgia Tech
Borowicz, Robert (HM)
Eteiba, Omar (HM)
Harasz, Noah (HM)
Homza, Bradley
Keaveney, Mark (HM)
Mallet, Nolan (HM)
Portillo, Joseph (HM)
Safra, Yuval (HM)
Southern, Benjamin (HM)
Woodbury, Brian (HM)

Grand Canyon
Mazen El Kamash (HM)
Youssef El Kamash (HM)
Jacob Lambros ** (HM)
Mark Nikolaev (HM)

Aly Abdel Khalik (HM)
Jack Boyd (HM)
Kent Haeffner (HM)
Logan Houck ** (HM)
Jacob Luna (HM)
Sebastian Lutz **
Jack Manchester ** (HM)
Shane McNamara **
Brennan Novak ** (HM)
Koya Osada ** (HM)
David Pfeifer (HM)
Daniel Tran ** (HM)
Maxim Yakubovich **


Amund Gismervik
Jonas Gutzat (HM)
Yuri SamouilichIncarnate Word
Chechelnytskyi, Andrey (HM)
Fusilier, Beau (HM)
Moore, David (HM)
Shvets, Kyrylo (HM)
Moran, Aaron (HM)Indiana
Levi Brock ** (HM)
Cody Coldren **
Jack Collins (HM)
Trey Hubbuch ** (HM)
Max Irwin **
Andrej Ivanovic (HM)
Ali Khalafalla
Tanner Kurz **
Vini Lanza
Sam Lorentz **
Grayson Smith (HM)
Joseph Snodderly (HM)
Anze TavcarIowa
David Ernstsson (HM)
Brandis Heffner (HM)
Charles Holliday (HM)
Evan Hull (HM)
Roman TrussovIUPUI
Krisztain Somhegyi

Bowen Anderson ** (HM)
David Dingess ** (HM)
Jackson Gunning (HM)
Austin Haney (HM)
Kyle Higgins **
Sebastian Masterton
Matthew Roman (HM)
Joshua Swart ** (HM)

Louisiana State
Harrison Jones ** (HM)
Alarii Levreault-Lopez ** (HM)
Matthew Phillip ** (HM)
Logan Rysemus **

Brennen Berger (HM)
Matthias Lindenbauer
Jake Schultz (HM)
Grigory Tarasevich

Miami University (Ohio)
Evan Bader ** (HM)
Jacob Prodoehl (HM)

Dylan Bosch
Paul Corbae ** (HM)
Colin Eaton ** (HM)
Keltan Lawler ** (HM)
Blake Maczka ** (HM)
Jack Mangan **
Anders Nielsen
Patrick Ransford **
Cameron Stitt ** (HM)
Evan White **

Michigan State
Tal Hanani (HM)
Brennan Labar (HM)
Nicholas Leshok (HM)
Charlie Maurer (HM)
Mitchell Strahlman (HM)
Joe Szczupakiewicz (HM)

Matthew Barnard **
John Bushman ** (HM)
Alan Leblang
Jakub Maly
Michael Messner ** (HM)
Nickolaus Orf (HM)

Anthony Ashley (HM)
Elliot Cecil (HM)
Nicholas Davis **
Kyle Goodwin **
Carter Griffin **
Matthew Margritier **
Griffin Schaetzle ** (HM)
Fabian Schwingenschlogl
Clark Thomas **

Missouri State
Kacper Cwiek (HM)
Miguel Davila (HM)
Chris Heye (HM)
Uvis Kalnins (HM)
Minki Kang (HM)
Artur Osvath
Uldis Tazans (HM)
Nicholas Theunissen (HM)

Ryan Bailey (HM)
David Carlson ** (HM)
Frank Love (HM)

North Carolina
Noah Cairns ** (HM)
Patrick Cusick (HM)
MItch DeForest
Nicolas Graesser
Samuel Lewis **
Osmund Moyer
Lucas Popp **

North Carolina State
Soren Dahl
Daniel Graber (HM)
Derek Hren **
Anton Oerskov Ipsen **
John Poff (HM)
Justin Ress **
Mason Revis (HM)
Andreas Schiellerup
Patrik Schwarzenbach ** (HM)
Austin Snyder **
Hennessey Stuart **

Andrew Cramer
Reed Dillon (HM)
Justin Hanson (HM)
Andrew Jovanovic ** (HM)
Jonathan Lieberman ** (HM)
Almog Olshtein (HM)

Mitch Alters (HM)
Aleksander Danielewski (HM)
Tuomas Kiviluoma (HM)
Jeremiah Morren (HM)
Joseph Smith (HM)

Ohio State
Andrew Appleby **
Frannie Brogan ** (HM)
Jack Hendricks (HM)
Ching Lim
Joey Long ** (HM)
Peter Lyon (HM)
DJ MacDonald **
Gregory Nymberg ** (HM)
Brayden Seal **
Augustus Whiteman ** (HM)

Old Dominion
Reed Mathews **
Daniel Rabe (HM)

Penn State
Matthew Grillo (HM)
Timothy Maurer ** (HM)
Andrew Schuehler ** (HM)


Mark Andrew **
Hunter Brakovec (HM)
Brendan Crystal (HM)
Cole Hurwitz ** (HM)
Kevin Su
Robert (Wes) Thomas ** (HM)
Taylor Uselis ** (HM)
Michael Wen (HM)Pittsburgh
Brian Lovasik (HM)
Mackenzie Rice (HM)Princeton
Sandy Bole
Andrew Helber (HM)
Nathan Makarewicz (HM)
Byron Sanborn (HM)
Brett Usinger (HM)Purdue
Marat Amaltdinov (HM)
Chris Bals (HM)
Josh Brooks (HM)
Danny Conway ** (HM)
Jake Thomas (HM)
Nate Thomas (HM)
Alex Toetz ** (HM)
Joe Young ** (HM)South Carolina
Cody Bekemeyer **
Jeremiah Bohon ** (HM)
Jonathan Boland ** (HM)
Kevin Leithold
Akram Mahmoud
Fynn Minuth
Tomas Peribonio
Nils Wich-Glasen

Southern California
Cash Deloache (HM)
Michael Domagala
Pawel Furtek
Morten Klarskov
Billy Monjay (HM)
Ted Singley **
Steven Stumph **
Tim Wynter (HM)

Southern Illinois
Alex Crawford (HM)
Filippo Dell’olio (HM)
Andre Luiz Brilhante (HM)

Southern Methodist
Bryce Klein **
Bartosz Krzyzaniak (HM)
James Parker Meinecke (HM)
Stefan Popov (HM)
Lucas Schenke (HM)
Christian Scherubl (HM)
Samuel Straughan (HM)

Tarek Abdelghany **
Ryan Arata
Bradley Christensen **
Abrehm DeVine **
Ryan Dudzinski **
Sean Duggan **
Jeff Garnier **
Connor Kuremsky **
Daniel Le (HM)
Ted Miclau **
Wes Olmsted (HM)
Samuel Perry
Gray Umbach **
Jack Walsh ** (HM)
Maxwell Williamson **
James Yoder **

Gustav Aberg Lejdstrom
Ryan Coetzee
Sean Lehane **
Robert McHugh **
Benjamin Miller (HM)
Michael Reilman **
Samuel Rice (HM)
Peter John Stevens **

Cory Bowersox **
P.J. Dunne ** (HM)
Ryan Harty **
Tate Jackson **
Ian LeMaistre ** (HM)
Joseph Schooling
Clark Smith **
Austin Temple ** (HM)

Texas A&M
Jacob Gonzales (HM)
Mateo Gonzalez Medina (HM)
Antoine Marc (HM)
Justin Morey (HM)

Leo Endres (HM)
Alexander Gliese (HM)
Gregor Spoerlein (HM)
Nikola Trajkovic (HM)

Kasey Foley (HM)
Lucas James (HM)
Ethan Klein (HM)

Jack Burton (HM)
Jacob Crayne **
Evan Indahl (HM)
Bence Kiraly
Josiah Purss
Ben Scott (HM)
Daniel Theriault (HM)

Alex Albracht ** (HM)
Carl Buergler ** (HM)
Luke Georgiadis (HM)
Eric Holden (HM)

Virginia Tech
Michael Craddock (HM)
Brandon Fiala **
Logan Stevens **
Michael Szuba (HM)

West Virginia
Emmott Blitch (HM)
Aidan Fumagalli (HM)
Andrew Marsh **

William and Mary
Justin Barden (HM)
Sean Higgins (HM)
Will Manion ** (HM)
Joshua Zimmt (HM)

Matthew Hutchins
Anthony Lyons ** (HM)
Sean Maloney (HM)
Todd McCarthy ** (HM)
Harrison Tran

Wright State
Clement Quilliec (HM)

George Eglesfield (HM)
Ryan Nelson ** (HM)
Wade Nelson ** (HM)
Jacob Porter (HM)
Slade Sheaffer (HM)

Luke Johanns (HM)

Scott Bole (HM)
Joshua Ginsborg (HM)
Brian Hogan **
Kei Hyogo
Derek Kao (HM)
Ben Lerude (HM)
Jonathan Rutter ** (HM)
Kevin Stang ** (HM)
Victor Zhang (HM)


Division II – Women

Hannah Mattar
Grace Reichard (HM)Bentley
Nicola Mancini
Emily Niemiec (HM)California Baptist
Courtney Chacon
Melody Coleman (HM)
Christina Halverson
Patricia Hapsari
Tessa Joy Olson
Alena Rumiantceva
Breanne Schlenger
Kristina Tchernyschev
Sara YoshiiCarson-Newman
Ellyse Culp
Maggie Melhorn
Lisa Postma
Nancy Claire Smith
Margaret StansberryClarion
Noelle Melani
Lauren Slayton
Sarah Zerfoss

Colorado Mesa
Eryn Leonard
Abigail Porter (HM)

Colorado School of Mines
Katrin Gallup (HM)
Carrie Kralovec

Concordia University Irvine
Trica Andrews (HM)
Marleigh Aulis (HM)
Lucy Downs (HM)
Samantha Leanza (HM)
Dominica Seghezzi (HM)
Lucia Seller (HM)
Sydney Turcotte (HM)
Jennifer Wood (HM)

Sarah Russell (HM)

CSU East Bay
Clarisse Aguilar (HM)
Claire Beaty (HM)
Mariam Lowe (HM)
Makila Schuck (HM)
Rachel Shimizu (HM)

Delta State
Celina Batsel
Chloe Bennett
Hannah Core
Danielle Dugas
Abigail Isom (HM)
Kirsten Stroven
Melanie Tombers

Laura Brasier
Sylwia Ciesielska
Vera Johansson
Rebekah Laupp
Abigail Lunzmann
Sophia Nelson
Megan Ouhl
Janice Poon
Sarah Pullen
Gretchen Stein
Wen Xu

Mary Rosati (HM)
Holly Stein (HM)


Audrey Johnstone (HM)
Grace Van Allen (HM)Fresno Pacific
Bavindeep Basra
Daria Belova
Hannah Freeman (HM)
Madison McGinnis (HM)Grand Valley
Anna Barry
Caroline Brereton (HM)
Hannah Deak (HM)
Lara Deibel
Emily Gallagher
Kayla Marquardt
Mercedes Martinez
Megan Shaughnessy (HM)
Allison Wells (HM)
Taylor WiercinskiHillsdale
Zoe Hopkins (HM)
Sarah Rinaldi (HM)Indianapolis
Ana Guimaraes Couto (HM)
Karolina Szymaszek (HM)

Alyx Koert (HM)

Shelby Leonard (HM)
Shannon Sullivan (HM)

Ewa Dymarek
Morgan Fischer
Ashley Holloway (HM)
Lena Kirchner
Kinga Lesinska
Abigail Maricle (HM)
Alecia Mcgillivray
Bethany Steffes
Allie Steinhauser (HM)
Erin Sutton (HM)
Carleen Wayne
Shelby Werkema

Laura Bendfeldt
Meghan Brazier
Caitlin Johnstone
Seren Jones

Catalina Berraud Gakea
Thalie Carmigniani
Rebecca Matthews

Grace Magerr (HM)

Jana Hedstrom (HM)
Emily Pascavis (HM)
Erin Sullivan

Nova Southeastern
emma wahlstrom

Ouachita Baptist
Sierra Kinworthy (HM)

Madison Kiefer (HM)

Queens (NC)
Linda Baron (HM)
Mary Claire Beaver (HM)
Meridith Boudreaux
Patricia Castro Ortega
Kyrie Dobson
Niki Johnston
Shane Knight
Josefina Lorda
Jessica Parmenter
Hannah Peiffer
Michelle Prayson
Mckenzie Stevens
Amanda Tipton


Taylor Wilks (HM)Saginaw Valley
Alexandra Davis (HM)
Lydia Mattar (HM)
Kathleen Murphy (HM)
Amanda ThielenSaint Leo
Natalia Garriock
Nicole WeberShippensburg
Rikki Sargent (HM)Simon Fraser
Karen Castillo (HM)
Robyn Lee
Sidney Peake (HM)

Southern Connecticut
Catherine Crochet

St. Cloud State
Lonie Anderson (HM)
Amber Armstrong (HM)
Andrea Bryson
Erin Hart
Kaitlin Heinen (HM)
Julie Schmitt (HM)
Britiney Thomsen (HM)
Emily Tiedemann

Makayla Ayers
Brittany Bayes

UC San Diego
Jaimie Bryan
Lily Maxfield
Haley Murphy
Alex Rodman (HM)
Dari Watkins
Jayna Wittenbrink

Aerika Wieser (HM)

Wayne State
Kaylee Dolinski (HM)
Brenna Gabrielson
Alex Geddis-McCririe
Morgan Kollen
Holly Krill (HM)
Meghan Lamb (HM)
Hannah Loesch
Elly Maleski
Makayla Myers
Elizabeth Rawlings

West Chester
Danielle Barron (HM)
Tess Hayward
Emelie Johansson (HM)

West Florida
Monica Amaral
Danica Burnett
Peggy de Villiers
Angelina Gallastegui (HM)
Pia Hulley
Josephine Mckee (HM)
Madeline Pitt
Paulina Szydlo

William Jewell
Shea Marcinski (HM)
Haley Ramsey (HM)

Viktoriya Arkhipova
Caitlin Coughlin
Armony Dumur
Mariona Espinalt (HM)
Erika Kaspersson (HM)
Rita Koryukova
Olga Kosheleva
Maria Madsen
Sofia Petrenko
Julie Ann Wessler


Division II – Men

California Baptist
Joshua Hanson
Alexis Ohmar
Andrew Rotundo (HM)
Kendall Rummell
Christopher Sands (HM)
Tanner Shore
Bernardo ValentimColorado Mesa
Landon Ellis (HM)
Jason Hicks (HM)
Kyle Johnston
Ryan Popp
Christopher RadomskiColorado School of Mines
Justin Dearden (HM)
Brennan Mays (HM)Concordia University Irvine
Ryan Caverly (HM)
Martino Cervera (HM)
John Dowd (HM)Delta State
Matteo Fraschi
Colton Fremont (HM)
Makis Jorgensen (HM)
Nicolas Martin (HM)
Alexander Peach
Jacob Poole (HM)
Nathan Sawicki
Mattia Schirru
Matthew Swaine

Andrea Bazzoli (HM)
Luka Matacin
Ramiro Olivares
Conner Riley (HM)
Walter Ross
Daniel Rzadkowski

Adrian Aleksandrowicz (HM)
Camilo Mendoza (HM)

Fairmont State
Luka Dilas (HM)

Fresno Pacific
Wesley Coles **
Austin Hussain
Maksim Shcherbakov

Grand Valley
Danny Abbott
Grant Borregard (HM)
Ian Ellis
Gianni Ferrero
Jared Gregory
Jonathan Ham
Tim Harris
Michael Hudson (HM)
Gonzalo Rodriguez (HM)Indianapolis
Marius Bornkessel
Tyler Coonradt
Demetrakis Haholiades
Roamno Hoffmann (HM)
George Oancea (HM)
Dawid Rybinski (HM)
Vitor Tonetti-Botana
Marijn Van Zundert (HM)Lenoir-Rhyne
Noah McRea (HM)Lewis
Aidan Brennan (HM)
Mads Knoblauch (HM)
Quinn Poti (HM)
Brandon Thoman (HM)Limestone
Kristofers Pone
Denis Schulz (HM)

Sylwester Borowicz-Skoneczny
David Cochran (HM)
Felix Eigel
Christopher Holmes (HM)
Cristian Vasquez
Matthew Wagner (HM)

Missouri S&T
Miguel Chavez
Kevin McPherson
Stuart Mossop (HM)
Keith Sponsler

Nova Southeastern
David Hudson (HM)
Jean-David Rousseau (HM)
Victor Tarin
Blake Woodrow

Ouachita Baptist
Artemii Orekhov (HM)
Alexander Podguzov

Andresious Cyprianos (HM)

Queens (NC)
Nicholas Arakelian **
Dion Dreesens
John Evans (HM)
Bradford Hancock
Trevor Jones (HM)
Jackson Kojima (HM)
Zack Phelps
Ben Taylor
Hector Tricas

Saginaw Valley
Peter Lin (HM)
Shaun YapSaint Leo
Matheus Assis
Hunter Bains
Daniel Bis
Evan Jacob
Pawel TrendaSimon Fraser
Adrian VanderHelmSouthern Connecticut
Raymond CswerkoSt. Cloud State
Isaac Erickson (HM)
Triston Ferguson (HM)
David Sufficool
Justin Winnett

Khalid Aldaboos **
Runar Borgen
Jeremy Parker **
Victor Philaire (HM)
Tommy Reminger (HM)

UC San Diego
Howie Chang (HM)
Michael Cohn
Samuel Lee (HM)
Alex Moshensky (HM)
Kyle Nadler (HM)
Garrett Tse (HM)

West Chester
Tim Cengia (HM)
Michael Oliver
Victor Polyakov
Jonas Ricci
Dan Sokman
Bradley Strathmeyer

William Jewell
Joao Pedro Granato

Ossian Arvidsson
Lucas Cuadros
Oyestein Fjeldberg (HM)
Jerome Heidrich
Roman Kanyuka (HM)
Leif-Henning Kluever
Niklas Martin (HM)
Mehdi Zeraidi (HM)

Division III – Women

Anna Hargrove (HM)Alma
Hannah Schroeder (HM)Amherst
Charlotte Chudy (HM)
Hannah Hummel
Stephanie MoriartyBates
Caroline Depew
Nell Houde (HM)
Emma Jarczyk (HM)
Logan McGill
Whitney Paine
Lindsey Prelgovisk
Julia Smachlo (HM)Calvin
Sarah Bradley
Rachel Mattson
Kendall Murphy
Anna Serino
Abby VanHarn
Adrienne Wesselius

Carnegie Mellon
Andie Azofeifa (HM)
Corrine Bacigal (HM)
Kim Hochstedler (HM)
Machika Kaku
Winona Li (HM)

Kellyn Toole (HM)

Christina Cheng
Karen Chu
Natalie DeMuro (HM)
Anna Girlich (HM)
Ciara Hu
Cara LoPiano (HM)
Maya Scheidl
Simone Stover (HM)
Alison Wall
Megan Wall

Melissa Orzechowski

Elizabeth Carrade (HM)
Carli Lessard (HM)
Kelly Ngo
Lauren Rosenberger (HM)
Emma Stacy (HM)

Olivia Dilorati
Megan Gillespie (HM)
Ellen Silk (HM)

Shannon Cry
Olivia Haskell
Charlotte Nixon
Samantha Pierce
Emma Rotner
Valerie Urban

Campbell Costley
Emily Eiben (HM)
Alexandria Elizeus
Leigh Hartog (HM)
Carolyn Kane
Mary Van Leuven
Eva Vivero (HM)
Katherine Wright
Ashley Yearwood

Caroline Bridges
Annell Graves (HM)
Erin Horne
Ellen Riehle

Elizabeth Aronoff
Sia Beasley (HM)
Marissa Bergh
Carolyn Bonfield (HM)
Ashley Daniels
Isabella Issa
Anya Kone (HM)
Mara Rosenstock
Ava Salmi (HM)
Marcela Sanchez-Aizcorbe
Megan Taylor
Ellie Thompson
Rebecca Upton
Emma Watson (HM)

Emory & Henry
Michaela Nolte

Fredonia State
Meghan Bartlett

Tiffany Nguyen (HM)

Grove City
Megan Bilko
Molly Gallant (HM)

Gustavus Adolphus
Nicole Lohman
Kathleen Reilly

Imma Rutigliano (HM)

Elizabeth Fris (HM)
Molly Meyer (HM)
Sarah Sheridan
Jorgie Watson (HM)

Illinois Wesleyan
Lauren Dineen-Griffin (HM)
Baylee Hoecker
Kirsten Slaughter
Meg Stanley


Grace Ayer (HM)
Anna Belson
Katherine Helly
Lindsey Suddaby (HM)Kalamazoo
Colleen Orwin
Lauren Seroka (HM)
Madeline WoodsKeene State
Alison Bartlett
Hope Walsh (HM)Kenyon
Esraa Abdel Khalik
Cecina Babich Morrow
Eliana Crawford (HM)
Laura Duncan
Caitlin Foley
Katie Kaestner
Sarah Lloyd (HM)
Hannah Lobb
Jenner McLeod
Hannah Orbach-Mandel
Natalie Parker (HM)
Haley Townsend
Madeline Westover (HM)
Mariah Williamson
Abigail Wilson
Julia Wilson
Maria ZarkaLa Verne
Scott MacKay

Hayley Cardinal (HM)

Megan Broadbent (HM)
Zoe Johnson (HM)
Clare Slagel

Mary Washington
Anna Corley
Abby Cox (HM)
Hannah Hagy
Megan Murphy (HM)

Emily Reale (HM)
Kaitlin Wingert (HM)

Melissa Berkay

Carissa Fuller (HM)

Adelaide Chambers
Jessica Chen
Margaret Guo
Veronika Jedryka
Morgan Matranga
Dolly Payne (HM)
Amanda Wu
Catherine Wu
Katherine Yu

Mount Holyoke
Cathleen Pruden

Mount Union
Dana Lautenschleger

New York
Hannah Bergh
Shelby Jordan (HM)
Isabelle Kitze
Noelle Leung
Christina McDermott (HM)
Ashlie Pankonin (HM)
Sarah Stone
Grace Wakabayashi
Haley Wen
Serena Yan

Ohio Northern
Jillian Chapman

Pacific Lutheran
Erica Muller (HM)
Kylie Webb (HM)
Alex Weeks (HM)

Pomona Pitzer
Dawn Barlow (HM)
Sarah Jin
Madison Kauahi
Johanna Rayl (HM)
Alex Seidel (HM)

Virginia Carr
Caroline Good (HM)
Allie Hill

Emma Goral (HM)

Regen Foote (HM)
Eleanore Hong

Shanny Lin
Siena Sara (HM)
Danielle Sauve
Jessica Sauve (HM)

Saint Thomas
Nicole Herrli (HM)
Emma Paulson
Molly Peichel
Katelyn Strauss
Kate Washenberger (HM)

Cecelia Arrison
Anna Partridge (HM)


Melanie Avdoulos (HM)
Alyssa Carle
Kassandra Lamb (HM)
Emily Medeiros
Callie Phillips (HM)
Sierra Skaza (HM)St. Catherine
Jenna Nagy (HM)St. Olaf
Madeline Lee (HM)Stevens Institute
Danielle Caruso
Courtney Jones
Sarah Jurczyk
Kaitlynn Prescott (HM)
Jennifer RutledgeSusquehanna
Kelsey Lessard (HM)

Trinity University (Texas)
Danielle Freund
Lindsay Hagmann
Sarah Kate Mrkonich (HM)

Colleen Doolan
Amanda Gottschallk
Anna Kimura (HM)
Kylie Reiman (HM)

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
Tyler Wickesberg (HM)

Union (Kentucky)
Christina Belforti

Corinne Capodanno
Olivia Tierney (HM)

UW-La Crosse
Kayley Alioto
Mikayla Beuch
Katelyn De Starkey
Emma Holbrook (HM)
Anna Landgraf
Christina Reif (HM)
Sara Zemanovic

Washington and Lee
Elle Chancey
Cassidy Fuller

Washington University
Katie Anderson
MariMac Collins
Sophie Gan
Alissa Ling (HM)
Kristalyn McAfee
Amanda Stadermann
Nicole Zanolli

Emily Moore (HM)
Madeline Stern (HM)
Maura Sticco-Ivins

Zoe Kerrich (HM)

Megan Douds (HM)

Wheaton (Illinois)
Erin Bagley
Sarah Coley
Rueger Hannah
Kirsten Nitz
Sarah Oldach

Karly Carazo (HM)

Jacqueline Beal
Rachel Olson (HM)

William Smith
Caroline Conboy

Olivia Clark
Frances Dean
Maia Hare
Erin Kennedy (HM)
Breanna Nguyen
Katherine Priest
Ariana Ross
Delaney Smith

Amy Schulz (HM)

Jennifer Day (HM)
Veronika Nikolaki


Division III – Men

Derek Bosko
Lucas Harder
Gerardo Huidobro (HM)
Henry Swett
Sebastian TostadoAmherst
Jeffrey Anderson
Joshua Chen (HM)
Connor Haley (HM)
Greg Han (HM)
Sam Spurrell (HM)Bates
Alex Bedard (HM)
Daniel Walpole (HM)Calvin
Jared Britton
Benjamin Holstege
Michael Moentmann
Brett Stoughton
Dirk Tanis (HM)
Tanner Vincent (HM)Carleton
Stephen Grinich (HM)

Carnegie Mellon
Jack Dangremond (HM)
Edward Healy (HM)
Jack Lance (HM)
Matthew Nielsen (HM)

Chris Riordan (HM)
Chris Russo (HM)
Nick Sall (HM)
Mitch Scarski (HM)

Case Western
Connor Farrell
Drew Hamilton
Jonathon Henning
Aaron Pang (HM)
Logan Smith (HM)

Guido Saccaggi (HM)

Michael LeMay (HM)
Keenan Novis
Michael Todd (HM)

John Everett (HM)
Joseph Hinton
Alexander Poltash
Matthew Valentine

Michael Fothergill
Stephen Skaperdas (HM)
Dylan Steiner (HM)

Brian Allen
Ryan Anderson (HM)
Kevin Brinegar (HM)
Joe Brunk
Ben Burdick
Carson Clear (HM)
Peter Fallon
Ryan Fleming
Max Levy
Jack Lindell
Liam Marsden-Readford (HM)
Andrew Rich
Jason Wesseling
Conrad Wuorinen

Thomas (Alex) Grissom
Blake Lehmann

Hayes Burdette-Sapp
Zach Chen (HM)
Mitchell Cooper
Henry Copses (HM)
John Copses (HM)
John Galvin (HM)
Mathias Kolleck
Chandler Lichtefeld
Jonathan Morse (HM)
Matt Rogers (HM)
Aaron Schwartz
Oliver Smith **
Cooper Tollen
Matt Varraveto (HM)
Matt Wu (HM)

Artur SchneiderGettysburg
Tyler DoughertyGoucher
Morgan RichterGrinnell
Daniel GoldsteinGustavus Adolphus
Jacob Stern (HM)

Benjamin Detar (HM)

Cameron Rogers (HM)

Jacob Lindquist (HM)
Sharif Shaker (HM)

Keene State
Ryan Boraski **

Grant Carr (HM)
Arthur Conover
Matthew Cooper
Percy Gates
Christian Josephson
Daniel Jurgens
Trevor Manz
Brooks McCoy
William Moran (HM)
Mark Newell
Ian Reardon
Carlos Roman (HM)
Robert Williams (HM)

La Verne
Scott MacKay

Lake Forest
Orion Huey (HM)

Michael Streyle (HM)

Mary Washington
Zachary Eisig (HM)

Justin Allen (HM)
Brad Brooks

Gavin Brown (HM)
Sean Corcoran
Jeremy Ellison (HM)
Dane Erickson
Luke Eure (HM)
Elliott Forde (HM)
Parker Greene (HM)
Aaron Huang (HM)
Brad Jokubaitis (HM)
Douglas Kogut
John Matthews
Bo Mattix
Brandon McKenzie
Daryl Neubieser
Thomas Norris (HM)
Jeremy Sands (HM)
Luke Schlueter
Daniel Smith
Joshua Tomazin

Mount Union
Gavin Rundell (HM)
Brian Walker (HM)

Daniel Burke (HM)
Alexander LaPoint (HM)

New York
Sean Haechler (HM)
Reid Hensen
Timothy Kou
Timothy Kwarcinski (HM)
Chad Moody
Austin Palmer
Jacob Parker (HM)
Daniel Tay

Pacific Lutheran
Hunter Cosgrove (HM)
Matt Wehr (HM)

Pomona Pitzer
Phillip Clayman
Mark Hallman
Ted Koerner (HM)
Jack Swanson
Sam To
Daniel Villars (HM)Rochester
Maxwell Adler (HM)
Gunnar Zemering (HM)Rose-Hulman
Samuel Gould (HM)
Avery Krovetz (HM)
Orion MartinRowan
Paul Long
Johnathan Morris
Jesse Novak **
Michael SimunekRPI
David Connor (HM)

Saint Thomas
Brady Anderson
Bailey Biwer
Andrew Grabowski (HM)
Maxwell Hamilton
Warren Melton
Chris Tri (HM)

Shelby Hall (HM)

St. Olaf
Robert Schultze (HM)

Staten Island
Timothy Sweeney (HM)

Stevens Institute
Connor Harrigan
Dane Pilcher (HM)
Vincent Tavoletti (HM)

Daniel Csakai (HM)

Logan Barnes (HM)
Philip Binaco
Joseph Dunn
Alexander Skoog

Morgan Ciliv (HM)
Anthony DeBenedetto
Christopher Flynn (HM)
Luca Guadagno (HM)
Zachary Wallace (HM)

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
Adam Fisher (HM)
Chris Kahl (HM)

Union (Kentucky)
Cameron Robertson (HM)

Jack Belford (HM)
Aaron Embree (HM)

Washington and Lee
Tommy Thetford **

Washington College (Maryland)
Lucas Morgan (HM)

Washington University
Reed Dalton
Reese Frerichs
Michael Lagieski **
Justin Morrell
Jacob Nason (HM)
Kevin Van Cleave
Jordan Wheeler (HM)

Sean Terada (HM)

Jake McCollough (HM)
Wes Walton
Kyle Wicks

Jack Ferguson (HM)
John Hammond
Peter McDonald (HM)
Robert Rowledge (HM)
Jake Tamposi

Andrew Bauer
Jack Bauer
Nathan Hughes
Tim Petri (HM)

NAIA – Women

College of Idaho
Kirby Roberts
Mckayla StevensCumberlands
Kristi Burnette
Christina Kloouda
Jessica Pope
Kathryn Smeltzer
Grace Van RyckeghemLindenwood-Belleville
Simone de Rijcke
Vasiliki Falaina
Eleni Robinson
Lindsey Wilson
Courtney Fleeger
Caitlin Freeny
Susan Herrington
Elena Nikolaeva
Emily WoodSCAD-Savannah
Shannon Brouk
Shannon Cummings
Julie Henninger
Hannah Legg
Meagan McManus
Heather Partlow-Dearman
Kandes Soapes
Annie Weber Callahan
Julie Woody
Angela Smith
Kelly SmithUnion (Kentucky)
Kellianne Holck
Lara Kaufmann
Susana Martinez
Eliska Melicharova
Martha Opiyo

NAIA – Men

Heitor Christofoletti
Igor Dozortsev
Seth Garner (HM)
Michael Monday
Brenden Rodgers
Jacob SmithLindenwood-Belleville
Timo Billmann
Sebastian Bohm
Amal Janabayev
Simun Jelavic
Luke Shaffer
Sebastian Wegner
Lindsey Wilson
Ryan Leamy
Jonas Muller
Clemens Patzold
Jose Prado de Lima
Christopher Gage Setzer
Anton Arvidsson
Joel Ax
JT Bartel
Tim Jarnvik
Samuel Kim
John LaPorta
Rasmus Salomonsson
Mark Shvartsman
Ryan Sweat
Styrbjorn Torell
Nick Wargo
Reed WatkinsTabor
Evan BellUnion (Kentucky)
Aaron Bean
Ivar de Jong
Bailey Harris

Junior College – Men

City College of San Francisco

Raquel Pea

Indian River
Sarah Dostie
Olivia Jacobi
Osianna McReed
Leah Sims
Emelie Stenhammar
Adrianna Warning

Aunyx Ashby
Madi Ewald
Christina Vance

Monroe Community
Kathleen Lowry
Tamara Miler
Abby Tripp

Southwestern Oregon
Marilyn Johnson
Nicole Quirino

Junior College – Men

Indian River
Jacob Andrasco
Alexander Berggren
Gavin Erdmann
Matthew Nielsen
Jonas Olczyk
Jason Van Der Touw
Andrew Wojcik

Logan McDanel

Monroe Community
Mariano Lopez
Ilya Shinkeyev

Southwestern Oregon
Thomas Crawford
Wyatt Engler
Michael Fields
Walter Keeney
Reilly Kompaniet
Caleb Kyllo
Danniel Recinos
Carson Rose


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Do you have to have 3.5 cum or just last semester to qualify?? I see girls that did not go to NCAA’S at my daughters school listed & also girls who weren’t even on our academic list?? Think some of these names are on here wrong??

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James Sutherland

James formerly competed for the Laurentian Voyageurs in Sudbury, Ontario, specializing in the 200 free, back and IM. He finished up his collegiate swimming career in February of 2018, placing 11th at the OUA Championships in the 200 IM, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics in May. He …

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