Commissioner D’Alessio Vs Todorov: Mexico’s Disputes Continue

Mexican Federal Sports Commissioner Ernesto D’Alessio has replied days after Kiril Todorov, President of Mexico’s Swimming Federation, accused D’Alessio from trying to intervene in the selection criteria posted by the Mexican Swimming Federation, Federación Mexicana de Natación. D’Alessio questioned the selection criteria for the diving events set to take place in Gwangju.

As a result, FINA issued a statement asking for both parties to reach a mutual agreement. Then, in response to FINA’s statement, Todorov posted several videos through the Mexican Swimming Federation’s Twitter account.

In the latest announcement, Todorov urged D’Alessio to not involve Mexican athletes in politics. The full statement reads as follows:

We currently find ourselves at the Mexican National Swimming Championships where 1,500 national athletes are competing, taking into account both the ‘B’ Class and the ‘Elite’ Class.

Similarly, the Summer Universiade has seen success as the divers have won many medals, something even historical. 

FINA World championships also kick off this week, where Mexico could already qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the diving events.

At this time, we urge all institutions to gather and honor Mexico’s sport; in this case the aquatic sports, for our own good, in the pursuit of Olympic spots and medals.

Once again, we invite Commissioner D’Alessio to not make criticisims that are not supported and that do not match the reality from the power standpoint that he fulfills. We also hope that he wished for the best for Mexican athletes.

The full original statement issued by Todorov can be viewed here:

In response, Commissioner D’Alessio sent out a Tweet asking Todorov ‘to quit making videos and get to work.’ The full tweet can be viewed below:

Commissioner D’Alessio also posted several Twitter updates accusing Todorov of corruption:

The tweet shown above reads as follows:


During Kirill Minchev Todorov’s management as the head of the Mexican Swimming Federation, the government body associated with this organization has been involved in multiple corruption scandals and legal disrespect.

As reported a few weeks ago, the Mexican Swimming Federation is now in a race against time to reach an agreement with D’Alessio in light of next year’s Olympics. The Mexican federation has run into several major controversies under Todorov’s administration, including falsifying entry times for the 2015 World Championships, a suspension by FINA for withdrawing from its hosting duties at the 2017 World Championships, and the replacement of the country’s entire technical staff earlier this year after late-2018 disputes.


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