Chase Kalisz, Emily Seebohm Join 37 Athletes Signed to Energy for Swim

The list of athletes with signed contracts to compete at the Energy for Swim 2018 event in Italy has grown to 37, even as FINA has informed federations that the meet is not authorized.

A rule interpretation by FINA has classified the event as an international competition that needs FINA approval, something the event doesn’t have and doesn’t have time to obtain. FINA rules say that athletes could face bans between one and two years for competing in an unauthorized competition.

Meet organizers say contracted athletes will still be paid 50% of their promised appearance money if the meet is cancelled.

In the meantime, the meet has added a number of high-profile stars to its contracted roster. You can see the list below, which now includes world record-holder Adam Peaty, who signed his contract after the FINA intepretation became public.

View the full list below of confirmed athletes so far:


Athlete Nation
Adam Peaty GBR
Alexandr Krasnykh RUS
Anastasia Fesikova RUS
Andrew Minakov RUS
Bethany Galat USA
Cameron van der Burgh RSA
Chad Le Clos RSA
Chase Kalisz USA
Danas Rapsys LTU
David Verraszto HUN
Duncan Scott GBR
Emily Seebohm AUS
Femke Heermskerk NED
Georgia Davies GBR
Gunnar Bentz USA
Katie Meili USA
Katinka Hosszu HUN
Kendyl Stewart USA
Kliment Kolesnikov RUS
Kristian Gkolomeev GRE
Laszlo Cseh HUN
Lisa Bratton USA
Maria Ugolkova RUS
Mark Szaranek GBR
Max Litchfield GBR
Mehdy Metella FRA
Michael Andrew USA
Michelle Coleman SWE
Mikhail Romanchuk UKR
Pieter Timmers BEL
Ranomi Kromowidjojo NED
Sarah Sjostrom SWE
Sergey Fesikov RUS
Sergii Shevtsov UKR
Siobhan O’Connor GBR
Tom Shields USA
Veronika Andrusenko RUS

SwimSwam is an Energy Standard Group partner. 

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4 years ago

Only 2 swimmers under 20.
younger than 20 yo: 2 swimmers
20 – 23: 10 swimmers
24 -27: 14 swimmers
28 and older: 11 swimmers

Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

YOZHIK, are you saying this as if it is a bad thing?? If this concept helps “older” athletes (if you can ever call “old” a 25yo swimmer!) keep competing, isn’t this great for the sport? Isn’t this a sign that it is going to prolong careers, hence increase the marketable individuals, and perhaps give hope to the ones that think swimming is over after college or after they get married and have a kid or two?!

Reply to  racemeifyoucan
4 years ago

It was COACHERIK’s comment that motivated me to waste my time to gather this data.
The situation around this meet is every emotional and some data may help to be reasonable with seeing facts as they are but not as we want them to be.
I personally don’t know what was the original motivation and goals of organizers of Energy for Swim meet.
I am not against the idea to have prestigious ( by invitation or current ranking) meets that provide swimmers with some money. I would like to see them managed by people who understand business and spent money effectively to the benefit of all parties involved but not like this silly world cup.
To… Read more »

Eddie Rowe
4 years ago

What’s FINA’s beef? I can understand not allowing the times to count for qualifying for FINA championships, but who cares where they swim?

Silent Observer
Reply to  Eddie Rowe
4 years ago

Best guess…. Money. This meet will have greater marketing value than the lesser attended Short Course Worlds happening just days before it.

4 years ago

Do we really need a separate article for every swimmer that is going to this meet?

We don’t have an article for every swimmer going to a Grand Prix meet. There’s usually just summary of who will be attending a few weeks out. Shouldn’t these things be standardized?

Reply to  CraigH
4 years ago

Do you really need to comment to complain about it?

Reply to  CraigH
4 years ago

Hi Craig,

This meet, especially because of the politics that surround it, has become significantly more important than a “Grand Prix” meet (which isn’t actually a thing anymore). The athletes are being announced as they sign contracts to participate – there’s also no contracts in Grand Prix meets (we never really know who’s going to swim until they’re behind the blocks. I can promise you that we’re not holding names back and releasing them slowly just to drag it out. We’re announcing them as soon as they’re official.

If you are upset that we’re providing TOO MUCH information about what is quickly becoming the most important meet on the 2018 swimming calendar, then you’re welcome to just not click on… Read more »

4 years ago

Ryan Murphy is in too

4 years ago

It would be cool if Micheal Phelps came out of retirement and signed on to this meet

Reply to  COOL
4 years ago

Or if he just did it for fun

pass gas in the fast lane
Reply to  COOL
4 years ago

the only way Michael phelps is coming out of retirement is to lead the looney toons to compete against the monstars and restore the talent of these athletes committed to participate in this event

seriously this whole story sounds like the plot of space jam

4 years ago

If they all went, this would be quite the collective middle finger… Looking forward to this show down vs FINA!

Bear drinks beer
4 years ago

No Italian swimmers signed?

Reply to  Bear drinks beer
4 years ago

No Asian swimmers. Only 1 from Australia.
Of 37 who signed contract 26 are Europeans.No Germans.
8 (?!) swimmers from USA
7 – RUS
6 – GBR
3 – HUN
2 – (NED, SWE, UKR, RSA)
1 – (GRE, FRA, LTU, BEL & AUS)

Bear drinks beer
Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

Maybe they just didn’t invite Asian swimmers.
The special thing about Italy is that the meet is held by Italian swimming federation. Are they going to protect their own swimmers and let others to stand out taking the consequences?😃

Reply to  Bear drinks beer
4 years ago

While nobody official with the ISL has confirmed this, what we’ve been hearing out of contacts in Asia is that Asian swimmer were invited, but that their federations have a much tighter control on their athletes, and that’s why we haven’t seen any commit yet. We may if FINA winds up clearing the meet.

Bear drinks beer
Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

Also interesting to see Russian swimmers take more actions than some teams who bashed them all the time.

Reply to  Bear drinks beer
4 years ago

Federica Pellegrini is slated to race the 200 free

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